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Car hire Uganda

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Adventure in the wild safaris has built trust for providing good standard 4WD vehicles for travel to different destinations including national parks, Jinja and other areas for business and other purposes. Our cars are comfortable, spacious and when you are on safari, they enable you to capture vast views of the areas.

Our cars are always well serviced and in case of any breakdown, we respond immediately and we get in touch with the nearest car technicians that we partner with and such miscellaneous are covered in our affordable hire costs. Take on self drive tours with reliable vehicles from our company, which can reach all remote destinations of Uganda.

Car hire is a services offered to both the local and international travelers when they have interest to visit and access different destinations of Uganda. There are various means of transport that travelers can use so as to get around ‘the pearl of Africa’ and car hire is one of the easiest means that can be used to explorer her motherland.  Car hire is also referred to as car rental where you can alternatively have the freedom to travel at your own convenient time. Car hire involves offering traveler options of different cars and he will one of his interest at a fees and the charge will depend on the type of car taken and how long the traveler will stay with the car. Guide to car hire while on your Uganda Safaris.

Car rental Uganda

Car rental Uganda is one of the car hire companies which offers some of the best and affordable cars at lower cost, these include saloon cars, 4×4 land cruiser lorries, mini buses,  double cabins among others. The car hire company also offers other services like self-drive cars, chauffer services, sales reliable and cost effective cars to its customers.

You will encounter welcoming and friendly staff that have experience of over 10 years and they have managed to stay in existence on the market because of their unbeatable prices and continued maintaining of the standard of their vehicles that are reliable and suitable for all for budgets and category of travelers. The driver guides are experienced and are fluent in English speaking with well vast knowledge about safari destinations and wildlife in the country.

The car hire companies extend their operations to south Sudan, Juba Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and the pickup points is at Entebbe international airport, Jinja and Kampala city although they can drop you off some of the urban areas or location in Uganda.

Expedient car hire Uganda

This is one of the legally registered companies whose main emphasis is to offer clients with high quality car rental systems. It has a target and mission of standing out as a recognized service provider who offers quality valued solutions with a distinct value offered in line with car rentals. Expedient car Hire Company is known for its firm, uncomplicated stress free system that can assist make your reservations without any difficulties at your convenient whenever you’re are in need of any vehicle.

Booking with expedient car hire company offers you an opportunity to  enjoy offers like zero booking fees as well as exclusive discounts that is offered on expedient automobiles, discounted low rates as well as un limited mileages and many more. There is a great insight 7where you will be different alternatives of vehicles and its upon you which type of vehicle you would like to hire.

Rent A-Car, Uganda

This is another car hire company which offers the most confortable, affordable, reliable, cheap, trusted car hire service of any kind of vehicle. Some of the categories of vehicles hired out include mini bus, 4×4 wagons, coasters and vans among others. The vehicles carry a maximum of 2 to 30 people. The company offers other services such as airport pick up and drop, the chauffeur services where you can be taken on a holiday safari. It also offers self-drive services which are offered without drivers. They hire out vehicles for up country and town services at an affordable rate. If you’re interested in this kind of service you can find the reservation details online and complete them in just one minute. The charging fees is inclusive of the local tax on mileage, comprehensive insurance services, however the type of car that you would like to hire will depend on budget but all cars offered are in good conditions and reliable.

One of the uniqueness about these cars is that they have operations all over the country thus you can drop the car anywhere at their services.

Self-drive in Uganda

Are you searching for a care to you around for the time you are going to spend in Uganda then you can hire out a self-drive car  to take your around the pearl of Africa. You can hire a 4×4 self-drive vehicle which is in a very good condition that will help you experience and self-drive journey to most of the tourist destinations in Uganda.

Most of the self-drive vehicles in Uganda are fully equipped and they have got fully installed with camping gears and GPS navigation that will help offer you opportunity to enjoy a classic self-service drive experience. The self-drive car hire company Uganda has experience of about 8 years in operation thus it is trusted by a lot of travelers that come to Uganda. Some of the vehicles that they hire out include 4×4 Rav4, 4×4 land cruisers that have popup roof tops thus giving you an opportunity to have the great life time rewarding adventure in Uganda.

The self-drive vehicle will offer you an insight to explore a lot of tourism destination while on your leisure holiday depending on the activity you’re interested in on your safari. Such as a self-game drive, boat cruise ride, site seeing at the lake, city tours among others. We advise travelers to make advise booking because most of their vehicles is on a high demand and they tend to be competitive especially in the peak season.

Uganda self-drive

This is a car hire company that offers services of self-drive vehicles and it is located in Kampala capital city of Uganda. It offers 4×4 wheel vehicles and it has professional staff that has experiences and about vehicles. Its objective is to offer a special personal service to those travelers that have interest to get around the pearl of Africa. For 20 years the company has offered services it has managed to stay the market due to its hiring rates start from 30 dollars per day either in Uganda or Rwanda. A self-drive service offers you an insight to explore Uganda with freedom and independence which derives rewarding life time experiences and adventure in the pearl of Africa. The self-drive services offers flexibility, independence and freedom thus giving chance to more adventure since your movement is not limited by the driver.

The self-drive packages offer different alternatives packages depending on budget and interest tourism destinations, attractions and activities plus historical sites. Self-drive vehicles are able to with stand all conditions and can take you any destination you are planning to visit such as going to Bwindi forest to trek the mountain gorillas or to wildlife national parks, getting around to remote villages. There is a lot of car companies that offers car hire services in Uganda and pick up can be done from Entebbe international airport then you continue to your next destination.

Car Rental Uganda, Uganda Car Hire, Self drive Uganda, Uganda Car Rental Services, Rent A Car Uganda complete guide to car rental in Uganda