Gorilla trekking in east Africa is a very day’s activity, gorilla trekking is a whole year-round experience in all national parks in east Africa harboring the endangered mountain gorilla species. Best time for gorilla trekking is when the land is dry and less slippery since gorilla trekking involves hiking on steep slopes and terrain in the forest in search for the gorillas. The time for gorilla trekking is also when the traveller is comfortable and he/she is convenient with the time of travel for the gorilla trekking experience. Gorilla trekking is one of most magical experience when you come in to contact with the huge Apes in their natural habitat. The gorillas live in the dense tropical forest of Africa with low humid conditions. Although gorilla trekking is all year activity, but knowing the right time to visit Africa for gorilla trekking is essential, you need to know the best season to visit. Other travellers may prefer the wet season in order to bit the costs or the high season to enjoy the benefits of a successful gorilla trekking experience. The wet season is normally for budget travellers since some costs can be reduced for example discounts offered on all lodges so you are assured to find the best lodge / accommodation facility of your choice, and also you will get to trek the easiest gorilla family due to the less concentration in park whereby travellers some times struggle to trek the easiest gorilla groups and dodging the tough ones.

Uganda comprises of two seasons that is the wet season and the dry season, the long rainy season is from the month of march to may and then from October to November, the rest of the month are recorded as the dry season in Uganda. but Bwindi impenetrable forest, being a tropical rain forest, you find it hard to predict the weather in the course of the day. This is to say that rain can be received at nay point of the day. Therefore, you will need the right equipment for gorilla trekking when visiting any of the countries in east Africa harboring habituated gorilla families.

Low season; low season in Uganda is from the month of March, April, May, and November, these months are recorded to be receiving heavy rainfall which in most cases interrupts gorilla trekking activity. The rains have discouraged a number of travellers from visiting the park, but the low season is the best time for budget travellers who do not wish to spend much during their safari in Uganda, in this season, the prices on lodges are offered discounts and they are very affordable since the occupancy rate is low compared to the high season when the parks are flooded with a lot of tourists.

The low season is a bit challenging for gorilla trekking, reason being that too much rainfall is received and thus the trails used for trekking gorillas are wet and muddy which makes it difficult to hike steep slopes. However, it does not rain the whole, there is always sun shine after the rain which enables travellers to continue with the gorilla trekking. By this time, the parks are less crowded so its most convenient and the atmosphere is pleasant for gorilla trekking.

High season; the high season in Uganda also known as the peak seasons are from the month of January, February, June, July, August and December, these months are registered with less or no rainfall at all making it convenient for gorilla trekking .during this month, the travellers are not affected or the activity of gorilla trekking id not affected by the rain compared to the rain season. Many travellers who come to Uganda for gorilla trekking, normally love to travel during the dry months of the year. When the trails are dry and the ground is not muddy making it easy to hike on the steep slopes and terrain in the forest.

During the dry season, the parks are flooded with tourists therefore, the large number of tourists, many lodges tend to increase the price on their accommodation prices which makes it expensive for the budget travellers. The dry season, allows travellers to take part is many activities offered in the park or even visit other national parks and take parts in other activities offered in different national parks.

Note that mountain gorilla permits have no discounts offered on the permits either Uganda gorilla permits or Rwanda gorilla permits the price of the gorilla permit remains the same throughout the year. Therefore in case you have interest in visiting mountain gorillas, you will be advised to book your gorilla permits in advance before the trekking day, therefor, you will need to come up with correct dates for gorilla trekking so that you can book your gorilla permit in advance also note that, the permits are not cancelled once bought and there will be no refund in case you fail to meet the actual day for your gorilla trekking. So, you will need to plan well in advance then secure your gorilla permit with us at adventure in the wild safaris or any of the registered tour operators in Uganda offering gorilla trekking packages.

Where to find the mountain gorillas

In Africa, the mountain gorillas are found in three east African countries, in Uganda, mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest with the highest number of mountain gorillas living in the park Bwindi alone is recorded to be harbouring half of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas. The other parks are the volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Mgahinga national park in Uganda and Virunga national park in DR. Congo all together forming the Virunga massif.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park- Uganda

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is a home to half of the world’s total population of mountain gorillas, the park is famous for gorilla trekking and also gorilla habituation experience. Bwindi is one of the national parks in east Africa where you can find endangered mountain gorillas. Besides, gorilla trekking, Bwindi offer a lot of activities for travellers visiting the park with over 19 habituated gorilla families, distributed in four sectors of the park, Bwindi offers the best region for gorilla trekking. The park others other activities like; forest walks, cultural visits, golden monkey trekking among others. The diverse eco-system of Bwindi has made tourist have memorable and adventurous experience during their visit in Uganda and taking part in activity in the best.

Volcanoes national park-Rwanda

Volcanoes national park, is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in Rwanda for gorilla trekking, volcanoes national is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas that are habituated in Rwanda. Therefore, mountain gorilla trekking is only done in volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Besides gorilla trekking, volcanoes national park, offers other activities like; golden monkey trekking, hiking the dormant volcanoes, bird watching, forest walks. There are also some animals spotted here including; Giant forest Hog, forest elephants, spotted hyenas, Bushbucks, buffalo among others.

Mgahinga national park – Uganda

Mgahinga national park is one of Uganda’s smallest national park in Uganda, the park is also known as Mgahinga gorilla forest national park. the park comprises of the Virunga conservation area situated in south western Uganda bordering Rwanda and the DR. Congo. Mgahinga national park, is famous for gorilla trekking experience, the park has one habituated gorilla family trek the travellers who visit the park for gorilla trekking expeditions. The park offers other activities like golden monkey trekking, bird watching, hiking, nature among others.

Democratic Republic of Congo- Virunga National Park

Virunga National park offers number of activities to tourists who visit Congo and particularly the Virunga national park. Virunga national park, is famous for gorilla trekking, but also offers activities like chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, monkey trekking, Hiking mount Nyiragongo with the clear views of the crater, Nature walks and others. These activities will give you the best of Congo and memorable safari experience of a life time.

Accommodation facilities

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park; there ae several lodges in Bwindi national park in all the four sectors of the park including Ruhija, Nkuringo, Buhoma, Rushaga, these sectors have habituated Gorilla groups opened for gorilla trekking. Therefore, to do gorilla trekking, you need to find accommodation nearer to the trekking location, the lodges in Bwindi include; Rushaga gorilla camp, Rushaga Gorilla Haven, Buhoma Haven, gorilla mist camp, Trekkers Tarvern, Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge, mahogany springs, chameleon hill lodge, Ruhija gorilla safari lodge among others.

Volcanoes national park; visiting Rwanda for gorilla trekking, there several lodging facilities in Rwanda for travellers spending 2 or more nights in Rwanda during his or visits in volcanoes national park gorilla trekking safari. Including; 5 volcanoes boutique Hotel, Hotel Muhavura, Le Bambou Gorilla Village, gorillas’ volcanoes hotel among others. this lodges will offer the best service to make sure that you the best of your stay and safari in volcanoes national parks Rwanda.

Mgahinga gorilla national park; the lodges in Mgahinga include; Mount Gahinga lodge, clouds Mountain Gorilla lodge, Nkuringo Safari lodge, Muhavura Motel, silverback lodge and golden monkey guest house among others.

Virunga national park -DR. Congo; When you visit Congo, and mainly Virunga national park for gorilla trekking, you will need to secure your accommodation nearer to the park. the lodges in Virunga national park include, Kahuzi Hotel, Tchegera Island Camp, Mount Nyiragongo summit shelter, Orchids Safari Club, hotel Begonia, lakeside hotel Bakavu, Exodus Bakavu and others.

Mountain gorilla trekking experience in three of the east African countries is all the same throughout the year depending on which country is for you and the national park to explore for gorilla trekking experience. Gorilla trekking is an all year-round experience in all the national parks, bit in the wet season or dry season, the activity does not change, the services remain the same in all the national parks habituating mountain gorillas.