Visit African Villages while on your Safari in Uganda and Rwanda

Enjoy African Life and Cultural Traditions in African Villages in Uganda or Rwanda

Do you want to Experience the Real African Villages?  An African Village Stay is a Cultural Experience like no other in which you stay in one of the African Villages and learn more about the culture of the community in the African Village as well as participate in the daily activities of the villagers. The villages are in the traditional / African Cultural set up in most cases without running water and or electricity. An African village stay allows you experience the real African life so much different from that in the western world. 

While visiting the African Villages with Adventure in The Wild Safaris, you will enjoy the real experience not the staged experience. You will learn more about the culture, try some of the local foods, understand the way of life of the community you visit, enjoy nature, the weather and also understand the simple communal way of living that the members of the African Villages lead.    

Why chose to Experience the Real African Villages through the African Village Stay.

It should be noted that while visiting Africa, many atimes the tourists do not get to see the real traditional Africans nor get to understand the way of life in the people in Rural Africa. This is because most safaris take you to destinations that have already been developed, you stay in lodges with all the basic necessities, and meet people who have adopted to the western culture. Therefore, the African Village stay allows you visit the uncivilized communities in Africa, Uganda and Rwanda specifically in our case such that you are able to appreciate the real lifestyle of the natives.

Incorporating an African Village stay in Your safari.

Normally as part of the broader safari, we can arrange a night who two where you stay in one of the African Villages and experience the real Africa Village stay. In Uganda and Rwanda, there are several cultures, and we normally offer the authentic village stay experience in one of the following Communities

Boomu Village Stay near Murchison Falls Park in Uganda:

This is part of the Boomu Women’s Self-Help Group and we can take you here to experience the authentic village stay life.  You will be able to stay in  traditional African huts, outside toilet, hot water is brought to you for bathing, and lighting is done with Oil-Lamps.

Meal time is a communal bonding opportunity, and therefore while in this community you will be able to gather in the garden, help in the preparations of the meals then eat with the rest of the community.

Some of the things you will learn include, Making hand crafts, weaving baskets, dye making using flowers, milking cows, visiting a school, and talking to the elders.

Note: There is no electricity of Wifi, and you will therefore be off the grid while here experiencing the authentic African Village experience.

Karimojong Manyatta Village stay near Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda:

If you have Kidepo Valley national Park on your programme, we can arrange for you a night to stay with a Karimojong community. Karamoja is one of the most remote areas in Uganda, and you will therefore experience the real Karimojong Culture. You will stay in an enclosed Karimojong community and stay in a Manyatta house.

Some of the things you will do include Participating in Milking of cows, you can taste raw blood like the Karimojong, you will experience the dances and cultural performances, as well dress like the Karimojong or experience the Karimojong marriage.

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