Luxury Africa Safaris

Luxury African Safaris

Luxury Afrirca Safari Destinations

Luxury Africa Safari experiences can be enjoyed in the 10 Best African Safari Countries. They are outstanding with exceptionally situated landscapes, rare species of wildlife, big populations of animals and lodges that have been located at the best sites for capturing spectacular sceneries. The kinds of lodges range from super luxurious, luxurious to the tented camps.

East Africa is endowed with vast wildlife in different vegetation like forests, plains and swamps. It is featured by stunning landscapes such as hills, mountains and much more. You cannot exclude the lovely people of Africa with their different cultures and life style. A safari to East Africa is no doubt luxurious because it offers opportunity to see the endangered mountain gorillas, the Great wildebeest migration, the Africa Big five, and many other animals.

The southern part of Africa is frequented by many visitors who want luxurious experiences because of the stunning views of the rugged hills in the region, the Kalahari deserts, the beautiful coastlines and the wild animals abound the national parks. These will be seen when you travel to countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Destinations to visit for luxury African Safari Experiences

South Africa Safari

Travelers who want to have an extremely adventurous wildlife safari in Africa should consider visiting South Africa. Also known as The Republic of South Africa, it is one of countries in Africa with many national parks with high concentrations of wild animals, breathtaking scenic views, friendly weather and interesting diverse cultures of the indigenous tribes of South Africa. During your visit to South Africa, you’ll stay in comfortable luxurious lodges of your choice where you’ll also have great overviews of surrounding scenes. South Africa is home to the Big Five and many other wild animals.  Some of the areas not to miss out on if you want a luxurious experience include; Kruger national park which is one of the most popular parks in Africa, cape town where you’ll have an opportunity to visit the Winelands and the sun city in the north west of the country.

South Africa is a destination with a wide range of attractions, tour activities and national parks as well as areas of relaxation all almost all over the country and because of this, tailor-made safari tours are widely done. They involve having your private attendants, making your convenient programmes to destinations and others.

Tanzania Safari

The location of Tanzania along the coastline diversifies the countries adventurous wildlife in of Serengeti national park, Tarangire national park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara national park and other wildlife reserves. The parks have big crowds of animals including predators, stunning landscapes with craters, hills, Kilimanjaro Mountain on whose summit you can view vast parts of Africa and the coastal sand and relaxation area at the beaches.

Your luxury safari to Tanzania is made complete with the luxurious accommodations at the parks, beaches and in towns alongside the most rewarding game drives in Serengeti and ngorongoro ans exciting activities like the Hot air balloon. Tanzania I s a top luxury safari destination and has made a name because of tourists who flood the country to watch the Great wildebeest migration. No matter how many visitors travel to the country, they will all be provided with the best experiences of the safari. Other luxurious destinations you need to visit after the game drives in the parks are Zanzibar and Pemba for leisure activities.

Kenya Safari

Masai-Mara is the name to mention when we talk about Kenya. This is one of the best places for luxurious African wildlife adventure. Animals in the Great wildebeest migration settle in Masai-Mara national park every year before heading back to southern Serengeti. This is the most expensive park in Kenya but the experience you get there is worth the pay. You can also do a hot air balloon flight in this park for an aerial view of the park’s riches. Breakfast in the bush after the hot air balloon experience fully immerses you in the wilderness.

Kenya is one of the few countries of Africa that still boast with large numbers of predators like lions, leopard, cheetah and other big cats. Game parks and national reserves are crowded with safari vans in the high season for chances of spotting these cats hunting from what the park has for them.

Kenya is a heterogeneous country with interesting cultures and lifestyle of Maasai pastoralists among others. They make the best handmade items like shoes, jewelry, wooden masks, and items portraying the wild animals in the parks which they live close to which you could buy for memories of the safari.

Luxury Botswana Safari

Located in the southern part of Africa, Botswana has amazing landscapes that offer beautiful backgrounds for photography, superb vegetation that keeps a lot of wild animals and the local people who are very welcoming. The Okavango delta, Savuterolling open woodlands and Makgadikgadi Pans should not be missed out on the Botswana safari because it’s where game drives will be greatly rewarding. Chobe national park is a home to lions, hyenas, hippos, zebras, elephants and over 400 bird species.

A drive or walk in the Kalahari Desert should be considered. You’ll stay at lodges at these destinations where the best quality of services will be provided. You can visit Botswana on your safari to other countries in the south of Africa like South Africa, Namibia or Zimbabwe.