Nile crocodile

The Nile crocodile Facts

It is as well referred to as crocodiles Niloticus. It is one of the huge Reptiles and one of the most feared predators in the whole of Africa. The Nile crocodile is among the animals which human being rarely includes on the menu and these are the five fascinating Facts about Nile crocodile;

  1. The Nile crocodile has the most vigorous bite among the animal kingdom. Its bite is the strongest about 8 times so powerful compared to that of the great white Shark and it is 15 times better than the Rottweiler’s. Their strong muscles are used for closing up the jaws but it contracts with small and weak muscles used for opening.
  2. The sex of the Nile crocodile will be dependent on the temperatures at which Eggs have been incubated. Usually if the temperatures are 30 degrees then there are high chances of the younger one to come out as female and at 31 or 32 degrees Celsius, the younger one expected to come out as a male Nile crocodile
  3. The large mature Crocodiles do swallow gastrolith stones which helps them to balance up their body while in the water.
  4. The Female Nile crocodile has got an impressive care that it offers to its younger ones. During their maternal care they use the strong jaws to transport they newly hatched babies into a nursery pool where the young ones are protected from predators.
  5. The Nile Crocodiles are ranked among the most vocal reptiles. It has got about five different calling which are deep and the males do vibrate the bellow of their courting at the same peeping to check if their young ones and eggs are safe. This can kind of impressive responsibility empowers the female to make a nest.

If you are a die heart to see the Nile crocodiles they are present in about 26 African countries on the shores of the water you will spot them in the Nile basin, the Madagascar rivers, in the fresh water marshes as well as the mangrove swamps.