Five Interesting Facts about Bush babies

Bush Baby Facts –The bush babies are one of the nocturnal animals that are unusual during day hours and it can be spotted in the late evening when it is dark, you will be catch glimpse sight of their shinning eyes which will be bouncing on the beam lighting from your torch. The Bush babies are also referred to as Galagos and they are extremely interesting to observe on night game drive. The bush babies related in the family if the diminutive primates. Here are the five interesting facts about the Bushbabies;

  1. The Bush babies are grouped in the prosimian primates and the rest of other primates in this group include the lorises of Asia plus the Lemurs of Madagascar. The Bushbabies are believed to have evolved before the monkeys and they decided to be part of the nocturnal animals so as to avoid competition from the big primate brothers.
  2. They have got ears that are similar like for a bat which they use to trap insects in the dark after catching them in flight. While jumping with in thorny bushes, the Bushbabies are found of folding their back delicate ears which is a protective measure not being hurt.
  3. They can cover about 2.5 meters in just a single jump due to the fact that they have got a very strong and powerful back leg muscle which is the heaviest part on their body.
  4. The Bushbabies do demarcate their territories by urinating on their hands and they will scatter their scent while jumping up and down from one tree to another.
  5. Special Combs, Bushbabies have got special combs which are like incisors teeth and these help them to remove gum from the acacia trees. Bushbabies like feeding on this Acacia Gum as one of their diet.

Nocturnal creatures

Nocturnal animals like Bushbabies their day begins in the night hours while other animals are resting. Other nocturnal animals include the leopards, the serval among others which tend to feed at night and in the day they are hiding in their resting places.

Five Interesting Facts about Bush babies – bush babies are one of the nocturnal animals found in Africa. Here are some bush baby facts