Flapneck Chameleon


Flapneck Chameleon Facts

Flapneck Chameleon Facts – A chameleon is one of the weird animals to handle due to their camouflaging characters; they change from their skin color, eyes, the extendable tongue plus their head of dishosuar. Such animals bring fear and sometimes excitement across the rural areas of Africa and it is one of the perfectly harmless lizards. The Flapneck Chameleon is one of the most popular species. These are the 5 interesting facts about the Flapneck Chameleon

The Flapneck Chameleon has got conic eyes with fused eyelids which leave a small pinhole use to see. These eyes revolve independently to allow the 360 degree angle of vision. These eyes have stereoscopic depth believed for a perfect strike.

The Flapneck chameleon is believed to shoot out its tongue longer than the length of its body.  It is known to doing this at a length of about 100th of a second.

Almost half of the 160 population of the chameleon are believed to be natives to the Madagascar and the rest of found in the mainland of Africa.

In the Latin language the word chameleon is said out as Khamaileon. The word Khamai means on the ground and Leon means lion therefore referred to as a ground animal. The chameleon is well as reptile which is intimidating with defensive characteristics like hissing, gaping and lunging.

Flapneck Chameleon Facts – These are the 5 interesting facts about the Flapneck Chameleon that you should know about