h2 style=”text-align: justify;”>Five interesting facts about Brown Hyena

The brown hyena is a shabby looking animals and it is in the family of the spotted Hyena. It can be found in the south western region of Africa. Here are some of the five interesting facts about the brown hyena.

1.To express their Aggressiveness, the brown hyenas will increase on the length of the long brown Mane and lint out their Creamy ruff so that they can look larger at the same time intimidating. If any fight arises, the above features can be destroyed or damaged.

  1. The Adult brown hyena demarcates their territories by disposing of secretions that comes from their anal gland onto the grass stalks. The white blobs which have been left behind can be used to gather a lot of information about each individual hyena and you will be able to identify the time that it last passed in this area and it’s an effective way of communication to other hyenas.
  2. The brown hyena is omnivorous; it feasts on desert melons and ostrich eggs that are why it is referred to as a scavenging carnivore.
  3. In the regions of skeleton coast in Namibia, the brown hyena has been give an African name as the Strand wolf or beach dog due to the fact that it is found of feasting on food left by the sea as well as the dead seals.
  4. The brown hyena can be spotted in the Magaliersbug hills located north of Pretoria therefore fortunate tourists will spot them on the edges of suburbia.

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