what to pack for a safari in Africa

What to pack for a safari in Africa

Africa Safari Packing List – 12 Things You Must Pack for Your  Africa Safari, Complete guide on what to pack on a Safari to Africa. what to pack for a safari in Africa

What to pack for an African safari will depend on the activity you going to enjoy in the African jungle. The things to pack might be differ from any other trip. Expect to travel along dusty roads, with a 4×4 popup safari vehicle which is an indicator that you will get dirty than you don’t expect. The dusty is as a result of the very hot temperatures experienced during day especially during the dry season and since your safari itinerary is inclusive of activities like game drives safaris, boat cruise, mountain hiking, among others, it is important to plan and pack accordingly so as you can enjoy a perfect safari experience. Things to pack on African safari include;

12 Things You Must Pack for Your  Africa Safari.

  1. Long sleeved shirts or top and T-shirts
  2. A pair of comfortable shorts
  3. Sunglasses
  4. A light rain coat to protect incase it rains
  5. Sunglasses to protect from direct sun rays
  6. Money belt
  7. Warm jacket/ fleece
  8. Cotton light scarfs
  9. Swimming suits
  10. Comfortable sturdy hiking with boots and socking
  11. Cotton Underwear
  12. Safari sunhat and woolen hat among others.

Passport and visa, travel insurance documents.

To avoid inconveniences at the airport you need to carry a valid passport, visa plus a travel insurance that covers the entire safari journey.

Clothes and accessories

You need to carry light clothing with dull colors that blend with the environment they don’t get dirty very fast like the bright colors. The light clothing is easy to wash, dry up very fast and they will help to manage hot temperatures.

The neutral and dull colored clothing are convenient for African safaris such as grey and brown, other colors like white and bright colors tend to pick animals attentions, especially on walking safaris.

These should be casual and comfortable clothing, such as the trousers as well as hiking gum boots; they should be light washable and dry very fast. Ladies have to carry descent cotton bras which are comfortable as they venture onto the jungle.

Binoculars, cameras and extra batteries the binocular will help to magnify the far wildlife as well as view different bird species. The cameras for taking snap shots and video that will give you memories on your African safari where you will encountered with different wildlife of all sizes as well as the birdlife species, the different landscapes with rolling hills, the hospitable and friendly people. Travelers should carry enough memory cards, extra batteries and chargers.

Electronic devices

These include gargets such as laptops, phones, iPad and tablet, music, rechargeable torches, electrical adapters. And such gargets need their own chargers.

Personal toiletries and first aid kit

Although some lodges provide free toiletries and first aid kit, most items are basic thus it is essential to carry your own health and hygiene items. Such as sunscreen and sun block, ladies sanitary pads, antiseptic gel, band- aids, personal toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, after-sun cream, contraceptives, pain killers, diarrhea, aspirin among others.

Hand luggage

This should be of a reasonable size accepted by the airlines and we advise travelers to carry not more than one because this can inconvenience on a safari and it is very easy to forget. Always pack only very essential and basic items to make sure the luggage is light not beyond the recommended weight from the airline to avoid extra costs incurred.

Odds and ends

This includes the good travel diary where to note important things on your journey that will keep good records of your journey. For bird lovers this will help to note done the interesting birds that you viewed on your safari and you can take time to read these while in your transit journey waiting or next flight.

Pack for a purpose

Majority of tour companies and lodges offer assistance to the local community near the national reserves therefore if travelers are interested in supporting the local people they can ask the their tour operator or the lodges they have booked so that may be they can pack for them such as school equipment,  clothing among others.


It is important that you mind about your dress cord while moving in public places, cities and local community due to fact that Africans value their culture and they don’t dress indecently. Carry simple and not so expensive jewelries, to avoid local people’s attention thus try to be minimalist so that don’t misperceive you.

Check the weather conditions of young destination

There are some destinations where you will need to carry strong warm clothing due to fact that they have cold temperatures such as scarfs, gloves and thick warm jackets or sweater among others. In the winter seasons, places like Okavango, Linyanti, Kruger, and Hwange are always very cold and they free during the night hours and early morning hours.

Time to plan your safari

This is after having knowledge on what is needed and not necessary for your safari thus after packing your right and light essential for an African safari then you can choose go for the lifetime adventure experience in the jungle.

Africa Safari Packing List – 12 Things You Must Pack for Your  Africa Safari, Complete guide on what to pack on a Safari to Africa. what to pack for a safari in Africa