5 Days Congo Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking

5 Days Congo Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking – A 5 day great ape tour takes you to Virunga national park and you’ll have a great experience with the great apes in its forests. This includes the endangered mountain gorillas and the chimps. If you are lucky and s[pot the lowland gorillas, then you’ll have sighted all the 3 great apes living in this park.

Summary of the tour

  • Day 1: Transfer from Grande Barrier to Goma
  • Day 2: gorilla trekking
  • Day 3: gorilla trekking
  • Day 4: chimp trekking/habituation
  • Day5: transfer to Grand Barriere

Detailed programme for the 5 day great ape tour

Day 1: from Grande Barriere to Virunga national park

Be at Grande Barriere border post by 9am to check in at Virunga tourist offrice where you’ll obtain your permits for gorilla trekking. You’ll thereafter be transferred to Virunga national park to Mikeno lodge, have lunch and relax.

Day 2: Gorilla trekking

Wake up early, enjoy your breakfast and set off to Bukima ranger post where the trek starts. You’ll present your gorilla permits and get guidelines, then follow the ranger guide into the forest to search for the gorillas. When you spot them, you’ll have an hour to interact with them, take photos and then go back to the lodge, have lunch and rest. Later on in the evening, you may go for a nature walk around the forest.

Day 3: Second Gorilla trekking

This is another day for trekking for gorillas in then dense forests. After your breakfast, you’ll set off for gorilla trekking and this may end at midday or before. Get back to the camp for lunch, you’ll be transferred to Mikeno lodge where you’ll relax and later on you may decide to visit Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center to see orphaned gorillas that are being taken care of by a trained team.

Day 4: Chimpanzee habituation/trekking

Be ready for this activity by 6:00am, you’ll set off and follow the trails through Mahura forest to areas where the chimps spent their night. After an hour of interaction with the primates, you’ll head back to the lodge, have breakfast and relax.

Day 5: From Virunga to Grande Barriere

After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Grande Barriere in Gisenyi.  Our Guide on Rwanda side will meet you at the border and transfer you to Kigali where you will be dropped off.