Best time to go Akagera national park

Best time to Visit Akagera national park – Akagera national park is open to travelers through out the year although the best time to go is during the dry season in the months of junk, July, August, and September when the savannah vegetation has dried thus giving clear views to the wildlife animals in the jungle, and during the dry seasons travelers will get an opportunity to encounter with a lot of wildlife animals that gather around the water collection areas to drink water due to the fact the temperatures are hot and animals are thirsty all the time  such as the elephants, zebra, impalas, African buffaloes, hippos among others.

Alternatively the wet season in the months of March April and December, it is the best season to enjoy bird watching since there is heavily raining thus there is plenty of food for birds and you will get an opportunity to spot some of the immigrant birds such as the long tailed cistola, suaza shrike lesser kestrel, the great snipe among other species with in the park.