Things you need to know about travel in Kenya

Kenya is one of the east African countries and its located along the Indian ocean characterized by thornbushes and grasslands in most parts of the country gifted with varied forests sitting on about 13000 sq km in the southwestern part. Climatically Kenya’s coastal areas are tropical with monsoon winds and low lands experiencing hot and mainly dry, high lands are much cooler with about 4 seasons.

Kenya has got a variety of wild animals which include primates, cats, birds, and aquatic animals.  The country has got a lot of activities waiting for the tourists and these include game viewing, camping, hiking, water surfing, diving, bird watching, world-class beaches, glass-bottom boat rides, and many more.

The following is a list of things you need to know about travel in Kenya…

*1 safety

As you all know first things first, no one would prepare for any journey without safety assurance. previously Kenya faced a few terrorist activities but after such situations, the country managed to strengthen its security making the place safe for travel and tourism. Don’t let the previous terrorism activities drive you away from visiting Kenya.

*2 welcoming and friendly people

Kenya has got hospitable and welcoming people who are ready and willing to help you out in case of any need. They are friendly so don’t hesitate to greet or meet them while on your travels in Kenya.

*3 transportation

Kenya has got high-quality road and air transport facilities. With lots of options to choose from to get to your destination. With plenty of flights to take you around the country and good roads linking the cities to the tourist’s destinations and attractions.

*4 ethnic tensions

Having several ethnic groups they keep on causing stability in the country mostly during elections. But the country is always safe for travel in even though you come in election periods you will be safe

*5 visas

Kenya has got several visas but I advise you to apply for a visa online. this can be either an east African visa granting you access to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya, or else you get a regular entry visa on all border posts. In the case of layovers, you will get transit visas.

*6 affordable airlines

Kenya has got lots of budget airlines operating safely, efficiently, and cheap and this makes having a fly trip easy and cheaper due to the presence of Kenya airways that operates internationally and locally.

*7 train to Mombasa

This is also cheaper of getting to Mombasa compared to flying enjoying the comfortable train with a high speed. the train runs daily in both directions departing at 9 am having your ticket booked in advance with payments made via m-pesa or the station which is a bit tiresome.

*8 m-pesa

m-pesa is a mobile payment service in Kenya simple to use and allows millions of Kenya’s to clear their bills online by the use of the voucher system in loading money on mobile phones to pay online services.

To enjoy such services while in Kenya you will have to poses a local sim card.

*9 sim cards

Owning a local sim card while in Kenya is quite easy as you only have to get your passport and get to any nearby shop and get signed up and after here you are only left with loading credit and then enjoy the services.

*10 matatus

This is the local name given to minivans that provide short-distance transport.

Here you will enjoy the loud African music, reckless driving with lots of adventure and fun. On the other hand, you can use Boda Bodas and tuk-tuks to take you around the smaller towns. Don’t forget that all these options are very cheap.

Kenya has also got buses for longer journeys such as Mombasa to Nairobi.

*11 local food

The famous meal while at Kenya ugali served with beans steamed green leaves called Sukuma wiki and sometimes chicken. Ugali is maize flour and it’s made as a result of smashing maize cones.

This meal is consumed with hands, not cutlery. I advise you to come and try it out

While at the coast are the main staff to eat will be made out of wheat flour and these include samosa and chapatis.

*12 currency

Kenya uses the Kenyan shilling and currently, one us dollar is equivalent to one hundred Kenyan shillings.

While in Kenya money can be exchanged at any bank you come across not forgetting that the ATMs only give out Kenyan shillings.

*13 supermarkets

Kenya has got a few supermarkets that mainly sell staples and dry goods but when in need of fruits and vegetables you will have to get to the markets. not forgetting that Kenya has currently banned plastic bags.

*14 carry your passport

You have to carry your passport with you at all times and in case you have been stopped by the polices that what you have to present.

*15 accommodation and hostels

Kenya has got an increasing number of backpacker trails and hostels ready for the budget clients and here I advise you to go in for;   distant relatives, milimani backpakers and diani backpackers.

*16 language

Kenya has got two official languages and these are English and Swahili where most people mix them.

*17 health

Having malaria as a common disease in Kenya I proudly advise you to come up with suitable precautions and covering up via the night and also the use of anti-malaria medication in your luggage.

More so before coming to Kenya you will have to get a yellow fever certificate.

*18 safari

Kenya is gifted with lots of safari destination parks and these include the following; Masaai Mara, Amboseli, hell’s gate, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Lake Naivasha, Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru, and many more and don’t forget to check out ADVENTURE IN THE WILD SAFARIS in case you’re ready to explorer Kenya so as they have got the best deals, professional tour guides and the best offers to make you enjoy your travel unforgettably.