What’s your plan for this summer holiday, vacation, or relaxation plan? Are you a fan of the sun alongside the sea? It’s high time you pack up your things and let me take you through the beautiful marine life in Kenya.

Kenya is an East African country located on the shores of the Indian ocean having savannah areas, Lakelands, mountains, highlands, and the dramatic rift valley. Mostly the country is well known for its wildlife which includes elephants, rhinos, and lions. Its Maasai mara reserve sounding because of the wildebeest migrations and the Amboseli national park that gives you the best view of Tanzania’s mountain Kilimanjaro.

Kenya has got about six marine parks and reserves and these include the kisite mpunguti marine park and reserve, the kiunga marine national reserve, the Malindi marine national park and reserve, the Mombasa marine national park and reserve, and lastly the Watamu marine national park and reserve.

 Are you the adrenaline-filled outdoor adventure junkie? These parks have got you covered with lots of activities that include nature walks, sunbathing, bird watching, camping, diving, snorkeling, water skiing, windsurfing, and the glass-bottom boat rides


Watamu marine national park and reserve

this park is located on the north coast having unique birdlife and fish, turtles plus dugongs. Watamu has got over 100 bird species and it’s on an area of 10 sq km with humidity mean annual temperatures ranging from 22-34oc and the rainfall of about 500mm pa climatically.

The park is also known as the haven of the green turtle. The park can be accessed by road and by air;

By road, Watamu is 120kms north Mombasa and 28kms south Malindi. On the main road of Mombasa Malindi, you turn towards the Indian ocean while at gede. Watamu is 11kms from the main road

By air, you get to Watamu via the help of Malindi airport as your arrival point

Watamu marine national park has got lots of attractions which include the haven of the green turtle, unique coral garden, mida creek, kipepeo project, and the Gede ruins.

Mombasa marine national park and reserve

The park is also known for its allure of natural beauty. The place is filled with the warm azure ocean, swaying coconut palms on the white sandy beaches. Mombasa marine national park has got a colorful variety of marine species like crabs, starfish, stonefish, cucumbers sea urchins, corals, turtles, seagrasses. Mombasa is located between mtwapa and Tudor creeks having blue waters that are fit for windsurfing, water skiing, diving, and snorkeling.

Sited on an area of 210sq km with hot and humid climatic conditions.

Mombasa marine can be accessed by road from Mombasa city center and connect by boat from the vast points along the beach

The park has got 3 main attractions which include the vegetation, birds and the marine life

         Malindi marine national park and reserve

It’s famous for its coral gardens, swimming along with zebrafish to windsurfing.

This marine life area occupies an area of 213sq km with temperatures ranging from 20-30oc  and rains of 200mm-700mm. have particularly two rain seasons.

The park is gifted with fringing reefs, coral gardens, seagrass beds, mangroves, mudflats, marine mammals, turtles, and numerous species of shorebirds.

The park can be accessed by road and by air to go and catch up with the fishes, magical island, clean oceanic beach and warm water, sea turtles, invertebrates, benthic cover, corals, and the dolphins.

By road, Malindi marine is situated on Kenya’s Indian Ocean  coastline, Malindi town 110km north of Mombasa

By air your arrival point is Malindi.

Kiunga marine national reserve

This is Kenya’s enchanted world far north of the Indian Ocean coastline. Key features include coral reefs, dune, kiwayu island. Having annual temperatures ranging 22-34oc and rains of 500mm makes it a perfect place for water skiing, windsurfing, sunbathing, snorkeling and diving.

         The park can be accessed by either road, sea or air . by road king is 150km east of Lamu, by air its one at dodori n reserve and lastly by sea kiunga can be reached from Lamu and you get to kiwayu island by dhow or speedboat.

Kisite mpunguti marine park and reserve

This park was established to safeguard the scenic island and special habitats of the wide range of endemic marine animals and breeding migratory birds. The is also known as the home of dolphins this park is more so one of the famous snorkeling locations at the coast. Covering an area of 39 sq km with annual temperature ranging from 22-34 oc and rainfalls of about 500mm.

This park is about 5meters above sea level and always open around the year though the gets rough between April and July during southeast monsoon winds

For the love of dolphins, turtles, glass-bottom boat rides, water birds, sunbathing, diving, snorkeling, camping, water skiing, and the sand beaches, I advise booking with local tour operators like ADVENTURE IN THE WILD SAFARIS so they have professional tour guides ready to take you through your vacation safe and sound enjoying the African cuisine, accommodations and the lots nature and wildlife.

Things you need to know about travel in Kenya

Kenya is one of the east African countries and its located along the Indian ocean characterized by thornbushes and grasslands in most parts of the country gifted with varied forests sitting on about 13000 sq km in the southwestern part. Climatically Kenya’s coastal areas are tropical with monsoon winds and low lands experiencing hot and mainly dry, high lands are much cooler with about 4 seasons.

Kenya has got a variety of wild animals which include primates, cats, birds, and aquatic animals.  The country has got a lot of activities waiting for the tourists and these include game viewing, camping, hiking, water surfing, diving, bird watching, world-class beaches, glass-bottom boat rides, and many more.

The following is a list of things you need to know about travel in Kenya…

*1 safety

As you all know first things first, no one would prepare for any journey without safety assurance. previously Kenya faced a few terrorist activities but after such situations, the country managed to strengthen its security making the place safe for travel and tourism. Don’t let the previous terrorism activities drive you away from visiting Kenya.

*2 welcoming and friendly people

Kenya has got hospitable and welcoming people who are ready and willing to help you out in case of any need. They are friendly so don’t hesitate to greet or meet them while on your travels in Kenya.

*3 transportation

Kenya has got high-quality road and air transport facilities. With lots of options to choose from to get to your destination. With plenty of flights to take you around the country and good roads linking the cities to the tourist’s destinations and attractions.

*4 ethnic tensions

Having several ethnic groups they keep on causing stability in the country mostly during elections. But the country is always safe for travel in even though you come in election periods you will be safe

*5 visas

Kenya has got several visas but I advise you to apply for a visa online. this can be either an east African visa granting you access to Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya, or else you get a regular entry visa on all border posts. In the case of layovers, you will get transit visas.

*6 affordable airlines

Kenya has got lots of budget airlines operating safely, efficiently, and cheap and this makes having a fly trip easy and cheaper due to the presence of Kenya airways that operates internationally and locally.

*7 train to Mombasa

This is also cheaper of getting to Mombasa compared to flying enjoying the comfortable train with a high speed. the train runs daily in both directions departing at 9 am having your ticket booked in advance with payments made via m-pesa or the station which is a bit tiresome.

*8 m-pesa

m-pesa is a mobile payment service in Kenya simple to use and allows millions of Kenya’s to clear their bills online by the use of the voucher system in loading money on mobile phones to pay online services.

To enjoy such services while in Kenya you will have to poses a local sim card.

*9 sim cards

Owning a local sim card while in Kenya is quite easy as you only have to get your passport and get to any nearby shop and get signed up and after here you are only left with loading credit and then enjoy the services.

*10 matatus

This is the local name given to minivans that provide short-distance transport.

Here you will enjoy the loud African music, reckless driving with lots of adventure and fun. On the other hand, you can use Boda Bodas and tuk-tuks to take you around the smaller towns. Don’t forget that all these options are very cheap.

Kenya has also got buses for longer journeys such as Mombasa to Nairobi.

*11 local food

The famous meal while at Kenya ugali served with beans steamed green leaves called Sukuma wiki and sometimes chicken. Ugali is maize flour and it’s made as a result of smashing maize cones.

This meal is consumed with hands, not cutlery. I advise you to come and try it out

While at the coast are the main staff to eat will be made out of wheat flour and these include samosa and chapatis.

*12 currency

Kenya uses the Kenyan shilling and currently, one us dollar is equivalent to one hundred Kenyan shillings.

While in Kenya money can be exchanged at any bank you come across not forgetting that the ATMs only give out Kenyan shillings.

*13 supermarkets

Kenya has got a few supermarkets that mainly sell staples and dry goods but when in need of fruits and vegetables you will have to get to the markets. not forgetting that Kenya has currently banned plastic bags.

*14 carry your passport

You have to carry your passport with you at all times and in case you have been stopped by the polices that what you have to present.

*15 accommodation and hostels

Kenya has got an increasing number of backpacker trails and hostels ready for the budget clients and here I advise you to go in for;   distant relatives, milimani backpakers and diani backpackers.

*16 language

Kenya has got two official languages and these are English and Swahili where most people mix them.

*17 health

Having malaria as a common disease in Kenya I proudly advise you to come up with suitable precautions and covering up via the night and also the use of anti-malaria medication in your luggage.

More so before coming to Kenya you will have to get a yellow fever certificate.

*18 safari

Kenya is gifted with lots of safari destination parks and these include the following; Masaai Mara, Amboseli, hell’s gate, Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Lake Naivasha, Mount Kenya, Lake Nakuru, and many more and don’t forget to check out ADVENTURE IN THE WILD SAFARIS in case you’re ready to explorer Kenya so as they have got the best deals, professional tour guides and the best offers to make you enjoy your travel unforgettably.

Mombasa town Kenya

Mombasa town is situated in Kenya and its one of the main tourist destinations in Kenya. It stands on Kenya’s east coastline, bordering the Indian Ocean, offers some of the famous sites like the beaches Mombasa also offers various services such as marine life, world-class hotels for your comfort, and an atmosphere of friendliness with hospital people in the country.

Mombasa is the biggest transportation hub on the east Africa and Kenya’s second largest city. this is a-must visit destination in Kenya that you ought not to miss. The international airport has links to numerous East African destinations and direct flights from Dubai to Italy. all roads from the west that almost all tours to the coast of Kenya pass Mombasa by road or air transport.

The old town of Mombasa is a trip into an ancient colonial age. Swahili townhouses are decaying amid a network of peat-facing centers, while market stalls are street-draining. Most of the eighteenth-century houses also blended African, Arab and European design with beautiful terraces and intricately decorated gate. Many look out to Fort Jesus, a 16th century UNESCO World Heritage site and a remnant of Portuguese occupation along the Indian Ocean coast. This sweet old town is a cultural day trip or rest for safari-beach roads. For two to three hours, the old town is driven and a steam is attempted.

East African tourist visa for Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya

East African tourist visa – Exploring east Africa has become something easy due to the introduction of the East African tourist visa which is cost friendly to all travelers.  Currently you can use the East African tourist Visa to access Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

The the East African Tourist Visa was agreed upon by the three different heads of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda and the main purpose is to increase on the tourism opportunities as well as improve on service delivery in the tourism industry. The East African tourist visa allows to get around with in three countries that is Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya and it takes ninety days before expiring and it is not accepted in other countries apart from the above mentioned. In the near future its hoped that Burundi, Tanzania, Congo and South Sudan will agree on the same visa.

How does one apply for the east African tourist visa?

Applying for the East African visa can either be manual or online application. The application forms can be got from the different immigration offices or the international airport of the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda or the Republic on Uganda.

Acquiring the East African tourist visa in Uganda

The East African visa in Uganda can easily be acquired at Entebbe international airport, you can apply online or manually at the Uganda embassy.  If travelers choose Uganda as their starting point then they can ask for it on arrival and the process at Entebbe international airport is easy, takes little time due to the fact that there is no need of filling forms online, no passport photos needed and there are no mailing fees involved. Rather travelers need to present their yellow fever card which will be asked on arrival.  For more information regarding visa application online in Uganda you can visit the consular local website of the Ugandan Embassy.

Acquiring the tourist visa in Kenya

If travelers choose to begin their safari from Kenya then they will get visa application information from the consular local embassy website of Kenya. For Kenya you will have to acquire the visa a day before you enter Kenya however this doesn’t guarantee free entry and access to Kenya, you will need other travel documents which will be asked by the authorities.

Acquiring tourist visa in Rwanda

If travelers choose to start the trip from Rwanda then they can find the application forms on the consular local embassy website of Rwanda. You will fill in the forms online and follow the prompts of filling in the required information. The tourist visa processing should be done a day before you get into Rwanda and this is a mandatory.

Requirement needed while applying for a visa

A recent colored passport sized photo in and white and black background. Your passport photo should exclude head wraps, glasses or caps.

You will have to fill the application letter and submit to the country embassy you going to visit.

 The East African tourist visa application fees costs 100 USD and this is needed after filling the visa application forms of the East African tourist visa and it is important to note that the visa is a single entry.

The visa application will require the individual in need of the visa to another country and once issued to traveler, it will last after six months and it is restricted to only three countries. However any other travel documents can be allowed provided they are eligible.

Who is eligible for the east African tourist visa and which type of visa?

Every traveler qualifies for the East African tourist visa regardless of their origin and these are categorized as follows.

The nationals or East African citizens

The nationals are the east African citizens of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. These stand a great advantage of using their national IDs as their travel document to access other fellow East African countries. However national ID cards as a traveler document lasts for only 6 months thus easing travel for the east African citizens.

The students

Students are also allowed to use their national ID cards as their travel document in any of the east African countries. Students normally travel for research, studies as well as leisure therefore as long they have their national IDs then accessing other east African countries becomes easy.

The Expatriates

These are visitors in the country that have traveled for contract works in a specific country and they have stayed there for a long time to an extend that they have acquired a secondary citizenship. The expatriates have been exempted from applying for a tourist visa thus they can use their inter-state pass as they visa to travel in the three east African countries. However this expires after 6 months which is equivalent to 90 days and for expatriates to be issued the inter-pass they will have to use their valid residents permit.

For travelers who have acquired an East African visa, they are free to move in the three East African countries without any limitations and there is no need of paying for return once they are done with the activities that that took them in the respective countries. However once they travel to countries that are not part of the east African community then they will have to pay.

The East African tourist visa gives access to visit all the tourist attractions and also take part in any tourism activity of your interest in any of three countries at an extra charge. We advise expatriates to use tour operators assist them organize their safari package according to interested activities they would like to enjoy although they have to note the following;

Tourists’ attractions and activities have to be booked or organized by your trusted tour operator to suite your interest therefore these are not found in fixed arrangements. Most of the activities need advance booking before you travel to the destination in which they are found.

Travelers should take note of the yellow fever vaccination card as an important document that will be asked in all the three countries even if you have a tourist visa. This implies that even travelers have a tourist but without the yellow fever vaccination card, they won’t be allowed access to other East African countries.

At border entry of the three countries, the officials need to record your entry and exist out of the country. Thus they will ask for return ticket do as to keep proper records and to avoid illegal stay in their country.

It is important to note that the application for the visa will require two days so as to be processed and to countries like Kenya, this is taken serious.

In short, the online application of a tourist visa gives some hiccups but it has played a big part to improve on the tourism services in the three countries as well as developing a good relationship among the three countries. In the nearby future there is hope that other countries will join so as to easy access on the tourism attractions and activities with in other countries.

Diani Beach – Stunning white and royal blue Indian Ocean town, offering a range of options for luxurious accommodation for the guest visiting Diani Beach in east Africa coast along the Indian ocean coast in Kenya.  It is situated in neighboring Kwale City, 30 km south of Mombasa.

Diani Beach comes directly from a tropical postcard, the beach photos, are mainly printed on several cards, the Diani Beach comprises of large strips of white sand with magnificent coconut palms, and the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. From behind the water, you will have clear views of the tropical forests that are blossoming and carry a romantic feeling of wildness. Historical whales and dolphins are spotted sailing past the Azure while it’s hard to imagine a more welcoming and peaceful ocean to dive in. Kenya’s long-standing beach resort, Diani, has been a common example of its future accommodation. Diani is the most popular beach addition to a Kenyan safari with its easy access from Mombasa and Tsavo National Parks. Wide resorts sit on the cliffs to the north end of the beach, with some based for European tourists on bundled all-inclusive accommodation. At Diani’s further south end, there are thousands of empty land and residential villas. You build the only trace in the sand on these hollow stretches.

The Food of Kenya

Kenya has a diversity of local traditional food which is mixed just as its tribes, landscape and history. Some of the common dishes prepared by different tribes include the following.

Guide on Kenyan food – Find out the top Kenya foods and local dishes

Kenyan food for breakfast

The breakfast of Kenya tends to be small compared to the western breakfast. However most Kenyans always start their day with chai which means tea in the Swahili language. The tea is served with accompaniment of a hunk of bread or a piece of fruit, in a more fluent manner. However in many homes the accompaniment will sometimes be bread, mandazi which is deep fried and it is similar to unsweetened doughnut which tastes and smells nice.

The drinks and snacks

Kenya grows tea and coffee therefore you will encounter favorable beverages all over the country. The Kenyan coffee is so nice; a lot of travelers buy it and go with it home. You will as well find Maziwa lala in the remote rural areas and this is fermented milk. This milk is good for persons who are lactose intolerant and it can easily be digested.

Soft drinks like soda are famous and available in Kenya and all over the world. You will find it easy to describe the modern Kenya than the great genuine Maasai warriors while in their regalia as they enjoy a soft and their mobile phones are always hanging on their belts.

It is important to note that street food if found with in and around the markets of Kenya, famous streets known for these foods include the following;

Mishkaki, this is small skewers meat in a diced shape which have been BBQ’d on an open fire.

Samosas, this was initiated by the Indian culture. They are small triangular deep fried snacks that contain spicy vegetables or meat.

Deep fried potato chips served with laden sauces like chili plus tomato sauce.

Plantain crisps, this is made out of banana and it is sold almost everywhere in Kenya both in the supermarkets and local shops as well as street market where they refer to it as Bombay mix. It is prepared with a mixture of noodles, peanut, chick peas, fried flour, lentils, and spices among others.

Kenya sweets known as M abuyu, this is a baobab seed coated in red sugars syrup thus it is worthy a taste.

Kenya foods Lunch and dinner

The popular main staple food for the Kenya people is the maize meal called Ugali when cooked and it is called Unga when it is raw the Ugali meal is always served inform of white stiff porridge,  it is saw delicious when you deep it in stews of different kind. Rice is also another type of food that you find in Kenya. It is served in many different ways but in most cases it is boiled Rice. On some occasions like weddings, the rice is prepared in amazing fragrant mound of different colors using different species such as Saffron, cayenne, turmeric as well as nuts fried fruits, this the famous known food which is referred to as Pilau and it was introduced by Indian living in Kenya, stews in Kenya are mainly served lunch as well as dinner. These are inform of vegetarian recipes for example beans are prepared with tomatoes and onions to make a thick bean stew sauce, other stews include meat stew, goat stew which is served with Ugali. Vegetables are grown allover Kenya’s gardens; you will encounter vegetable stew sauce and sides such as Kachumbari, which consists of Tomatoes, onions spice salsa chili.

Other stews are served with chapatti and this was an Indian dish introduced by the Indians. The stews are also served with the Indian flat bread which is freshly prepared by flat rolling the dough before it is shallow fried in plenty of oil. The flatbread is served warm and it is so soft with crisp edges.

Another meal that is found in Kenya is the Nyama Choma, which means BBQ meat however this Swahili barbeque which is normally goat meat or beef meat and chicken.

There is a lot of fruits that are grown in Kenya such as mangoes, bananas, passion fruits, grapes, plums, paw paws , pineapple among other. These are available in many restaurants menus if requested they will be served to you in pleasant way.

Kenya is also good at making biscuits that they as use to make delicious macaroons such as the coconut macaroon biscuits among others. On your safari take the privileges to try tasting on some Kenyan local dishes.

Herd Tracker Wildebeest Migration 2020

Wildebeest Migration tracker – The great wildebeest migration is a wonderful magical natural cycle that takes place in Maasai Mara national park. This park is at the fore front in terms of natural phenomenon and it is one of the great African destinations that are highly considered on a safari.

The Confusion Of nature’s Wonders

When you visit Maasai Mara national park, you will encounter peaceful huge population of herds of wildebeests that are busy grazing in the endless plains of Maasai Mara. This was not a month of the wildebeest migration and this surprised me how lack I was. However our guide had to explain to us that this herd has not been migration for a period of about 2 years. You could think that this is the wildebeest migration therefore you can keep marveling on how nature submits according to its natural set up. Initially it was perceived that herds of wildebeests were giving birth in the southern region of Serengeti before they moved to the known western corridor which bordered by the Maasai Mara national park where the wildebeest migration takes place.

How the great wildebeest migration works

In the chain of the migration process, the female wildebeest will give birth when are still in the southern region of Serengeti then they will move to the north where they will enter Maasai Mara national park. it is important to know that it not easy to predict  when the exact migration event will take place.

However according to the conservationist and researchers they came up with the set period when they expect to experience the event thus they termed as slow moving or late or delayed especially when things don’t occur as expected. It is the rain season that controls where the herds of wildebeest will move and at what particular time the animals will move forth and back. However another major key factor which influences the movement of the wildebeest is the fresh pastures as well as the water so as then can quench off their thirsty.

On this natural phenomenon of the great wildebeest migration event, a lot of studies have done every year and there is still lot to learn about it.

For travelers who would like to know when they should schedule their trip so as they can experience the wildebeest migration event, it is important to know that the general trends of great migration normally occurs in the southern region of the Serengeti national park in the month of late November, march and April and this were the females give birth and later they move to the western corridor of Serengeti national park before they cross the Mara river from the month of late June. They will stay in Maasai Mara national park for time before they go back to Serengeti national park in the November.

The season of the wildebeest migration can be predicted depending on the months. However the great wildebeest migration event is not the only attraction that you will encounter in Maasai Mara national park. The park is famous for its outstanding majestic wildlife that will be spotted in big herds although this is a great wonder of the world that has every one dreams to experience while on Africa Safari.

Kenya Safari Price 2020/2021

Costing a Kenya safari – How much does kenya safari cost ?

Things to consider

Kenya Safari Cost – “Safari” is a Swahili word that means “a journey”. It originated from Tanzania and Kenya and it has become the best word to describe the visits by tourists in Africa especially in the east and south of the continent. Kenya is one of the safari countries with many national parks where tourists conduct their safaris. It is very possible to visit multiple parks and wildlife reserves in one safari, organized in a manner that is convenient to the tourist. Some of the major destinations of Kenya are Masai Mara national reserve, Amboseli national park, Tsavo national park and many others.

Depending on how many destinations one wants to visits, the activities one wants to do at the destinations, the number of days to spend in the country and many other things, different safaris will have varying costs.

Comparing prices of safaris and booking

The reason why the costs of safaris seem not to be so cheap is because they always cover the main items including the activities to be done, transportation, park entry fees, accommodation food and others. There are items whose costs can be shared among the group and those that cannot be shared. That’s why it becomes cheaper to travel in a group than travelling alone.

As you plan to go for a Kenya safari, do thorough research about the activities and attractions at the destination and other things involved in the safari so that you are aware of what is considered in costing. This will help you to plan and not to be caught by surprise where you need to get other things on your own cost. When costing a safari, we consider the following;

Duration of the safari

Also determined by other factors, the Kenya Safari Cost highly depends on the days one wishes to stay in the country. Normally, the more the days of the safari, the higher the cost and vice versa. Remember that each day come with consumption of different facilities like food, lodge which you cannot do without if you remain in the country for more days.

You therefore need to make a good decision on how many days you will spend on the safari so that you can plan for it well. There is a range of itineraries to choose from with different number of days and some of them can be tailored to your needs.

Some people wish to do more activities which may require them to stay longer yet they don’t want to spend a lot. The best time for traveling is during the low season when visitors are very few at the destinations, so some facilities and activities are discounted.

The number of people travelling

The number of people travelling is another factor that highly determines the cost of the Kenya safari. This is looked at in the view of transport whereby, for example if you are travelling in a group of 5, the transport costs will be shared among the 5 and if you are less, the same charge of transport will be shared among yourselves. If it is solo travel, then you’ll pay all the transport cost.

National parks (Destinations)

The Kenya Safari Cost also depends on the places you want to visit. Some destinations have different prices of entry and activities. We also look at how nay places you want to visit. The more destinations you visit, higher the cost of the safari. Just like most tourists do, you may prefer to combine about 3 or more destinations. One of the most famous, interesting but also more expensive national parks is Masai Mara national park where entry fee is US$60. There are parks that charge less than that.

In most cases, famous parks that receive many people have lodges with relatively higher charges than those at destinations that are often overcrowded.

Activities at destinations

Activities to be included on your package of the safari in Kenya will be indicated. These are the ones that will be covered in the cost of the safari. For example; game drives. There is however much more tourist activities at the destinations which you may choose to do after the main activities. Some of them include; nature walks, night game drive, birding, Hot air balloon.

Lodging facilities

Depending on the kind of accommodation you want to use, your safari cost can be higher of less. While selecting where to stay, put in consideration if the location of the lodge is convenient for the activities you want to do. Lodges are located in different sectors of national parks where different activities are famous.

Also, during the peak season, you’ll not get lodges at discounted prices because people are many. You are therefore advised to book early so that a room is secured for you in the best lodge of your choice. Some lodges reduce their rates during the low season and that is the best time for budget travelers.

There are lodges/accommodation centers of different categories; super luxury lodges, luxury lodges, mid-range tented camps and budget camps. They have different rates and according to your affordability or preference, the range to choose from is big. Although the quality of services is not the same, the best of the wildlife experience will be encountered in the famous national parks of Kenya.

When to travel to Kenya

People may choose to travel at different periods either in the low season or in the high season. There are different reasons for these selections of the time for travelling. It could be because of the experience they wish to have on the safari or for reasons of cost of the safari. During the high season, most activities such as game drives and mountain climbing are more rewarding and easier to do while during the low/wet season, most exciting activities to do are bird watching. The same activities of the high season in Kenya will still be done during the low season as long as the areas are accessible. So you could still enjoy all the activities.

All tourist businesses are high in the high/peak season and therefore most facilities are relatively higher than when the season is low since some costs are discounted in the low season. For example lodging facilities. Therefore before choosing when to travel for purposes of the cost of the safari, endeavor to check out on the activities to do during that season.

Kenya is one of the safari countries with the most amazing national parks where tourists encounter great experiences of wildlife viewing, breathtaking scenery views, hospitable people and interesting diverse cultures. Book for your safari with Adventure in the wild safaris, our guides are very great, knowledgeable and well versed about the attractions in Kenya.

Malindi is the most popular coastal resort in Kenya for many years and promises ceaseless thousands of white sands. The architecture has continually concentrated on comfort, and each of the resorts and lodges is spacious. This is where the leaders come to a beach holiday with the blurring tropical waves in the majestic waters of the Indian Ocean. Classic excursions allow you to explore the coast while a variety of fine restaurants are concealed in the palm trees. But as Malindi is there, dinner is more likely to be fresh lobster on the porch than to have to cook. After the Kenyan safari, the coastal destination is often used as the final stop, it is worth checking the travel advice of your country, since in recent years the north road from Malindi has occasionally been listed as dangerous.

Masaai mara game reserve

Maasai mara is located southwest along the Tanzania border in the rift valley province of Kenya near Narok town established in 1961. It’s covering an area of 1,510km2 is governed by the trans-mara county and the Narok county.

It’s a savannah wilderness with a variety of wildlife, rolling hills, and grassy plains separated by the talek river and the mara river surrounded by villages of the Maasai people.

Maasai mara is the largest game reserve in Kenya and it delivers its name from the Maasai people who migrated from the Nile basin towards Kenya. The area is very famous due to the great wildebeest and its extraordinary numbers of lions, cheetahs, bush elephants, and leopards.

By 1961 when it was established as a wildlife sanctuary, it covered only 520km2 of the current area. the park is gifted with all members of the big five which are the black and white rhinos, the Cape buffalo, elephant, leopards, and lions.

Why you should miss out on visiting the Masai mara

The game reserve is famous for the wildebeest migrations that take place between July and October but besides that, the place has got the largest concentration of wildlife worldwide with over 40% of the big mammal found in Africa. The park has also got over 400 bird species. The Maasai people also have covered a few ranches of the park having few villages in the Masai mara game reserve. These are notices who migrated from the semi-arid Nile valley north of Lake Turkana. Having driven its name mara from the landscapes of the reserve and this means spotted and it’s as a result of the spotted short bushy trees and shrubs along the rolling plains of grasslands.

Birding in the Masai mara

The game reserve has got about 47 prey bird species and 500 bird species including the largest bird on planet earth which is the ostrich. The bird list includes the abdim’s stork, the African wood owl, ayres’ hawk-eagle, African finfoot, Cinnamon-breasted bunting, Denham’s bustard, Giant kingfisher, Grey-crested helmet-shrike (NE), Grey penduline tit, Hildebrandt’s Starling, Jackson’s widowbird, Lazy cisticola, Ostrich, Purple grenadier, Red-throated tit, Ross’s turaco, Rosy-throated longclaw, Rufous-bellied heron, Rufous-throated wryneck, Saddle-billed stork, Schalow’s turaco, Secretary bird, Silverbird, Southern ground hornbill, Swahili sparrow, Tabora cisticola, Temminck’s courser, Trilling cisticola, Usambiro barbet (NE), White-bellied go-away bird, Woolly-necked stork, Yellow-mantled widowbird, yellow-throated sandgrouse.




Wilde life in the masai mara

Masai Mara is home to the big five and these are easily seen while on your game drives. The big include the lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and the buffalo though sometimes they add on the cheetah, giraffe, zebras, and the hippos to call it the big nine.

The list of the present mammal at Masai mara include the following ;




Banded mongoose

African hare


Bat-eared fox


Coke’s hartebeest

Common eland

Red-tailed monkey

Dwarf mongoose

Crested porcupine

Grants gazelle



Kik’s dik-dik


Olive baboons



Side striped jackal

Slender mongoose

Spotted hyena

Straw-colored fruit bat


Vervet monkeys



Thomson’s gazelle


How to get to masai mara


Masai mara can be accessed by both air and by road

By air, you start with a flight to Jomo Kenyatta international airport and then from here you are to use the domestic air travel from Nairobi Wilson airport to the mara and this takes you 45 – 60 minutes.

By road, Masai mara can be reached via going through the bumpy roads