Best time to visit Tarangire National Park

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park -Despite the park being open all year round, the best time to visit is when the land is dry and less muddy so as for easy driving around the park and also during the dry season, animal viewing is at its peak reason being that the animals concentrate in areas which has water in the national park since the heat dries up the grass and water ponds so therefore, the animals are forced to move from one place to another in search for water and pasture.

The dry season is also characterised by high population of visitors in the park, during the dry season, there are a lot of activities around the park and visitors are crowded all round the park. there is also increase in price for the accommodation facilities to stay in while on your safari.

The wet season lasts from March to April, and the grown-up plants cause the various animals to disperse because of the vegetation thickening in the area animals tend to hide away around the thick grasslands causing challenges in viewing of the animals. The wet season is good because there are plenty of migratory birds and other birds around the park, this is the best national park to go bird watching in different sites of the park.

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park in Tanzania