Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta is the largest freshwater delta in the world, formed in the central part of the endorheic Kalahari Basin, where the Okavango River enters a tectonic trough. The entire water which enters the Delta is evaporated and swept away and flows in the sea and the ocean. Rains Seasonal rains are creating the Okavango. In January-February the Okavango River drains. The rainfalls from the highlands of Angola and the river flood drain 1.200 kilometres within about one month, and in the next four months the floods disperse across the 250 kilometres by 150 kilometres of the delta. The higher water temperature in the Delta contributes to accelerated sweat which evaporation and leads to a process that only at the beginning of the 20th century was known in complete. During the dry winter months of Botswana, between June and August, flood peaks as the delta swelled to threefold in length, attracting livestock from miles and producing one of Africa’s largest levels of wilderness.

Most of the wild game is located on the bottom of the delta and not in the wet core of the Delta. Moremi Game Reserve, a region within the Okavango Delta Ecosystem, is the most popular place in Moremi Game Reserve There are wild meetings, especially with big cats and the largest mammals in Africa, at short intervals. Migratory and resident animals can be seen across the river, although for their promised bounty those with less room go straight to Moremi. The Duba Plains, where fights of buffalos and lions are all legends, is another prime place to explore around this national park. A number of outlying private concessions offer additional options, and Delta size means that the vas land, offers an adequate space for several safari activities, The most significant thing while visiting Okavango, normally on mokoro–a typical canoe, is the boat safari trip activities, You are guided by a nearby ship captain through the maze, and life hinges around the shingles. Hippo gatherings are impressive and you’re close to the giant elephant and buffalo herds. You’ve got to look down at the jaw level, look at a hippo’s teeth or see baby pachyderms push each other playfully. Language lions are also on your eye while hoping behind lechwe that avoid crocodile snaps. Like many reservoirs, Okavango is a birdlife sanctuary, where over 400 species can be identified this site offers the perfect location for bird watching activities.

Okavango Delta Safari

Okavango Delta Safari – It is a recognized World Heritage Site with a remarkable biodiversity ranging from beaches, lagoons, lush grasslands of the savannah and river canals, rendering it one of Africa’s riches desert sanctuaries, with large amounts of animals due to availability of the savannah grass lands that is a home to different animals. The Delta has some of the finest safari camps in Africa with the best sites for animal viewing. It is protected by the Moremi Game Reserve and other grants to private wildlife. The game reserve, is a host to a wide range of animal species such as the Buffalos, Elephants and hippos. The Delta river, offers the best spot for animal viewing where you have an opportunity to view some of the water animals like hippos, buffalos, crocodiles and different bird species varying from the common species to rare ones that have not been seen in any other place. visit the Okavango delta while on a Botswana safari.

When to Visit the Okavango Delta

Planning to visit the Okavango Delta, although it can be visited all year round, knowing the nature of the Delta, the climate changes during the season seasons, and the activities offered at the Delta, will help you plan accordingly so that you will have the best of your safari experience in Okavango Delta.

The dry season starts from September to October this is the best time for animal viewing reason being that the animals due to the shortage of water, tend to converge in places that only have water in the park therefore, it makes it one of the easiest spotting destination for the travelers to view the animals during the game drives.

The short-wet season is from June to August which is the perfect time to do water activities like canoeing, boat safaris where you will an opportunity to some of the water loving animals. The longer rainy season if from November all through to April, this is also the best time for animal viewing since the park is filled with the green vegetation where by the animal movement is limited due to the fact that they can find food within the forest. This is also the best time for bird watching safaris, Okavango is rich in bird life and the wet season is the best time for bird lovers to visit the park since high concentration of birds in the park some of which even are migratory birds.

Things to do /activities in Okavango Delta

Game drives

Okavango is a home to wide animal species roaming in its savannah grassland, the delta has provided some of the most excellent African safari activities such as game drives where you will be driven in the vehicle as you explore the parks beauty and viewing of the different species of animals.  You can also do game viewing through the horse ride, or ride on an elephant’s back as you discover the richness of Okavango Delta. In this area there are thousands of mammals and many bird species seen around the Delta river, and also, it’s a host to number of predator animals seen hiding on the thick grassland as the wait to catch the prey. But it should be noted that there are different camps available in the region, depending on different factors; the season and the camp’s location. In dry and wet seasons some people enjoyed those trips and everyone’s experience matters. There are also evening game drives offered to the visitors, this is the best time to catch some of the predator’s animals as they roam about to catch the young animals for food, the common animals seen include the lions, leopard, Aardwolves, Servals, and Aardvarks.

Elephant safaris

In the Okavango Delta, elephant safaris were launched. Over the years, these safaris have come to a standstill reason being that the animal welfare issues have emerged over the few years. The majority of lodges today give elephant schooling and offer visitors interactions with the animals. The experience, is much rewarding since visitors get an opportunity to learn about elephants, communicate with them and feed them during the activity in the Delta region.

Mokoro Excursions

The Mokoro drives are not to be skipped in the Okavango. Boat trips along the tidal lagoons and canals of the Delta is one of the fascinating activities for the visitors visiting the Delta. The boats are traditionally produced and locally referred to as Mokoros, handmade from large delta trees. One of the easiest ways to view the game is to go on a Mokoro ride reason being that they are small vessels, and not motorized therefore, they do not produce sound that may scare the animal away. These boats, travel silently on channels and will enable you to view the different water animals like hippos, buffalos, crocodiles in its waters. During the boat trip, you will also sight some of the animals coming to the Delta river to drink water and to grass around the water body also other birds’ species around the shores of the lake.

Horseback safaris

Horseback safaris, are also offered in Okavango, for the visitors interesting in taking horse ride safaris, this serves as one of the perfect activities to explore the areas around Okavango where it can not be reached during the game drives. The activity is arranged at the Macatoo Camp, you will be assigned   a guide who has an experience in horseback riding so you are assured of safety and the best experience as you explore the different animal species around the park such as giraffes, Zebras, elephants buffalos among others.

During the horseback ride safari, you will follow the instructions of the guide so that you are assured of the safety from the predators as much as the animals seen around are less threatened, but its nit guarantee that there are no predators around therefore, you keep keen and follow the trails the guide will instruct you all through the activity.

Boat cruise safaris

When you visit the Okavango delta. You have an opportunity to take part in boat cruise safari on the waters, the boat safari, will expose you to a wide range of attractions. And also, you will get to view Okavango from all the angles and every attraction around the land scape. You will also view water animals, you can also use the boat to cross from one camp to another incase you may not want to use the vehicle, the guide will then meet you at the camp.

Guided Walks

The guided nature walks around the Okavango is one of the unbelievable ways of seeing wonderful countryside and various islands. You will be led by well-experienced tour guide and an armed ranger to keep your security. the guide will direct you through the trails as you explore the depth of the park. Such walks usually start before the hot weather, you will rise up early morning for the start of the activity, this is also the best time to catch the early rises as they retrieve from their previous hunt, you will also sight other animals like the forest elephants, buffalos, zebras among others and different bird species.

Boat cruise safaris

When you visit the Okavango delta. You have an opportunity to take part in boat cruise safari on the waters, the boat safari, will expose you to a wide range of attractions. And also, you will get to view Okavango from all the angles and every attraction around the land scape. You will also view water animals, you can also use the boat to cross from one camp to another incase you may not want to use the vehicle, the guide will then meet you at the camp.

Helicopter Flights

After taking the game drives on land, the visitors can still opt for the helicopter flights where you will have clear views of the several water ways and islands with abundant wildlife seen below you. This sis one of the best game viewing safaris while you are on air. The helicopter flights can be organized by the lodge; therefore, you need to book early so that the activity is secured for you to avoid missing out on any of the safaris of your interest.

Fishing activities

Fishing is one of the best sporting activities for the visitors visiting the Okavango Delta, though not all the camps practice the activity, but some still do therefore, you can visit the Okavango and take part in the fishing activity on the Delta river, some of the fish caught here include; Tilapia, tiger fish. Fishing is an interesting sports activity for the visitors who have interest in taking part in.

Some of the essentials required for the Okavango Delta Safari

In order to experience the best out your safari in Okavango Delta, you will need to know the right items required for your safari trip in Africa. Below are some of the proper equipment required for the Okavango Delta safaris.

Safari jeans or trousers (to be won on cooler days and in the evenings)

  • Long sleeved blouses for the ladies
  • Comfortable safari walking shoes/ boots
  • Binoculars to help in viewing distant birds
  • Sunglasses, hats to protect you from the strong rays of the sun
  • sunblock creams, insect repellent to prevent you from the insect bites that may cause harm to you.
  • Waterproof camera incases of the rain so that it does not get damaged
  • Warm jacket or a sweater (cold nights and mornings)
  • Shorts and T-shirts
  • Raincoat (should be compact and light)
  • During wet seasons you could pack a scarf and gloves to keep you warm
  • A swimsuit
  • Carry/wear a comfortable bra (for the ladies due to the weather changes)
  • Waterproof bag back to carry all this essentials, pack all you need, but pack light so that its easy to carry the luggage around.


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Okavango delta facts

10 Best Okavango delta facts – The Okavango Delta is one of the famous places in Botswana that hosts majestic wildlife densities and one of the great places for the water based safari tours. It is one of the extremely fascinating places to explore in the country of Botswana. Some of the unique facts about Okavango delta which you did not know include;

  1. The regions is recognized UNESCO Heritage site

Okavango delta was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site on the 22ndJune 2014. 0kaango delta is one of the largest inland deltas on the universe and it doesn’t not flow in the least major Delta systems. Okavango delta is a home to the Okavango River which normally floods in the dry season. In the Okavango Delta you will encounter with unique endangered wildlife animals such as wild dogs, white and Rhinos, cheetahs and lions.

  1. The Okavango Delta was announced one of the seven natural wonder of Africa in the Year 2013

The Okavango Delta was named a natural wonder of Africa due to its true facts that are not difficult to understand. Other natural wonders in Africa include the great wildebeest migration, Sahara Desert, the Red Sea coral reefs, the safari desert as well as Mount Kilimanjaro.

  1. The Delta is found of growing to about three times its size during the flooding season

The Okavango delta increases in size about three times when the flood water comes in the dry winter months of March to August. It esteemed that when the flood water arrives, to a size of about 15000 square kilometers large and during the season of drying up, the delta gets small to about 6000 square kilometers

  1. The delta host over 150,000 island

The Okavango Delta is home to over 150,000 islands where others are tidal and small about 10 -70 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide. In the private hunting reserve of a chief is great place to spot amazing wildlife in the Okavango Delta. The delta has got elegant luxury safari lodges and camps.

  1. There is a lot of restriction on the tourism in the Okavango Delta with a sustainable goal of keeping it wild for the future generation.

The Okavango Delta is one of the safari destinations that you explore and feel the sense of wilderness and remoteness. This has been possible due to the fact that the Botswana government has put restriction on the number of tourists and camps in the region. Therefore it is unusual that you will find the area overcrowded and there is minimum noise from vehicles to distract the animals’ activities in their natural environment.

  1. There are over 400 bird species in the Delta

The Okavango delta is a haven place for bird lovers and it home to over 400 various bird species which survive in this wetland. Some of the bird species found in this region include the African fish Eagle, the Hammerkops, the lilac-breasted roller among others. Some of the rare endangered bird species include the Pel’s Fishing owl as well as the slaty egret. Bird watching experience in the delta is done on foot from the point of the Mokoro.

  1. The Okavango flood water Arrive from the Angolan highlands

The Okavango delta survives due to the rain water which comes from the Angolan highland traversing through the Cubango river then Namibia and finally in Okavango river Botswana. One unique fact about the Okavango Delta is that about a million years ago, the Okavango river used to flow into lake Makgadikgadi in Switzerland but apparently this lake has dried up it is now the Makgadikgadi salt pans.

  1. The fascination way to way to explore the Okavango Delta is by Mokoro

The Mokoro is one of the traditionally dung out canoe which is normally used by the great fishermen in the delta. A number of the safari lodges and camps offer the Mokoro ride experiences to all interested travelers. On the canoe experience, you will get a chance to spot some tidal creatures which you were viewing from far.

  1. There are about five ethnic groups who live in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango delta is home to about five ethnic groups which include the Dceriku, Wayeyi, Hambukushu as well as the Bugakhwe group.  The two groups are traditional hunters and Bushmen whilst the three groups are fishermen, farmers and hunters.

  1. The Okavango Delta hosts about 260,000 mammals which will easily be spotted in the dry season.

The Delta is rich in a diversity of wildlife which makes it one of the great wildlife viewing destinations. Wildlife that is found in the delta includes the hippos, elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes, brown hyenas, leopards, wild dogs among others. The most common animals in the delta are the thousands of Lechwe.







Okavango Delta Safari