Five interesting facts about the Black Rhinos

Black Rhino Facts – The black Rhino is among the rare endangered species in Africa and it is also known as the Diceros Bicornis. It is differentiated from the white Rhino by its size, shape, the temperaments as well as diet. Both the black and white Rhino get their color from the mud where they wallow from. Here are five interesting facts about the black Rhinos.

According to the scientific studies, there are about 8 subspecies of the black rhinos. The three have run extinct and about three are found in the eastern, south-western as well as south-central Africa which still has a workable population.

The Black Rhino are also known as hook-lipped Rhino and this has a prehensile upper lip which helps it to grasp woody plant stems which is its favorite food. The white Rhino is distinguished by its square mouth that is used to enjoy the grazing.

The black Rhino are highly known for their highest combat death rates among the all the mammal. The black male Rhinos meet their death while fighting in battle with in themselves or its enemies and they are very hostile animals.

The black Rhino population in Africa dropped from hundreds of thousands in the year 1900 to about 2500 by the year 2000. This was as a result of the uncontrolled hunting to get trophies, and at the same time supply to the cost effective markets in value of its horns.

The black Rhino may look Awkward and heavy but it can run to cover a distance of about 56kilometers per hour and it will turn immediately. It can brandish the horn as a weapon tool and they strike back a tennis ball if thrown towards them.