Visiting Gulu Town? Find out the 10 best things to do in Gulu town – Here is the list of the top tourists attractions in Gulu or near Gulu district.

Gulu tourist attractions

Murchison Falls National Park

This is the largest national park in Uganda and most popular attraction in the north western region of Uganda. It was established in 1952 and it harbors a diversity of majestic wildlife including the Africa big five animals such as giant Elephants, African buffaloes, lions, leopards plus other animals such as the giraffes, kobs, the crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, warthogs, baboons, primates like chimpanzee, monkeys among other wildlife.  There are other attractions like Murchison Falls and you will enjoy activities like Wildlife viewing, bird watching experience, chimpanzee trekking, boat cruise experience among others.  The park can be accessed so easily from Gulu town and it will you about 3 and half hours to reach Murchison falls national park on a 4×4 wheel vehicle.

Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko

The fort is situated about 30 kilometers from Gulu in the parish of Ajulu, Aswa County and Patiko Sub County. Initially the fort was established as a slave collection place however the fort was taken up by Sir Samuel Baker before it was launched as the Headquarter of Amin Pasha and Gordon who were the governors of equatorial province of the British Protectorate.  When you visit Gulu, it is one of the perfect places to explore and experience the hierarchy of offices and stores at the historical building plus it amazing ancient Archectural design.

Atiak Colobus monkey

The Atiak forest reserve close to the Albertine Nile has got high concentration of the black and white colobus monkeys plus rare mammals and a diversity of bird species. The savannah shirt forest canopies offer a diversity of tourist potential attraction which has been backed up by excursion sites, tourist trails to build a perfect product.

Amoro Hot Spring

These geographical features are situated about 35 kilometers close to Gulu Town in Amoro sub-county, Page Parish, Kilak County.  The Amoro Hot Springs covers an area of approximately 100 square meters and this is the largest hot spring that is located in northern region of Uganda. It is one of the less explored hot springs but features potential tourism thrilling experience.

Hill Climbing

Gulu district has got numerous solitary hills which offer an insight to enjoy hill climbing such as Moro hills, Kilak and Patiko hill.

Culture performances

The traditional Acholi dances plus the antiquities have not been modified so as they can tap a potential benefit from cultural tourism. However, there are future plans by the local authority to fully establish the culture centers in Gulu Town where tourists can find souvenirs, crafts, ornaments, and regalia among others.

Tochi Resort Beach

Tochi is situated about 20 kilometers in the south of Gulu Town. It is on a low latitude sand bank of Tochi River. The place also got the ability to evolve as a significant tourist attraction for camping, excursion safaris and Bandas.

Karuma Falls

The other western Part of Karuma Falls is situated in Gulu district, the Eastern part is in Apac and the southern part in district of Masindi. This has got a lot of tourism potentials that can be explored on your visit to Gulu town.

Guruguru caves

The guruguru Caves are situated north of Gulu Town and them about 25 kilometers away. These acted as hiding Havens for the Lamogi rebellion which were the interesting historical conflicts of the Luo people. The caves allow an addition diversification of the tourism products if they are developed for future tourism.