Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda

Best time to go gorilla trekking in rwanda

Best time to visit gorillas in Rwanda, Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda, best time to see gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the three countries where you can see the endangered mountain gorillas. the other countries include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which border the country in the north and west respectively. Rwanda is geographically located in the Centre of Africa and is part of the East African countries. The country has a variety of good things that it boasts in including the hilly terrain that has earned it the name “land of a thousand hills”, interesting people and their culture, historical and memorial sites and interesting wildlife including Chimps and mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorillas are one of the most important attractions in the country that the popular wildlife activity that has been developed is gorilla trekking. This is now the highlight for travel to Rwanda and it takes place in Volcanoes national park in the northern part of the country.  There are different climatic seasons and these determine the best time to see gorillas in Rwanda.

Rwanda has two seasons which comprise of two dry seasons and two rainy seasons; a long dry season, a short dry season, a long rainy season and a short rainy season. They offer different experiences when trekking for gorillas and these experiences are described differently by different people depending on their preferences.

June to September

This is the longer dry season and it is also the peak season as referred to in tourism. It is when the country receives little or no rainfall for a good number of days and this keeps most areas dry. This is the best time to go gorilla trekking in rwanda. The roads to the park are dry and rain is not expected to interrupt gorilla trek in the morning. Hiking trails are also not muddy and slippery and this enables trekkers to move with ease and be fast enough when moving through the forest.

The peak season is also known as the high season and this is when the number of travelers to Rwanda is high. Many people target this period and bookings are many, it is therefore to make your booking as early as possible so that your gorilla permit is secured early.

December to February

This is the short dry season in Rwanda and is also a high season. There is little or no rain and the trails in Volcanoes national park are not muddy and slippery and trekkers walk around with ease. It is also a perfect time for gorilla trekking. In addition, the numbers of travelers in the park are not very high as it can be during then long dry season of June to September. Bird enthusiasts would consider this the best time for gorilla trekking in Rwanda because migratory birds are present and birds and very many around the forest and other parts of Rwanda.

April to May

April-May is the longest rainy season in Rwanda. Rain is often expected during this season and it is highly received. Gorillas move from higher elevation of the mountains to lower slopes where it is not very cold and they can easily be spotted there. However, rain heavy rain may ruin your trek since the trails become muddy and slippery. April to May is the long low season.

October to November

This is the short rainy season in Rwanda. Rains come for a shorter period than during the long rainy season and they are also not very heavy. It is one of the best times for bird watching as the wether is favorable for bird movement. Trails are not very muddy and on some days, it doesn’t rain. This is also a low season as travelers are few in the park.

Regardless of the season, the cost of a gorilla permit in Rwanda is USD 1,500. It is also important to carry items such as a rain coat, hiking boots, long sleeved shirts, long trouser and an insect repellant whether you have traveled during the wet season or dry season. The wet season and the dry season bring different gorilla trekking experiences. Apart from gorilla trekking, other activities one can do when they visit Volcanoes national park are golden monkey trekking, a hike to Dian Fossey tomb, mountain climbing and a visit to Iby’wacu cultural village.

Best time to visit gorillas in Rwanda, Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda, best time to see gorillas in Rwanda