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The Africa Big 5 Animals

The Big Five of African safari – Africa big five List of the Africa Big 5 Lions Leopards Elephants Buffaloes Rhino The Africa big 5 animals are lion, tiger, rhino, leopard and buffalo and are the main sights of the African safari. The safari industry relies on the word, which renders its accessibility a simple weapon […]

Gaborone Capital City

Gaborone Is the capital and the largest city in Botswana, the city is famous and you ought not miss to pay a visit to this city during an of your safari in Botswana as you take on your safaris in to the wilderness. The city is situated a thousand miles away from the desert, the […]

Itanda Falls in Jinja

Itanda Falls along the River Nile in Jinja, Uganda Itanda falls entrance fee, Itanda falls activities, Jinja tourist sites Itanda falls in Jinja, are situated in Eastern Uganda along the Nile river, the waterfalls, replaces the Bujagali falls and are situated in an area approximately 30 kilometres off Jinja road and takes about 45 minutes’ […]

10 Best Things to Do in Gulu

Visiting Gulu Town? Find out the 10 best things to do in Gulu town – Here is the list of the top tourists attractions in Gulu or near Gulu district. Gulu tourist attractions Murchison Falls National Park This is the largest national park in Uganda and most popular attraction in the north western region of […]

Goma Town

Goma town is a city in Kivu province in east of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is located in the Albertine rift valley, on the shores of Lake Kivu, at the border with Rwanda near Gasenyi town. This town is famous for being the closest city or hub to Africa’s most active volcano- Nyiragongo Mountain […]

Volcanoes national park Rwanda activities

Volcanoes national park Rwanda activities – The park has several attractions ranging from flora and fauna, wildlife, bird species and a lot more and thus have enabled a lot of activities around the volcanoes national park. The park is located in north western part of Rwanda covering an area of 160sqkm covered by the tropical […]

Where is Virunga national park?

Where is Virunga national park? – Virunga national park which is the oldest national park in Africa is situated in north eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and lies within the Albertine rift valley arm of East Africa. The park is the world heritage site that is located in the northern shores of Lake Kivu a […]

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Malindi is the most popular coastal resort in Kenya for many years and promises ceaseless thousands of white sands. The architecture has continually concentrated on comfort, and each of the resorts and lodges is spacious. This is where the leaders come to a beach holiday with the blurring tropical waves in the majestic waters of […]

Jinja Uganda things to do

Attractions in Jinja Town – Jinja tourist attractions Jinja Uganda things to do – Jinja town has got a lot to offer to all travelers that visit the town and it is open to visitors throughout the year. And due to the relocation of the industries from Jinja, it was an advantage in disguise since it […]

Kyanika Border

Kyanika / Cyanika Border between Rwanda and Uganda Kyanika border / Cyanika Border is a border which divides Uganda from Rwanda, the border is situated in Kisoro town in Kigezi sub-region, the city is located next to Cyanika/Kyanika, across Uganda’s external Rwandan boundary. This is about 10.5 kilometers (7 mi) southeast of the town of […]