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Reasons to visit Uganda

Why visit Uganda Top reasons to travel to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa What is Uganda known for? why Visit Uganda Reasons to visit Uganda – A lot will be praised about different countries on the African continent, but Uganda has much more than five or more countries would offer to you. It is the […]

10 Best Things to do in Entebbe Town

Top Things to do in Entebbe Uganda Top Things to see in Entebbe -Uganda, Entebbe is one of the best towns in Uganda, it’s the most town people see, many travellers in Uganda, Entebbe is the first place of arrival and departure from Uganda. Entebbe is where international airport in Uganda is located. It mainly […]

Why is Rwanda Called the Land of a Thousand Hills

Why is Rwanda Called the Land of a Thousand Hills? – Rwanda is called the land of thousand hills due to is hilly nature composed of several hills and valleys . Rwanda: The Country of a Thousand Hills Rwanda is a landlocked country of a thousand hills situated in central Africa and it covers a […]

Game drives in Semuliki National Park

Game drives in Semiliki National Park Game drives in Semuliki National Park -Semiliki valley is a home to over 53 different species of mammals; about 27are larger mammals while as about 11 species are so unique to place such as the pygmy antelopes, flying as quarrels, unique water chevron which is also referred to as […]

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is exclusive to Africa. The primary characteristic of the park is a large salt pool, which is visible to the naked eye. However, there is plenty of wildlife all over the ponds, offering you quite certain occurrences. The Etosha National Park, though, is also one of Namibia and Southern Africa’s widely open […]

Matheniko Game Reserve

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve Matheniko game reserve is one of the areas in the Pearl of Africa where you can have a great time of the wilderness experience. It is located in the northeastern part of Uganda specifically in Moroto district in the Karamoja region. Matheniko game reserve has features and conditions that are closely similar […]

The ark Tree Lodge

The ark Tree Lodge in Aberdare National Park The Ark Lodge: This is one of the lodges that are close to the salt licks as well as at the water collection point which attracts a lot of forest wildlife animals therefore when you choose to stay at this lodge expect to enjoy watching forest elephants, […]

The lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park This is another way of watching lions in the Kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth national park, besides the usual game drives. It is more less a research about these predators in the area. Radio collars have been placed in necks of lions to easily monitor their […]

Maputo City

Find out about maputo mozambique, mapmaputo population, maputo province, maputo safety, mozambique capital, maputo language, maputo airport Maputo capital City of Mozambique Dynamic city with an evocative blend of European architecture and African theme. The capital of Mozambique is a curious collision of centuries-old styles. Distinct neighbourhoods have a Mediterranean feel, epitomized by al fresco […]