Golden Monkey Trekking in Uganda

Golden Monkey trekkingUganda, being a primate country harbors the rare mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons and monkeys. Golden monkeys is one of the most sought for primate species are the rare and exclusive golden monkeys which can only be trekked in Uganda and Rwanda. In other words, its where these primates can be seen in their natural habitats.

Uganda’s Mgahinga national park in western Uganda is the perfect place to go trekking golden monkey trekking. You can combine this rewarding activity with other activities like gorilla trekking, bird watching or mountain climbing cave exploration and so much more to your itinerary. Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park also provides a scenic view of the playful and lovely species.

Requirements for successful golden monkey safari.

For a successful golden monkey trekking, one requires to acquire a golden monkey permit, book accommodation and transport to and fro Mgahinga national park or Volcanoes National park. As discussed earlier, those are the only places in East Africa where gold co-exist with silver. Contact Adventure in the Wild Safaris for information regarding trekking the golden monkeys and bookings.

Golden monkey permits.

In order to be allowed to trek the golden monkeys in Uganda or Rwanda, you need to acquire a gorilla trekking permit. Please contact Adventure in the Wild Safaris and we shall secure your permit with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (Mgahinga national park), and OTRPN in case of Volcanoes national park. A golden monkey permit for Mgahinga national park costs USD50.00 while it is USD 100.00 for Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park. Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park starts at 8:00 and you are grouped and given a guide and an armed guard to trek into the bamboo forest. Book with us and we shall book your golden monkey trekking permit if only you book an exclusive tour with us.

Golden monkey habituation experience safaris.

Golden monkey habituation is an act of training the primates to get used to human presence. The experience costs USD 100.00 (2019-20) in Mgahinga national park and the permit can be booked from the head office of Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kampala, Uganda. This experience does not involve only seeing the golden monkeys but also getting involved in activities geared towards making the primates get used to human beings. Contact us for more information regarding golden monkey trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. You can ask for when to visit, minimum age for golden monkey trekking, best time to visit, what to pack for the activity and so much more about golden monkey trekking.

What to add-on to your golden monkey trekking safari.

Trekking the golden monkeys mostly take half a day so you may choose to add on some activities on your itinerary. For example you can visit the Batwa pygmies and enjoy their cultural in Mgahinga national park. The Batwa walk is so rewarding as you will get to know the history of the pygmies. They once lived in the thick forests of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga national park before they were evicted out by the Government of Uganda so as to declare the forests as national parks. The walk will show you how they used to stay, live and gather fruits as well as showing off their culture. The Batwa experience is highly recommended to our visitors.

You can also add on a gorilla trekking activity to your golden monkey safari. The experience requires a gorilla trekking permit which costs USD600.00 in Uganda and USD 1500.00 in Rwanda per person per experience. Gorilla trekking takes from one to eight hours depending on the location of the gorillas that day and you are given one hour to observe and take pictures of these shy apes before trekking back to the lodge. Please contact Adventure in the Wild Safaris for more details on gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda

Golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park Golden monkey trekking in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is an exciting adventure that offers a great encounter with a rare and beautiful species of monkeys in their natural habitat, the monkeys are known as “Golden Monkeys”.

When one talks about golden monkeys, they have a striking golden fur coat, which adds to their character, they are quite lovely animals to watch when you have an encounter with these primates in the forest. Although golden monkey trekking is overshadowed by the popular gorilla trekking, but still it has remained one of the most exciting adventures that any traveller ought not to miss during their visit in volcanoes national park and in most safari tours, travellers have made the activity as a complement to the gorilla trekking experience.

The golden monkeys are endangered species, and they live in bamboo forests and the vegetation below the volcano’s mountains, they can be seen in Virunga mountains range which covers the three east African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The golden monkeys have a unique character that has made it so interesting and has attracted primate lovers to watch out for once they visit the volcanoes national park. golden monkey trekking is commonly done only in Rwanda and Uganda where by travellers have an opportunity of trekking to see them in their natural habitat at a close range. They are so interesting watching them jump from one tree to another, some times causing difficulty to take their photographs.

There are two habituated troops of golden monkeys in Volcanoes National Park and the larger troop in Sabinyo volcano with 80 – 100 members and it is the most visited group in volcanoes national park.

Characteristics of the golden monkeys

There are over 2500-3500 golden monkeys living in the Virunga conservation area, that is the volcanoes national park, Virunga national park and Mgahinga national park. these parks are known to be harbouring the endangered golden monkeys, these national parks where gazetted in order to conserve the natural heritage from harm and poaching and encroachment in to the forest by humans leading to the destruction of the forest from which these animals lived in.

The golden monkeys are herbivores and they feed on mostly the bamboo shoots but also consume the vegetation such as plants, leaves, shoots and when the vegetation is scares, mostly during the dry seasons, they are forced to eat insects, the larva stages of insects on trees. There feeding areas are found closer to their home stead.

The golden monkeys are social animals and live in groups and the male adult monkey is the leader of the group, the male monkey shows off his power his power and can mate with any female from all different groups, he protects and looks after the family while the females guard their territories.

Golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park

There is only one session in a day for the golden monkey trek and takes place in the morning like gorilla trek or any other activities in the Volcanoes National Park. during the day for golden monkey trekking, visitors taking part in this activity, will be required to report to the Kinigi Park Headquarters by 7:00 am where they will join other travellers and the park ranger guides for a short briefing and then drive to the start of trek which is 15 minutes away at the edge of the park.

The golden monkeys in volcanoes national park are habituated in their families making it easy to find them during the trek. they live at the bottom of the volcano mountains in the bamboo forest, and by following trails, the trackers are able to locate them in less than an hour. When you finally located them, travellers are given one hour to spend watching closely these incredibly beautiful monkeys as they skilfully pick bamboo shoots and make huge leaps from tree to tree which is enabled by their extra-long tails that provide great balance.  The long tails can be trapped by the bamboo and cut off, as you can see some monkeys with short tails. The monkeys spend a lot of time at the top of the bamboo, but they also climb up the tree to the level of the eye and even move to the ground. They’re some of the least nervous monkeys you can get so close to within a meter They are great for photography and flash is allowed which is not allowed for other primate adventures–gorilla and chimp treks, these primates even love a flash camera. Sometimes the monkeys move out of the park into large pottery fields to consume the iridescent potatoes left behind after the harvest. The act of the monkeys digging and washing the potato until feeding is beautiful for watching.

Golden monkey permits costs

Golden monkey trekking as well as gorilla trekking and any other primate safaris, require a trekking permit to be able to carry out these activities. The Rwanda golden monkey permit costs $ 100 per person to trek the monkeys. The best part of these experience is that there is no age limit, every person is entitled to trek the monkeys regardless of age and the number of visitors for this activity every day in volcanoes national park.

All you need to know during the golden monkey trekking?

This is an exciting experience when you have an encounter with the golden monkeys in their natural habitat, therefore, there are a few things you need to know so that you will have the best of your golden monkey trekking safari in volcanoes national park. They include;

You will need to be well equipped with proper equipment for this activity which include; hiking boots, garden gloves, long sleeved shirt/blouse, long pair of trousers and others these will protect your skin from skin irritations which may cause infections.

You will need a rain jacket since the weather in the forest can not be predicted you will expect rain at any time, carry some energy giving snacks, enough drinking water

During the trek, trekkers are not allowed to feed the golden monkeys since this may cause infections to the monkeys.

During photography, flash lights are not allowed when taking photos of the monkeys since these will scare away the golden monkeys.

Getting to volcanoes national park

Travellers visiting volcanoes national park, the main entry point to the country is through Kigali international Airport and on arrival, the travellers will be picked by the tour guide and if he / she is taking a public means, there are private cars, taxis to transport them to their respective areas as they prepare to go to volcanoes national park for the start of the activity. Getting to volcanoes national park from Kigali airport takes about 2 hours drive on a good road, the distance covered is about 109km.


There are several accommodation facilities located nearer to volcanoes national park, the lodges range from luxury, mid-range and budget lodges. It all depends on the interest of the client which type of the lodge best suites his or her interest during their stay in volcanoes national park in Rwanda. Some of the facilities include;

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge; the lodge is situated in the northern side of Rwanda next to volcanoes national park, the lodges comprise of thirty cottages made off stones and grass thatched roof top. The lodge offers comfortable rooms, restaurant and bar serving both local and international cousines.

Garden place hotel; the hotel is located in Ruhengeri and can be easily accessed from Kigali airport, the drive time take about 30 min. the hotel comprises of 28 rooms with bathrooms, restaurant and bar, the offers services for both holiday makers and for business travellers,

Sabinyo Silverback Lodge; the lodge is situated in Musanze district nearer to volcanoes national park headquarters, the lodges offer luxury accommodation facilities with 8 cottages situated in allocation where by the travellers can have the clear views of volcanoes rolling hill with balcony where client can relax from after the whole day’s activities. The lodge also offers bar and restaurant serving both local and international meals.

Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge; this lodge is situated in Musanze district, the lode offers great accommodation with spectacular views of the volcanoes. The lodge offers great service with professional staff offering excellent services for the visitors.

Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel; Our Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel in Musanze (Ruhengeri) situated on the path to Kinigi is the perfect starting point for the various activities that the Volcanoes National Park provides, but it also gives you plenty of chances to relaxation and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our lodge. 8 Deluxe bedrooms (double / twin), a family suite and the Volcano Mansion, a bar, a swimming pool and a lovely garden await your trip and our staff are looking forward to making your stay a memorable one. And many other lodges in volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

In conclusion, travellers visiting Rwanda most especially volcanoes national park, you will need to spend much more time so that you have an opportunity to go for golden monkey trekking besides the famous gorilla trekking experience, Rwanda has become one of the populated tourist region taking part in different activities the park has to offer. Golden monkey trek, will give you a full satisfaction of Rwanda safari during your visit in Africa.

Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda, Golden Monkey Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

When looking at golden monkey trekking, this article helps you to understand some of the key information to consider before taking part in golden monkey trekking. These helps you understand the price of the permit for golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, place/ where golden monkey trekking takes place, when to book you’re  golden monkey trekking spermit, how to book your permits and many others. The same applies to golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park in Uganda. In Rwanda, when you visit the volcanoes national park, you will be able to track both gorillas and golden monkeys. That is to say that volcanoes national park, is the only park in Rwanda where the gorillas co-exist with the mountain gorillas offering an opportunity to travelers who would wish to take part in both activities. Rwanda is popular with gorilla trekking activities; the park has in total 10 habituated gorilla families opened for trekking and the rest are for research purposes. Adventure in the wild safaris offers both golden monkey trekking and mountain gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park for visitors, visiting Rwanda national parks.

Cost of Rwanda Golden Monkey Permits

To trek golden monkey in volcanoes national park in Rwanda, travelers taking part in this activity are advised to have a permit that allows them to visit the golden monkeys in their natural habitat. Currently, Rwanda golden monkey permits go for $100 per person taking apart in the exercise. Also note that Rwanda activity prices keep changing as Rwanda government amends its tariffs. So therefore, in case of any changes, please contact adventure in the wild safaris and we will give you all the information you will require.

What is included in Rwanda golden monkey permits?

The fees paid for golden monkey trekking permit includes also the following, park entry fees to volcanoes national park, services of arranger guide, spending one hour with the habituated golden monkeys in their natural habitat, security and services of an armed ranger guide to provide security to the clients while in the forest. Also note that golden monkey trekking is a half days experience and does not limit the number of people visiting the gorillas each day, compared to gorilla trekking which limits strictly 8 people each day to trek gorillas which leads to competition of permits. Which is not the case with golden monkey trekking since travelers can purchase the permits anytime or even on ground, they are always available. For more details on golden monkey trekking and visiting Rwanda, reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris, and we will organise a successful golden monkey trekking for you. Clients visiting Rwanda for golden monkey trekking, can as well combine gorilla trekking visit to Nyungwe forest national park for wildlife safaris and also lake kivu for a boat cruise where you will spot a lot of water animals and many more other activities.