Where to spot the African wild dogs on safari

Wild dogs are also another elusion wildlife that is difficult to see on a safari. The African Wild Dog is as well referred to as painted Dog. it needed a vast area where it keep meandering. The wild dogs are prone to wide range of diseases such as the canine distemper plus rabies, they are found in a few selected safari destinations. Wild dogs are spotted on rare occasions due the fact that they move long distance it very hard to find them in one position, they are always roaming. Here are 10 Best Places to see the African wild Dogs on a safari;

  1. Hwange national park

Hwange national park is one of the Zimbabwe parks and it is a great ideal to spot wild dogs while on a safari. The park hosts the long running Painted Dogs Conservation Project. This project plays a great role in the rehabilitation and protecting of wild dog populations in the wild. Therefore, it is worth a visit especially to all travelers that are interested in sight wild dogs in the wilderness.

  1. Kruger, South Africa

In Kruger national park of South Africa, there is no regular sighting of cheetahs due to their consistent movement and they are not widely spread in the park regions

  1. Laikipia Kenya

This is one of the perfect destinations in Kenya where wild dogs can easily be sighted on a regular basis due the fact that packs usually den with in this area. In Kenya, you will get chance to locate wild dogs in Meru national park any time that you visit the park.

  1. Luangwa Valley, Zambia

In the south Luangwa national park of Zambia, it is one of the reliable places that you will spot the wild dogs while on a safari. In this park, the wild dogs are trying to recover from the past years of persecution and diseases.

  1. Liuwa Plains, Zambia

Liuwa national park is situated in the western region of the Zambia and it is dominated by the sweeping open savannah grasslands which have allowed the survival of wild dogs. Therefore the park is a great ideal to locate the rare wild dogs in jungle.

  1. Ruaha National park and Selous game reserve, Tanzania

These parks are situated in the southern region of Tanzania, they offer excellent sighting for the wild dogs on daily basis.

  1. Mana pools and the lower Zambezi valley Zimbabwe

In the Mana pools national park, the wild dogs are with in and around the park which offers visitors a chance to view them almost on a regular basis especially in the months of May to November. However it is difficult to locate wild dogs on the opposite banks in the Zambezi national park in the country of Zambia however, this is temporary.

  1. Kwa Zulu –Natal’s –Imfolozi Park, South Africa

You will sight a considerable population of wild dogs that inhabit in the Hluhluwe –Imfolozi which is one of the national parks of South Africa but not so popular. The park is an ideal place to place to regularly locate the wild dogs therefore it is worth a visit if you are a die heart to sight the wild dogs.

  1. Okavango Delta, Linyanti, Savuti, Kwando and Selinda

This is a vast region in the northern area of Botswana, it harbors impressive numbers of wild dogs thus there is a perfect sighting while on a safari.

  1. Madikwe game reserve, South Africa

The Madikwe land was originally used for farming but due to loss of fertility of the soil, farming was not successful therefore the government of South Africa decided to turn it into a national park. This was an ideal that helped to uplift economically this unfortunate area. The park is harbors a diversity of the African big five animals as well as wild cats families. In the year 1994, the management decided to introduce about 6 wild dogs in the park. It is a fenced reserve, thus you will have a chance to sight impressive numbers of wild dogs due the fact they cannot escape out of the fence. The park is a great ideal for the regular locating of the wild dogs.