10 best things to do in Rwanda

Top 10 places you must Visit in Rwanda

Top Places you must visit in Rwanda. (Top Tourist Attractions)

Things to do in Rwanda – Rwanda also known as the land of a thousand hills, is situated in East Africa at the heart of Africa. Rwanda is a small land locked country, covering an area of 10,169 square miles, which is approximately a third the size of Belgium. The country borders four of the east African countries that is Uganda in the North- East, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the South and the democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

Rwanda has a country, suffered during the days of the Rwandan Genocide which left hundreds of thousands of people dead and some full of injuries, the genocide took place in 1994 also known as the 100 days of slaughter which left people traumatised with still fresh wounds in hearts of the people, many people lost their loved ones from children, relatives, friends among others , they were slaughtered mercilessly by the rebels but these also came to an end and the country has however shown hope and rebound and is now embraces the country’s tourism, economic development and prosperity. Since the nation is tiny, it is gorgeous and interesting, making the country an’ earth paradise.’ The most interesting things happen near together and visitors will explore many of the sights within easy walking distance.

Rwanda is a small country, but its diverse with a number of attractions to offer for the tourism industry, there area several places you can visit in Rwanda offering various activities for the travellers ranging from the popular Gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, birding, wildlife viewing among others. There are various national parks in Rwanda each offering different attractions and different activities when you decide to visit any of the national parks in Rwanda. Take time and visit Rwanda first the beautiful city of Rwanda, Kigali is one of the fascinating attractions in the country, exploit some of the interesting top places in Rwanda that you ought not to miss during any of your safari visits in Rwanda. Listed below are the Things to do in Rwanda among others.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes national park is Rwanda’s top tourist destination famous for gorilla trekking, the park is a home to the highest of the mountain gorillas seen roaming around the national park,

Volcanoes National is one of the ancient national parks in Africa, the park was gazetted in 1952 purposely for the protection and conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas that where under a threat due to the rampant poaching activities carried out by the hunters who intruded the forest. The park is also known as Parc National Des Volcanos, its situated in Kinigi a small village known as Musanze formally known as Ruhengeri in the north western part of Rwanda. Volcanoes national park Rwanda, borders the Virunga national park in Congo and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, these great national parks, form together the Virunga conservation area. The park is situated in an area of about 160km2 and known for its abundant biodiversity that have boosted the tourism industry in the country, out of the nine Virunga mountains, five of which are found in the volcanoes national park in Rwanda, the park is also covered with different vegetation types that is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas which is the main draw of tourists in the park. Besides the gorillas, the park also harbours the Golden monkeys, different mammal species, the animals spotted here include; the elephants, buffaloes, bushbucks, giant forest hogs and different bird species are spotted in park among others. Volcanoes national park is famous for gorilla trekking activities but the park also offers many other activities like golden monkey trekking, cultural visits, visit to Dian Fossey Cave, genocide memorial and may more other activities that you will engage in when you visit the country.

Nyungwe forest National park

Nyungwe forest National Park, is one of the biggest national parks in Rwanda, that has boosted the development of the tourism industry of Rwanda. The park has attracted a lot of visitors every year who come to park mainly for chimpanzee trekking activity, the national park harbours 2 habituated chimpanzee families with the smaller group having a total of 30 chimpanzees and tracked in cyamudongo forest situated within Nyungwe forest national park. there is a larger group with over 60 habituated chimpanzees. The forest offers one of the best safari destinations for chimpanzee trekking. Nyungwe forest national park, is Africa’s Afro-montane forest offering a wide range of activities for the visitors. Canopy walk, is also the popular activity carried out in Nyungwe forest national park, during this activity, the travellers hike up to the top of the tress following the Hanging bridges which offers the stunning views of the forest and the animals in the forest seen below you. The park is a host to other primates including the Black and white colobus monkeys and has over 300 bird species, with 16 species which are the Albertine endemics. Visit to Nyungwe forest, will offer you the best of your safari visits in Rwanda.

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park, is Rwanda’s top tourist destination for wildlife viewing safaris, the park is situated in North-eastern part of Rwanda, the park covers an area of a bout 1,122 km2 stretching its boundaries up to Tanzania, accessing the park is not quite difficult, you can take car form the city of Kigali and drive for about 2 hours -30 minutes covering a distance of about 135 km.

Akagera national park, offers a wide range of attractions to the visitors visiting the park, including; wildlife viewing, the park is covered by the savannah vegetation which acts as a habitat for the different species of the animals. The animals seen hear include; elephants, buffalos, antelopes such as elands, waterbucks, topi, oribi, among others. you will also spot the Giraffes, Zebras, leopard, spotted hyenas. The park also is a host to a wide array of birds of about 525 recorded bird species they include the shoebill stork, over 44 species of raptor, Albertine Rift endemic species like Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco among other, other attractions include Lake Ihema is renown for boat cruise safaris where you have an opportunity to spot water loving animals. Such as the buffalos, hippos, different bird species on the shores of the lake and mammal species coming to the lake to drink water. For fascinating game drives, Nature walks and boat safaris among other activities, visit Akagera National park and have the best experience from your Rwanda safaris.

Kigali City tour

The city of Kigali itself is a must-see spot in Rwanda for visitors. The town is the key to many attractions offered in different national parks found in Rwanda, activities include; primate safaris such as mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and wildlife viewing safaris among others.  Kigali has been recognized by the United Nations as Africa’s most lovely city. It is one of Africa’s most clean and safe areas. Tourists are also reassured by the city’s great weather. The town tour of Kigali provides an in-depth understanding of Kigali and Rwanda’s entire history.  During your visits to the city of Kigali you will visit the Museum of Kandt House Museum which is one of the oldest building you will also be visiting the first modern building in which the city was built, other places to visit in Rwanda include; Genocide memorial centres, the president Museum, Inema Arts centres, Museum of National History, state house Museum and the Miyo Art Gallery and many other places.

Genocide Sites (Genocide Memorial centres)

 This was 100 days of slaughter where by the Rwanda citizens face the brutal murders of their relatives, friends, children among others during the war which broke out in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. During this war, a total of over 800,000 people were mercilessly slaughtered in different parts of the country. Some of these genocide centres, where used by people as the hiding places trying to seek refugee from the ruthless rebels but never the less, they were attacked in this places and slaughtered like animals, this caused trauma and fear to the Rwandan community but the government and the citizens, have worked so hard to restore peace and security in the country although these memories, remain fresh in the hearts of those that lost their loved ones. The genocide centres, amount up to 8 sites where the people lost their lives from. The genocide centres, houses the remains of the deceased clothes, bones, sandals among others of the victims that died during the genocide in Rwanda. These memorable centres include; Murambi Genocide memorial site in Nyamagabe district, Gisozi Memorial site in Gasabo district, Gisenyi Memorial Site, Nyamata Memorial Site in Bugesera district, Bisesero Memorial site in Karongi district, Nyarubuye Memorial Site, Nyanza Memorial Site and Ntarama Memorial Site. These centres/ sites have been used to commemorate the lives of the victims that lost their lives during the war. This day of April 7,1994 is always remembered every year in the history of Rwanda.

King’s palace Museum (King Mutara III Rudahigwa) in Nyanza

 This intriguing museum is situated on a mountain 2 km south-west of the city and it holds the colonial history and more about royal houses and the history of Rwanda. The museum displays centre on the’ palace’ of a model monarch. During your visit in the museum, you will provides a guided tour that will take you around the Museum and the guide will explain some of the architectural peculiarities in the Royal County, including why the royal beer brewer’s hut had a lip-free entrance, and why the woman in charge of the king’s dairy never married. The sacred cows with their super-large horns are situated behind the royal complex. Some of the horns measuring up to 2.5 m from the tip of the horn to the top of the horn,

The palace was being ruled by the King Mutara III Rudahigwa, it was constructed by Belgium in 1931, has his royal residence at the heart of the hill itself. This colonial-style house operated until he died as the royal palace. Sadly, most of the furniture and presents obtained from the dignitaries visiting him were looted in the wake of the holocaust, but it is still a fascinating place to walk about, with its peculiarities, like 3 living-rooms.

Iby’iwacu cultural village

The Iby’iwacu cultural Village, are cultural villages situated  within the volcanoes national park, after gorilla trekking, many visitors take the village walk to the nearby communities of the Iby’iwacu, around this community, you will discover the three tribes living in Rwanda that is the Hutu, Tutsi and the Batwa group of people. During this cultural visit, you meet the locals in this communities, they will show case different activities that are of interest to the visitors such the traditional; dances, preparing the traditional food, Batwa pottery making among others. This village visits, will exposure to clear understanding of the history of Rwanda, the way of life of the people in this communities.

Rwandan Lakes (Lake Kivu, twin lakes or Burera and Ruhondo, Lake Muhazi. Lake Ihema and Lake Mugesera)

In Rwanda, there are several lakes in which tourists can enjoy the panoramic and peaceful views of the beautiful lakes and wide range of attractions and different activities offered within the lakes.  Rwandan lakes include; Lake Kivu, which is Rwanda’s largest fresh water lake. The excellent inland water body and the beach that has provided visitors with the perfect relaxation time after the long day’s activities in the national parks. During your visits in this lake, you can enjoy water activities such as canoeing, wind kayaking and surfing. Also, worth visiting is Rwanda’s twin lakes that is Lake Ruhondo and Burera, in these twin lakes, activities offered include; canoeing, birding, boat cruise and fishing activities. Muhazi Lake is another good option on the Rwanda Lakes from Kigali, the drive time takes about one and half hours. Jambo and Rwesero lakes, offers an opportunity to beach services where you get to do several activities including Boating, fishing, camping among others. The lake also hosts a wide of bird species seen a round the shores of the lake which offers visitors yet another interesting site for bird watching experience.

Musanze caves

Musanze caves are situated in Musanze, in the volcanoes national. The caves existed due to the volcanic activities in the east Africa’s rift valley. The cave has become one of the famous tourist sites visited by many tourists visit Rwanda for its gorilla trekking, the Musanze caves is complement to gorilla trekking in Rwanda. The caves are located at the edge of the volcanoes national park in Musanze district and covers 2 km from the city centre driving towards Gisenyi town. The Musanze caves, comprise of 31 entrances with the main entrance, measuring 10km wide to accommodate the size of humans. The popular attraction in Musanze cave are the large number of bats which is one of the best and memorable experience viewing the bats as the roam about in the caves.

National Museum of Rwanda/ Ethnographic Museum

The Museum of Rwanda is one among the 6 fascinating Museums that form the institute of museums in Rwanda. The museum is found in Huye district with its head quarters also in Huye. The museum was established in 1987 and become one of the best museum in the whole of East Africa. From Kigali town, to the museum is about 130km. the museum comprises of Seven galleries display political, ethnographic, creative and archaeological objects with visual aids that offer tourists plenty of insight into Rwandan society inform of social and cultural aspects of Rwanda, symbols of Rwanda, cultures of Rwanda among others.