Apoka Rest Camp, Budget Lodge in Kidepo

Apoka rest camp is made up of 16 chalets for budget accommodation for travelers who want to explore Uganda’s wilderness in Kidepo Valley national park. They are self contained with en suite bathrooms and toilets with running water. Their roofs are thachdted with grass so that is keeps the temperatures inside moderate since this is a semi-arid region whose temperatures go high during the dry season.

Apoka rest camp is managed by the park authorities and they also manage the campsites in the park which you could as well choose to use. Those who wish to camp at their campsites are required to carry camping materials including a tent, beddings, food, drinking water and other necessities  that you  may require. You will get water for bathing at the campsite. Tourists who camp pay for camping fee and the ranger guide who protects in the night.

Apoka rest camp is situated at a place where you can view wildlife in Narus valley. Animals such as warthogs, elephants and more visit the camp. Budget travelers who want to use these accommodation facilities are advised to carry their own food that will cater for all the days they are staying there because the management doesn’t include meals on the facilities and services provided. There are staffs that can do the cooking for guests at a fee.

Apoka rest camp also has a campfire area where guests can gather for a memorable experience of sitting under the bright skies in the wilderness and share great stories and experiences of the tour.

The camp is situated inside the park and access to areas such as Narus valley, Kidepo valley, the neighboring communities, Lamoj Mountains is easy and fast.