Bwindi Travellers Motel Uganda

Bwindi Travelers Motel is located in the heart of the Butogotá Trading Centre with a distance of about 15 km that takes about 20 minutes from the Bwindi National Park Centre.

The majestic structure of the motel is a magnificent paradise perched on the border of the RDC and Uganda. It is one of the eminent places you can stay in when you go for Bwindi gorillas. The design of the park offers panoramic views and other sights. Itangaro Falls and the village of Byumba and takes about 20 minutes from Bwindi impenetrable forest which is one of the most the most interesting attractions in Uganda, the park is famous for hosting half of the world’s population of mountain Gorillas.

For the visitors in Bwindi national park, the Bwindi Travellers Motel is one of the best accommodation facilities for the travellers visiting the park. The rooms are so comfortable with a good environment for meditation or study. Laundry is another facility which is part of a motel for hospital staff, whenever you need them.

The bar and the restaurant Around the Motel Mubwi is famous as a trade and gift shop, and it has an onsite restaurant serving both local and international cuisine. It’s fully stocked and sometimes bought as souvenirs with African items. There also other activities like Nature walks, where you will visit the Kayonza Tea Estate and the Itangaro falls.

There other activities offered for the visitors staying at the lodge including a tour to the nearby Batwa and Pygmy villages and experience the diverse lifestyle traditions of Uganda. Uganda is beautiful and a wonderful place to stay in the different tribes. The groups around the impenetrable Bwindi are also thrilling.

 How to get there

The best way to reach the lodge is by road transport from Kampala to Kabala via Kanungu -Bulema to Butogota, the distance covered, takes about 8-9 hours on a good road, the distance is quite long, but it’s worth it since you have an opportunity to view various attractions along the country side.