Tasty Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda

Taste the worlds great coffee in Uganda- during your visit in Uganda

 Uganda is indeed a diverse country offers a lot more than a visit to the national parks you also have an opportunity to taste the great aroma of coffee that is grown on the mountains, taste the arabica coffee grown in Uganda, Many Uganda’s still prefer to take Tea instead of coffee bit in the case of the visitors in Uganda prefer a cup of coffee. Take time and enjoy the morning flavour of a cup of coffee.

Several lodges and lodges, and other super markets, have provided coffee for the coffee lovers in Uganda. during your safari stay in the different lodges and hotels in Uganda, you will be served a morning cup of coffee as you embark on your Uganda safari in the various national parks.

For the travellers in Bwindi impenetrable forest, a morning cup of coffee will enlighten your day as you start your gorilla trekking activities. Although some time it’s still difficult to find the varieties of coffee, reason being that many Ugandans still prefer to start up the day with the cup of coffee. But with as at adventure in the wild safaris, we offer the best services and make sure that we meet our clients demands and also make the preferred coffee of your choice available for you.

Coffee varieties and coffee products can also be found in Uganda, Uganda grows mainly to types of coffee that is the Robusta coffee grows in the wild with its varieties made in Uganda then there is Arabica coffee is grown on the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains. Currently Uganda’s coffee standards have greatly improved and now you can find a cup off coffee any where in Uganda and the world at large and now even the Tea loving Ugandans are migrating to adopt to taking of coffee and many restaurants and hotels in Uganda, offer a variety of items in their menu including the quality meals and the specious coffee served. ranging from, Café’ Pap, 1000 Cups of Coffee and Ban Café, java from Kenya has put on a full team Dutch B Bakery Chain that has put u a few outlets, there are also independently owned outlets selling the coffee and the coffee varieties.

Many restaurants have also put in place several Espresso Machines to help in great and quick services for their clients among others.  Other Budget lodges, may still serve you instant variety of the coffee with some water, powdered milk or the real milk but as time goes on, this will too slowly change and they will adopt to the better standards of real coffee.

Great Tasting Arabica Coffee grown in Uganda is a reality in the pearl of Africa, many Ugandan citizens, have not yet discovered the best and treasure of coffee grown in their country, but for the visitors in Uganda, they understand the best out of the coffee and they can quickly learn the best places such as restaurants, café’s supermarkets where they can quickly find the coffee from, for the Ugandans, they still prefer their local tea. Some may opt to purchase the Ugandan coffee and back with home the in remembering the beauty and the best of the safari experience in Uganda as you enjoy with your families the taste of the Ugandan coffee.