10 best places to visit in Kenya for a Safari – Kenya is a country that is home to great diversity which is both culture and physical. Kenya is highly ranked among the African countries as one of the best and most popular safari destination due to many several facts and wonders that it hosts in her motherland. In this country, you will have an insight to explore its mesmerizing beaches, the spectacular mountains, the outstanding majestic wildlife, the profuse forests, sweeping vast savannah landscape, as well as other intriguing endless places that you will encounter when you visit Kenya. The following are some of the most beautiful and and interesting places to visit on a Kenya Safari;

  1. Mount Kenya

This is the second largest mountain in Africa following Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and it sits on an elevation of about 5,199meters/17057feet. This composite volcano was formed around 3 million years ago when some portion of the east African Great Rift Valley opened. Apparently the rolling slopes of the mountain is dominated by lush forests of bamboo, the known African rose wood tree species and this mountain supplies water for over 2 million population of people in Kenya. The mountain has got rough snowy peaks and the glaciers which are found along the upper slopes make Mount Kenya to be one of the beautiful spectacular places to visit on a safari. Travelers that would like to visit this most beautiful mountain in Kenya will enjoy activities such as mountain hiking or climbing so as to access Lenana point which is among the three peaks of Mount Kenya. Alternatively you can opt to climb to highest peak which is known as Batian peak but this will require some fitness as well as technical experience while climbing.

  1. Chyulu hills

The Chyulu hills are situated in the southeastern region of Kenya and they are mountain ranges that stand on an elevation of 2,188m above sea level. It is one of the youngest volcanic mountains that are about 500 years old. The Chyulu hills are home to the longest lave tube in the world known as leviathan Cave. In the wonderful Chyulu hills national park you will find wildlife such as cheetahs, bush pigs, steenbok, lions, giraffes as well as black Rhinos. Part from wildlife viewing, you can enjoy activities such as rock climbing, hiking, horse riding among others. Due to the lush hills found in Chyulu hills, it has been considered one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in Kenya.

  1. Ol Pejeta

This is one of the conservancies in Kenya where you can spot all the African big five wild animals and it is located on the foot hills of the beautiful Mount Kenya. The Ol Pejeta conservancy is popular for its success in the conservation initiatives. The conservancy is remembered in the history of wildlife as being the place where the white Rhino from Sudan had died in the year 2018. Fortunately the last female which is a sub species of this white Rhino is still alive and being taken care of in the Ol Pejeta conservancy. Close to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is the Sweetwater Chimpanzee sanctuary which is also found in the Laikipia conservancy. This sanctuary has provided home to orphan chimpanzees which have been rescued from the black market. The Ol Pejeta is one of the great, beautiful and most interesting places to visit in Kenya. When you visit this place you will have a chance to learn about the amazing relationship that is between wildlife and people with in this area, you will as be exposed to the challenges that are encounter in the conservation industry. Other activities to enjoy include; lion tracking, night game drives, bush walking safaris among others.

  1. Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru national park is a famous home to huge numbers of bird species and the most common species being the millions of flamingo flocks although these have been witnessed reducing for the previous few years. Lake Nakuru is among the Rift valley lakes and the birds spotted at this lake are attracted by the impressive levels of algae which are found in the water. Other bid species that will be spotted include the Pelicans, the African Eagle, the Cormorants, Goliath heron, Verreaux’s eagle, Hammerkops among others. In Lake Nakuru national park you will have a chance to spot impressive numbers of hippos, lions, the Rothschild giraffes, cheetahs among other wildlife.

  1. Diani Beach

The Diani Beach is one of the most beautiful shores in Africa; it is located about 30 kilometers south of Mombasa city although a short flight can be taken from Nairobi. It has got white sands which are wrapped by the genius Indian Ocean that is backed by the grass covered forests where you will enjoy a nature walk, if you are tired of sin bathing or alternatively enjoy kite surfing. At the dean beach is a great destination to enjoy water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, the sunset Dhow cruise among others. Due to the fascinating experience at the Diani beach, it has been considered as one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in Kenya.

  1. Lamu Town

Despite the fact that, Kenya is known for its outstanding reserves and the majestic savannah landscapes, it is also famous for its mesmerizing Indian Ocean coastline. The Lamu Archipelago is one of the most interesting places worthy a visit in Kenya and it is an area that is full of fascinating history. Lamu town is believed to have been created in 1370 and it acted as a Swahili port that later became home to the Europeans, Persians, and the Indians among other foreign cultures. In Lamu Town, you will encounter about 23 mosques, the traditional old dhows boats, as well as the ancient 19th century fort. It is surrounded by beautiful, unspoilt and peaceful beaches. It is a great place to take a break after your long bush safari in Kenya.

  1. Samburu Game reserve

The Samburu reserve is situated in northern Kenya and it is ranked among the best safari destination worthy a visit in Kenya. The place is home to the indigenous Samburu people, the different tribes of people which are famed and smartly dressed in their multicolored beaded jewelry attires. In the Samburu conservancy, you spot wildlife such as the Elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, and cheetahs among others. It is one of the birder’s paradises with over 450 bird species. You will as well as encounter with unique wildlife sub species such as the Grevy’s zebras, East African Oryx, reticulated giraffes, gerenuk antelopes as well as packs of the wild dogs.

  1. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park is adjacent to the Tanzanian border and it is east of Mara. Its hosts the white Snow Caped mount Kilimanjaro in its background. Mount Kilimanjaro is known to be the world’s Highest Mountain and it offers a dramatic scenic beauty and a wonderful appearance to Samburu reserve which is one of the reasons why it is one of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Kenya. The other famous reason is the outstanding herds of healthy impressive populations of elephants that have got intriguing giant tusks. The reserve is as well home to the interesting wildlife such as the lions, wild dogs, impressive numbers of buffaloes, cheetah’s giraffes among other. You will encounter various bird species such as the Pelican, blue cheeked bee Eaters, marital Eagle among others.

  1. Maasai Mara National Reserve

The might Maasai Mara national reserve is one of the most popular safari destination in Africa that is home of a lot of wildlife wonders. The reserve is bordered by the private concessions where you will enjoy a diversity of fascinating activities such as night game drives, bush walking safaris among others. The Maasai Mara national reserve is one of the perfect places where you will spot the African big cats such as lions, cheetahs, leopards among others.  These can easily be sight without taking a long search in the reserve. The reserve hosts one of the world’s great natural wonder that takes place every year at the Mara River where you will have a chance to witness millions of wildebeest struggling to cross the Mara River. The wildebeest crowd is accompanied by millions of antelopes, million herds of zebras, Thomas Gazelle all coming from Serengeti national park of Tanzania meandering looking for fresh pastures and water. This happens in the dry season in the months of July to September and lot of crowds of wildlife migrates to Kenya.

  1. Aberdare National Park

The Aberdare national park is situated within the Great Rift Valley region of Kenya. The park is dominated by rivers, valleys, forests, waterfalls which have all together favored the survival of wildlife that is found in the park such as the elusive antelopes, black leopards, the black serval and the eastern Bongo among others. the place is famous because it was in this place that Queen Elizabeth 11 heard of her death before she was declared the Queen of England.  In this park queen Elizabeth was staying at the treetops hotel that became popular to travelers ever since then. Therefore it is one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit on a safari.