The Ground Hornbill Facts

5 Interesting Facts about the ground Hornbill – The ground horn bill is big with a black color as the turkeys. It has got wielding bills which are like Hatchets, they move around the bush in small groups and it also among the charismatic birds. There are about to spices of the Ground horn bill such as Bucorvus Leadbaeteri also called the southern ground horn bill and the Abyssinian Ground hornbill also called the Abyssinicus and it is found only in the north of the Equator. Here are the five fascinating facts about the ground hornbill; the ground horn bill has been listed among the endangered bird species in South Africa. Some of the key element that contributes to classification of this bird is as result of change of habitat, poisoning, persecution as well as electrocution. However the conservationists are taking conservation measures to turn this around. These are some of the ground horn bill facts;

  1. The ground hornbill can call each other before dawn in a repeated sound of grunting note which lion cannot do. They are able to make their call by inflating the big, red, balloon like wattle which is below their bills.
  2. Small animals hide way from this omnivore due to the fact that the ground horn bill feasts on small insects like frogs, insects, lizards, small birds, snakes, tortoises, rodents among others.
  3. The traditional African cultures refer to the ground hornbills as birds which warn about rain coming or drought and they are believed as a taboo to kill this bird, a belief which threatens a lot of the African local people.
  4. The ground hornbill is very slow in breeding therefore a pair of this bird hatches only two chicks every nine years and only one will survive.
  5. The ground hornbill can live up to 70 years if cape in captivity which it one of the birds in world that lasts longer on earth.