The spotted Hyena facts

Spotted Hyena facts -It is also known as crocuta crocuta and it is one of the ugly, thieving and coward. You meet this animal you will have no good word to throw back to it although it is common large carnivore but complex and it is a versatile predator. These are 5 Interesting Facts about the Spotted Hyena

  1. The spotted hyena will suckle their young ones for a period of about 18 months. It is a much longer compared to other most carnivores.
  2. The spotted hyena has got the strongest jaw that cannot be compared to any other mammal. The jaw can allow 40% bite force more than the leopard and this hyena has the ability to crack so open the femur of a giraffe.
  3. A female spotted hyena has external genitalia which resembles that of its male with the pseudopenis where she passes her urine, gives birth from at the same time copulates. In the ancient era, the spotted hyena was believed to be a hermaphrodite animal.
  4. The spotted hyena has got a heart which twice heavier than that of the lion although this is not proportion to its body size and mass.
  5. Traditionally some time back, the Maasai Mara people of East Africa once left dead bodies of their people to be eaten by the spotted hyenas