These 5 facts about Virunga national park give travelers knowledge / key points about Virunga national park which was initially called Albert national park due to the fact that it was founded by king Albert 1 of Belgium. Several facts that travelers need to know about Virunga national park of the democratic republic of Congo such as;

Oldest national park in Africa, Virunga national park was the first national park to be established in 1925 by king albert of Belgium  and initially the park was well managed, poaching and hunting of wildlife was under control. However due the political instabilities, Virunga national together with its unique wildlife was affected thus leading to decline of the park until of resent when the park was closed and reopened to boost gorilla tourism. The main focus of protecting the unique endangered mountain gorilla species plus other rare wildlife.

Virunga national park harbors some of the remaining percentage of the mountain gorillas in the world. This is the most common and famous primate species that attracts a lot of travelers all over the world. The park is home to over 500 mountain gorilla population with 8 habituated families that are open for tourism throughout the year.  Virunga national park is dominated thick tropical rainforests and mountain gorillas are surviving in the high altitude areas of the park.

Virunga is famous home for unique wildlife, besides the endangered mountain gorillas in Virunga national park there is a lot of unique wildlife species that travelers will enjoy when they visit the park and this  wildlife is hard to found elsewhere such as the forest elephants which Rae smaller than the savannah elephants, the forest antelopes though they have been  depleted by poachers as well as being hunter for bush meat, forest zebras, forest giraffes among other unique wildlife.

Virunga national park is famous destination to spot 3 primate apes such as the endangered mountain gorillas, the chimpanzees, as well as the monkeys such as the golden monkeys, white and black monkeys, red tailed monkeys among others. Therefore when travelers visit Virunga national park they have a wide range of activities that will offer lifetime dream experience in the jungle.

Virunga national park has been ranked as one of the richest world heritage sites in the Democratic Republic of Congo that is rich in abundant ecological biodiversity, rich in birdlife, and plant species about 1000 such as papyrus sedge, among others. Virunga national park is as well rich in natural minerals such as gold, oil, uranium among others thus making the great destination to enjoy on a holiday safari.

Virunga national park is home to three Virunga volcano mountains such as mount Mikeno which is a dormant volcano, mount Nyiragongo which is an active volcano plus mount Nyamulagira which is the most active volcano that last erupted in 2011. These have offer exciting adventure activities to travelers who are interested in hiking