Lake Malawi: lake malawi national park, Lake Malawi Facts

Lake Malawi – Situated at the south of the large area of Lake Malawi, the national park has many hundreds of fish species, all native, with its warm, clear waters, and forest background.

This large lake is an undiscovered emblem of the nature and design of Malawi that overlooks the countryside. This large lake is an undiscovered emblem of the nature and design of Malawi that overlooks the countryside. Sporadic beaches, forests and rustic villages border the calm stretch of the blue. There is nothing moving here quickly, not local fishing boats nor the softly lapping wave wind. It needs you to slow down the pace, respect peace, and relax in the gentle rhythm of the country. Poignant storm clouds go down in the daylight through the bay as you gaze at the open ocean, not only the shore in a bright morning. It is one of the ten biggest seas in the world and is more than 500 km north-south.

There is no destination on lake Malawi and this has led to an even growth of tourism along the coastline. Malawi wouldn’t just have been surrounded by Malawi if anywhere. Nkhata Bay Town and the Cape McClear Town are the tourist destinations most established. Nkhata Bay is loosely blended with the simple plunge into a rural, Malawic culture; traditional “woman,” market stalls that offer fried plantain and colourful signs of life. This runs along the cliffs along the western edge of the lake. Nkhata Bay. The Tiny Cape McClear has a sandy beach and many islands to be paddled by kayak, even if it’s isolated on the south tip of the bay.

Malawi is most frequently visited destination through transcontinental trip connecting Eastern and Southern Africa. Considering the long distances between the two nations, the trip is a picturesque escape for a few days on that bay. Rest, heal and reinvigorate the connection between the two parts of Africa.  A number of isolated lodges and camps far from any town are expanding visitors gradually along the shore of the lake. All of which are places to live rustically to avoid the rest of the world. We aren’t locked assets only. We sit on the sand instead and give quiet days on the sea. Just walk on to the ground for small trips around the local villages.