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African Safaris – Africa Safari Tours, Trips and Vacations 2020/2021

Africa Safaris never cease to amaze given the various wonders that are there to explore on the African Continent.  Whether you are interested in family friendly safaris, Honeymoon tours, thrilling Africa Adventure Holidays, Africa has something for you.   In 2020 there are several amazing Africa safari tour destinations for you to explore based on the activities you wish to do.  We can help you plan your next adventure to the following African destinations: Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, DR Congo, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Safari is a Swahili word meaning “long journey”. It is today’s best description of African Safaris to national parks and other destinations because of the long distances covered, the sights discovered and the unusual great experience that comes with the activities at the new places. Safaris to the same place in Africa over time will still surprise you with amazing sightings that seem new and thrilling.

Prior to your travel, you’ll inevitably think and have images of how the travel will start and end and this is much easy with destinations like beaches, big city tours and tours to built sites. However, to wildlife destinations like national parks in Africa, you’ll have a congestion of imaginations and thoughts about what to see, different landscapes to view, the surprises of nature and much more. You’ll then remember the experiences watched in animated movies and wildlife documentaries and those written about by people that have travelled to wildlife protected areas.  An experience to search for animals in their natural habitats of Africa’s remote wilderness is incomparable to a walk through the zoo. These animals differ in behavior.

There is a lot said about Africa including the wildlife in natural protected areas, the people and the history. Africa is a great place to have a safari regardless of the stereotypes and other negative saying about the people. Here, we provide you with the necessary information with main considerations of your trip to the continent. Find information about visa processing, expectations of the trip, the health state you should be in for the activities, what to carry for your Africa Safari, how to keep and access your money while on your African Safari.



Top 10 Best African Safari Countries

Recommended Safari Countries

Planning an African Safari 

You can access Africa through any means of transport of your choice. With the prominent and easier way being by flight, people are often amazed at how they are warmly welcomed by the beautiful and kind Africans at the airports, and being attended to by those that will perfectly communicate in the languages they understand best. People may expect to spot wild game on arrival at the airport, but this will be erased when they travel for hours to reach destinations that harbor the animals. What most foreigners don’t know is that Africa’s level of development is quite good and still well progressing. It has very luxurious hotels and other accommodation centers that provide the best for midrange and budget travelers. The easiest means to move around most countries is using roads which have been and still being very well constructed and maintained.

Africa is also known by foreigners as an unsafe place regarding health, where to stay and sleep, services provided in remote areas, whether the trip will go on as planned and promised. All these should not cause worries when planning for your trip, they are simply misbeliefs because the best is encountered and got throughout the safari. Most first time visitors will have the experience of their African safari getting much better than what they expected. Misimpressions kept before visiting this continent will melt away even before the trip comes to an end. As you plan for your travel to Africa, you need to know that the requirements don’t have to get you worried because these are almost similar like other continents.

A safari to Africa creates the most amazing and unique experiences when you visit any of the wildlife protected areas. It is so different from tours in zoos, sanctuaries and art galleries. You will move with expectations which may go beyond with better sightings, great sceneries and other petty but interesting experiences along the tour.

Great inner excitement defines every moment at the destinations especially on when you realize that you are getting close to time for yet another activity. Africa has the most fascinating wildlife destinations among all continents, and these are being protected and sustainability at being one of the major considerations. Travelling and touring around these natural landscapes bring an inevitable emotion for nature. You have a variety to see, much history about the areas, a lot to learn about nature and the animals and fascinating behaviors of the animals. This is even more interesting when travelers meet local communities that live close to the parks that harbor wild animals, experience their lifestyle, cultures and you’ll be amazed how friendly these people are.

Travelling to Africa for wildlife viewing and experience is mind-blowing but there are other activities that bring even greatest memories; mountain climbing, leisure at beaches, canoeing, visits to memorial sites and more. All the parties involved and met during the safaris make a perfect connection to make an amazing safari. The question of how magnificent an African safari is over all other planets of the earth is answered by; intimacy, immersion, scale, interaction and diversity.


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