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Park View Safari Lodge

Park View Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park Park view safari lodge is a mid-range accommodation facility located in the southwestern part of Uganda in Queen Elizabeth national park. it is found about 16km from Kyambura in Busonga Village. The location of the lodge offers great views of the vast area of the park, just […]

Birding In Kidepo Valley National Park

Bird watching In Kidepo Valley National Park Birding In Kidepo Valley National Park – Kidepo Vallaey national park is a great destination for bird watching with over 450 bird species. The birding experience is enjoyed in this wilderness area located in the northeastern rugged semi-arid region of Uganda where a number of endemic bird species […]

Kitandara Hippo hill Lodge 

Kitandara Hippo hill Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park Hippo Hill lodge is a great option for budget travelers to Queen Elizabeth national park. it is located in Katwe town right above the hill above Katwe salt lake. Ten safari tents make up this lodge. The tents are built with local material and they are self […]

Kasenyi Safari Camp

Kasenyi Safari Camp, Queen Elizabeth National Park Kasenyi safari camp is located in the northern part of Queen Elizabeth national park. it is situated in the vast savannah plains of Kasenyi where a variety of game live. This where game drives are conducted and therefore guests who stay here will watch lots of animals till […]

Kingfisher Lodge

Kingfisher Lodge Kichwamba, Queen Elizabeth National Park Kingfisher lodge is located in Kichwamba in the neighborhood of queen elizaqbeth national park. It is situated at a higher level where you are able to view the spectacular savannah cover of the park, Kazinga channel and the majestic ranges of Mount Rwenzori. Guests who stay here enjoy […]

5 Days Kidepo and Sipi Falls Budget Safari

5 Days Kidepo valley Safari 5 days Kidepo and Sipi budget safari offers a thrilling experience through an amazing series of waterfalls of Sipi and the wildlife, local people and tedious adventurous journeys to the destinations. Summary of the 5 days Kidepo and Sipi Falls budget safari Day 1:Transfer from Kampala to Gulu Day 2: […]

Mweya safari lodge

Mweya safari lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park Mweya safari lodge is a luxury accommodation facility located at Mweya peninsula, about 55km from Kasese town by road. Mweya peninsula lies within Queen Elizabeth national park and most of the area is surrounded by the water of Kazinga channel and Lake Edward leaving a small land that […]

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Kyambura Gorge Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park Kyambura Gorge lodge is located at the edge of the marvelous Kyambura gorge which has an underground forest keeping Chimpanzees. It is at this lodge that you get lovely views of the most beautiful places in south western Uganda including the vast savannah grasslands and woodlands of Queen […]

3 Days Kidepo Valley National Park Safari

3 Days Kidepo Safari Tour A 3 day Kidepo Valley national park safari is a quick exploration of the real wilderness that Uganda offers to African safari travelers. Kidepo Valley national park is a remote but fascinating calm area with animals such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, zebras, giraffes which are seen in the vast […]

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is exclusive to Africa. The primary characteristic of the park is a large salt pool, which is visible to the naked eye. However, there is plenty of wildlife all over the ponds, offering you quite certain occurrences. The Etosha National Park, though, is also one of Namibia and Southern Africa’s widely open […]