Top Things to do in Entebbe Uganda

Top Things to see in Entebbe -Uganda, Entebbe is one of the best towns in Uganda, it’s the most town people see, many travellers in Uganda, Entebbe is the first place of arrival and departure from Uganda. Entebbe is where international airport in Uganda is located. It mainly the starting point for many safari trips in various national parks in Uganda, Entebbe is where you will find the National Zoo, Islands, top Unique places like Beaches among others.

Entebbe is quite a peaceful town compared to Kampala with much noise from the cars, as drive from Entebbe town to airport, its quite calm and the serein is beautiful, still beyond the main road, there is a lot more to see and discover a bout this beautiful town ranging from the food, markets, craft villages along the road sides.

Entebbe Botanical gardens is one of the top and unique places you shouldn’t miss to visit while you are still in Kampala or Entebbe, you can take time to relax here and enjoy the tranquillity of the environment surrounded by flowers. Its one of the peaceful environments.

The Lake Victoria offers the best climate for you to enjoy, and some activities offered such as the boat ride, short drive now offered by plane or Helicopter. Visit Uganda and do not miss to explore the beautiful Entebbe town and its surrounding areas. There is a variety of attractions it offers for the visitors. Enjoy some of the top things to see and do in Entebbe.

Watch the Raid on Entebbe movie

Raid on Entebbe, is a 1977 television film based on real event, facts of what happened. It was an operation at Entebbe airport focused on rescuing the hostages on the hijacked plane held in Uganda, the plane carried the Palestinians that had landed in Entebbe- Uganda. this incident happened during the times of Amin’s regime and now it was brought to the attention of the world wit the release of the movie, 7 Days in Entebbe.

Today, the only raid at the airport, is the flight bringing tourists from various countries in the world. The regular raids are by the Israelis and the EIAI Telavi to Entebbe and Uganda, Today the airport is filled by the Uganda military base proving safety and security for the people and the tourists at the airport.

The new Entebbe airport was then re constructed and the old Airport, can be seen on your way from the new airport, it’s the same old airport in which Indians left Uganda when Amin evicted them from Uganda in a period of 90 days during 1972. The Entebbe airport, currently is not a tourism site, but it’s the first entry point in to the country and also departure point from Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Visit the Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe Botanical Gardens is a place not to miss, while in Uganda, take time and visit the Botanical gardens, it’s a great place to spend a half or a full day. garden is a perfect place for leisurely stroll/ activities. The highlights are its pockets of thick rainforest, which locals claim some of the original Tarzan films were made in, and excellent birdwatching with 115 species, you will also love the flowers, plants, monkeys are also found here.

For the bird lovers, Entebbe Botanical Gardens is a place to for an introduction to birding in Uganda. the place is a host to a variety of bird species including the water birds. The best time to visit is during the week when its less busy are there are few people and more nature to enjoy.  Visit the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, and you will love the Nature here.

Visit the Entebbe Beaches on Lake Victoria

Entebbe Visit to the beaches, Entebbe has variety of beaches where you can go for relaxation and enjoy the sunset, islands, you can also take time and swim though we don’t recommend due to the potential of contracting Bilharzia in the water, you can also have lunch and Dinner on the beach, sun bathing among other activities.

The Beaches are best visited during the week when the beaches are quite and having few people,  many Ugandans often visit the beaches during weekends and Holidays that you will find this places flooded with many people who come here to enjoy with their families, hold parties there are other private beaches that are more tranquil for the clients that are not familiar with crowded places.

Entebbe Fishing for Nile Perch

Entebbe gives an opportunity for you to visit Africa’s largest water body, and the surrounding areas, the Islands which offer a chance to the visitors to catch the giant Nile Perch, Tilapia among other freshwater fish.

Fishing activities can be arranged to meet your plan you can either do all day or half day safari in Lake Victoria. You will also visit the Ssese Islands locations its also one of the best fishing spots, the guide is well informed with all this area and you will love your stay here.

Its professional angler outing and all gear needed is provided, we can arrange a day of fishing for you at the end of the safari before your departure flight or at the beginning of the safari on arrival at Entebbe international airport.

Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo)

You can also visit the Entebbe wildlife Education Centre, its located along Lake Victoria in Entebbe, wildlife education also known as the Zoo, is one of the best places to visit in Entebbe. You can relax here, walk around the huge forest enjoy the vegetation, plants and trees found here in Uganda

You will also have an opportunity to meet with the chimpanzee, or bee a zoo assistant for a day whereby, you can involve in animal feeding which is so interesting and full of fun. we can arrange for you to become a zoo assistant for a day, just inform us.

This area is perfect, the Unique bit of it is that, you can spend a night here, there are lodging options for the visitors at the Zoo, you can visit here with your family, children this is the best place for the children its less crowded, and offers most interesting activities and attractions for the Children. We can make arrangement for your lodging here.

Visit the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island, is situated on Lake Victoria in Entebbe and its known as the chimpanzee sanctuary and it’s a home to over 49 orphaned chimpanzees. Ngamba Island is famous for chimpanzee and visitors can take time and visit this area you will have an opportunity to interact and study different behaviour of the chimpanzee.

Orphaned and Displaced Chimpanzee are brought here as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To access the Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba Island, you can take a speed boat to the Island in case you do not want to spend much time here. There is also a slow boat for the travellers spending all day excursion here, where you will have an opportunity to view the chimpanzee feeding even much better, you will have two feeding times.

For the fastest means of transport, you can fly here there flying options for the clients from Entebbe airport, you can spend a day or full night here at the Island. This place has been highly visited by many visitors and have loved it.

Go for Golfing at the Entebbe golf course

Visitors in Uganda, who may be interested in Golfing, can visit the Entebbe Golfing course. There are several Golf Courses in the area where Golfers can have a chance to participate in Golfing in the Pearl of Africa.

Golfing became an interesting sporting activity, and was introduced during the coming of the British Colonial Government when Uganda was a British protectorate. During the times when the British came to Uganda, a number of activities where introduced and may still remained and being done by many people country wide one of them is Golfing, Golfing has become one of the unique sporting activities that has engaged many people doing it.

Sunset Cruise from Entebbe on Lake Victoria

You can take a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria, the two -hour boat cruise, can be accompanied by wine and cheese, Uganda’s weather is perfect and the boat cruise here, is the best way to end up your day during your visit in Lake Victoria. In case you will need to have a boat cruise in Entebbe, we can add this in to your Itinerary depending on you would want it, you can do the activity on the first day of arrival or on the last day of your safari visit in Uganda before you travel.

You can bring your camera for the magnificent sunset over Lake Victoria and Ssese Islands where you can have some perfect photos while on the sunset cruise.

Take the Boat to the Ssese Islands

The M.V. Vanessa, has offered an opportunity for the visitors to cross over the worlds largest Tropical Lake to the Ssese Islands, this boat safari is pone of the best safari experience and a highlight to your safari tour in Uganda. Uganda is diverse and offers a lot more to see beyond your imagination. The M.V. Vanessa. Is new vessel introduced in Entebbe.

The boat is Equipped with the latest technology and qualified staff, you’re in the safest hands to reach Ssese Islands and back happier while sailing on the luxury MV Vanessa. The boat is designed where by the passengers sit in rows of 3 where 54 passengers can be seated, there is also a deck where you can go and take pictures of the scenic views, water birds and the magnificent views of the nearby villages.

The luxury boat marine vessel is privately owned and managed by Nyanza Ever Green Waterways. While at the boat, cold drinks area available during your trip form Entebbe Island. You can stay here a couple of days and continue on your safari or if you visited on the last day of your trip, you will then return to Entebbe airport by boat for your departure flight.

Visit the Zika Forest

if you are interested in forest exploration and you are on safari in Uganda then this is one of the incredible forests that shouldn’t be missed out in your bucket list. Zika Jungle is situated on Entebbe road about 25 kilometres’ drive off Kampala capital city and stands as the main tourist attraction.

The Zika forest, derived its name from the Zika virus that was discovered in this forest by the researchers in 1947, but there is no Zika virus in this forest any more. The research is done here on insects and the researchers come up with the valuable information indicating that there is no more virus in the forest.

Tourists are free to come here during any time of the year, this forest is perfect for birders it hosts a variety of bird species, monkeys, and many butterflies, can also be found here. The name Zika and the history, has also drawn many in to see the tropical forest near Entebbe.

Mabamba Swamp Birding

Mabamba Swamp- to access, the swamp takes a short trip from Entebbe, it’s one of the best places in Uganda and harbours different bird species like the rare shoebill stock and animals like White Winged black Terns, White Winged Warbler, Brown Throated Weaver, Goliath Heron, Papyrus Gonolek. Papyrus Canary, Blue swallow and others this swamp is the best destination for bird watching in Uganda.

The trip from Entebbe, can be made by car and ferry or can be arranged by boat, the shoe bill tour through the swamp, is best done by the fishing boat. During the activity, you will be guided by the experienced Fisher men who knows the exact location to spot the shoe bill and many other bird species.

The drive time from Entebbe to Mabamba swamp, is about 45 minutes to one hour and the boat ride on the side, takes about two to three hours in length. The visit to Mabamba Island, can be added on to your safari.

Top Things to see and do in Entebbe. Entebbe is a lovely city with its markets, busy town centre, visit the Lake Victoria, the longest river in the world, the Ssese Islands, there various things to see and do in Entebbe and far beyond the surrounding areas. Right from Entebbe airport, along the high way, you will view number of attractions.