Boomu Women’s Group Bandas, Masindi

Boomu Women’s Group Bandas are one of the budget accommodation facilities in Murchison falls national aprk. The bandas are situated a short distance from the main gate of the southern entry to the park. the lodge was out of the effort of a group of women who were subsistence farmers from Kigaragara community close to the park.

The bandas were built using local materials and they reflect an African traditional style of living. They are situated wide apart from each other and have a large garden where you can relax in the evening as you watch the beautiful surrounding. The rooms are comfortable and spacious. They also have dormitory rooms and can accommodate big groups. Boomu Women’s Group Bandas have a camping ground for those who want to experience a typical wilderness night by sleeping under the bright stars and clouds of Africa. A campfire is lit for their visitors so that they have a great time of sharing their interesting stories in the wilderness and the experience of the safari. The bandas have open air showers and hot water is provided in jerry cans. They are affordable for anyone who wishes to enjoy budget accommodation; bandas cost UGX55,000 per person and camping goes for UGX10,000 per person.

The lodge blends well with the environment and also prevents effect of power on the park by using solar power.

The restaurant prepares delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are a range of drinks at the bar.

From the lodge, guests head out for chimp tracking in just few minutes at Pabidi forest and take a short drive to Paraa for boat cruise, to the northern side for a game drive and nature walks around the park.