Honey Badger

Honey Badger Facts

Honey Badger is as well referred to as Mellivora capensis and it belongs to the weasel family and it has got fierce reputation which contradicts with its modest size. The fascinating animal is known for its persistence as well as aggressiveness to an extent that even big cats do respect it and before they attack it, they will have to think twice. This animal is found in parts of Africa like the Indian subcontinent and southwest of Asia. These are the five fascinating fact about the honey Badger;

  1. The honey badger is about 60 to 70cm in length with a tail that is about 20 to 30 cm long. The honey Badger can fight with a young lion and over power it and it can as well manage to overcome a three meter python.
  2. The honey Badger possesses a hard skin which gives hard time for its predators to penetrate through it. This animal is cunning and tricky when it is attacked by its enemies unknowingly it will become so loose to an extent that the animal will twist it east and west but when it is still figuring out of how to fight back and escape.
  3. The honey badger is like a mammal it walks on its soles like human being and it does not like to walk on the toes of its feet.
  4. The honey badger is an amazing animal that likes making a mutual relationship with the bird known as the greater honey guide. According to the traditional myth, this bird will always guide the honey badger where are bee hives so that it can feed on the bee larvae which has been left behind although there is no proof about this myth so far.
  5. The beekeepers are always at war with the honey badger due to the fact they encroach on their beehives. However the beekeepers have solved this challenge by constructing raised beehives which are a meter above the reachable grounds that honey badger cannot reach.

A lot of people keep wondering whether the honey badger is not harmful to human being but we can only advise you that since this is a wild animal, it can grow aggressive and attack you.

Honey Badger Facts – The Honey Badger is an aggressive mammal that belongs to the weasel family. 5 Interesting Facts about the Honey Badger