Akagera national park in Rwanda

Akagera national park is the only wildlife national park that is situated in the north eastern region of Rwanda in Kibungo district. It covers an area of 1122 square kilometers and is found on altitude of 1250 meters to 1825 meters above sea level. The park was named so because of Akagera River that runs through it, it so close to Kigali city and takes about two and half hours’ drive to access Akagera national park

Akagera national park is also famously known as Park National de l’Akegera and it is dominated by the montane vegetation, the savanna grassland plus the swamp vegetation covers that favor the survival of a wide variety of wildlife species and birdlife in the natural habitat. The park was protected and gazetted by the Belgium government so that to conserve and protect wildlife from legal hunting and poaching practice so as to achieve the goals of sustainable tourism. Although Akagera national park was affected by the Rwanda genocide conflicts, it is has recovered and it is one the best spot destination in Africa where travellers will spot the all the big five in this jungle.

After wars the government of Rwanda had to rehabilitate that national park so as to recover from the effects of the civil wars this was through reintroduction of wildlife animals that were greatly affected by the wars, hunting and the poaching practices such as the reintroduction of seven lions from South Africa in 2015, about eighteen black rhino were reintroduced.

The park is one of the best destinations in Africa that offers a great scenic beauty in with natural environment due to fact the it is not only savannah reserve but it hosts to eco region such as the montane region and swamp region. The montane region is witness in the west of the park that is home to beautiful rolling hills plus valley one of the reasons why Rwanda is known as “A Land of a Thousand Hills”.

On the other hand the eastern region of the park is harbors series of complex unique lakes, rivers as well as swamps, one of the reasons why Akagera national park has been ranked as the largest gazetted wetland in central Africa.

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