Birds in Kidepo Valley National Park

Bird of Kidepo – Kidepo Valley national park is a great destination for travelers who love to have vacations in wilderness areas with only the whispers of the wild. It has a lot to offer to those with much love and interest for birds. Kidepo valley national park is the second park in Uganda in hosting a high number of birds after Queen Elizabeth national park. there are about 612 bird species in queen Elizabeth national park and 470 bird species in kidepo valley national park with 60 endemic species in the country. The park does not have a variety of vegetation types act as habitats for different bird species, the birds there therefore live in the savannah plains, woods and in montane forests. Therefore comparing to other national parks in Uganda with a wide range of habitats, kidepo valley national park ranks as the top destination with high bird species. Migratory birds in the park are seen from November to April.

Birds of Kidepo

Birds in Kidepo Valley national park; ostriches are the one of the commonest bird species in the park. They are quite unique from other birds because of their large size, long necks and eggs, the big size of eggs they lay and its being flightless. However, they run up to a speed of 70km/ph hence the fastest bird on land. Other bird species in Kidepo valley national park are the Dark chanting goshawk, black breasted barbet, Abyssinian roller, Abyssinian scimitarbill, Fan-tailed raven, Mosque swallow, Golden pipit, Brown-backed woodpecker, Karamoja Apalis, Jackson’s hornbill, Purple grenadier, Red-winged lark, White-faced scoops, Rupell’s sterling, Superb sterling, White-bellied tit, Rufous chatter, Ethiopian swallow, Brown-rumped bunting, Vinaceous Dove, Hoopoe, Chesnut-crowned sparrow weavers, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Violet-tipped Courser, Fox Kestrel and the White-billed buffalo weavers among others.

Birding safaris to Kidepo valley national park are one of the interesting activities included on our packages to the destination.