Etosha National Park is exclusive to Africa. The primary characteristic of the park is a large salt pool, which is visible to the naked eye. However, there is plenty of wildlife all over the ponds, offering you quite certain occurrences. The Etosha National Park, though, is also one of Namibia and Southern Africa’s widely open wildlife reserves.

Etosha National Park Safari destination

Namibia is a region with various ecosystems and flora. It is very unique. It is also one of the few nations in which livestock can travel freely, mostly without restriction. The country’s desert, semi-desert and savannah combination are perfect. On your way into Etosha National Park further north, you can find a place offering tourists a complete contrast from the wide-open grasslands, a massive pan with 4731km2 and large camel dwarfs combined with mopanian plants. The diversity of biodiversity that thrives in this park is attributed to this particular habitat.

There is very surprising game you can discover in Etosha National Park, many of the most common and rarest animals can be found. the most common among animals found in this area are the Elephants, black rhinos and leopards are at the core of denser forest, their survival has been facilitated the nutritious growing vegetation in the national park. In the light golden color of the grasslands the lions are camouflaged, while giraffes stand far above almost the bare foliage. The rainy season in Etosha is the best time of the year for love Birders to visit the park for bird watching experience. The salt pot is filled with water after a good rain and flamingos are drawn by a storm. the park hosts approximately 340 recorded bird species such as the European bee-eater is perhaps the most common sighting among migratory species. The game reserve is also home to the largest bird in the country including the ostrich and also Kori bustard one of the heaviest birds in the world.

The Fish River Canyon (Canyon of the Fisheries River), Africa’s equivalent to the Grand Canyon, is a prime place for nature in Namibia. The biggest canyon on the continent and Namibia’s highest Geological Marvel, with a diameter of 27 kilometers, 550 meters deep and 160 kilometers in total. The Canyon exists in various natural areas: in the / Richtersveld Trans frontier Park the Southern part and private reserves in the North side. The South side of the Canyon. The / Richtersveld Trans frontier Park has the largest overlook for the gorge, and you get the best views from the Hell’s Corner riverside.

Only the Grand Canyon is greater than Utah, and is viewed worldwide by about 5 million. This incredible natural slice has just over 1% of this amount, rendering Fish River Canyon one of the most visited wonders in the country. A tough five days hiking path runs along the bottom of the canyon and there are different viewpoints along the cliffs of the canyon. Unfortunately, the Fish River Canyon in South Africa is far from anything else.

Damaraland, Namibia – Damaraland | African Safaris

Damaraland can make everyone feel unimportant easily. with several attractions ranging from cliffs over red-lining rivers run by isolated elephant bulls; abstract blocks ascend into the desert sky; the unusual antelope runs backwards and swiftly disappears into the strange colours of the landscape. This is a wild and lovely place, a place always too hostile to support animal or human life permanently. Coming here a few days, you experience the enormity and the illusion of Mother Nature. In September and October, for extra therapies, come towards the end of the dry season with strong chance of finding desert elephants and black rhino. These solitary animals often provide the local experiences in aspect with a delicious concentration.

Okonjima Nature reserveOkonjima Nature reserve, is one of the first picturesque destination for the Namibia safari, the reserve is situated halfway between Windhoek and Etosha National Park. While the park is tiny and full, tsciallando vespa lx 50cc vespa lx 50cc telescopio per guardare le stelle prezzo amazon vendita orologi a pendolo amazon la milanesa borse nuova collezione 2023 sapatos camel homem adidas originals 3mc black giga sport nike branco feminino air max scooter hut melbourne tamaris myggia sapatos camel homem baltimore ravens trikot jackson birkenstock linz sl footshopping he park offers amazing meetings with lesser-seen cats from Africa. Roaming leopards are often seen as well as watch the cheetahs, spotted hyenas and wild dogs at the lodge on foot. Okonjima has a non-profit organization, the Africat Foundation, which aims to protect the wild carnivores in Africa. Most saved and unable to kill the rehabilitated carnivores. The reserve, makes the large cat walking safaris, but you can also encounter free roaming animals, who are not included in the rehabilitation programmed. The nocturnal game drives, is one of the best and perfect time to explore the depth of the Nature reserve.

Sossusvlei and Deadvlei – Majestic sand dunes which symbolize Namibia’s magical beauty.

Stand out destination in Africa

The desert is mostly wild and scarce, only over a hundred kilometers away from the sand dunes, which shift tones as the sun moves around the horizon. But this shimmering field of dunes and slugs is made available by rough desert roads by Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in this hypnotic scenery. This region is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Namibia owing to its relatively easy transportation. It’s a dried salt and clay pan, that floods when it rains and creates a haven of life and the colors of the desert. Sossusvlei itself When the water evaporates rapidly and the bed is evoked once more, seeing this occurrence depends on chance.

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast National Park  – This deceitful peninsula, a foggy region of rocky and sandy coastal shallows, dusty shipwrecks and dunes, is long a graveyard for oblivious ships and their sailors, and therefore its prohibitive tag the early Portuguese mariners named it when a ship coming up on shore, the crew’s life was hit by seals. It ranges from Sandwich Harbor, South of Swakopmund, to the Kunene River, which is one of the world’s most uninhibited waterless regions in the Oldest Desert and encompasses about 20,000 of dunes and gravel plains.

Ongava Game Reserve – This game reserve is best explored on foot, here you will have an opportunity to track the rhinos, both white and black rhinos.

A couple of beautiful horns point up to you as you step across the Savannah of Ongava. moving nearer to the rhinos gradually, you will be able to vie them at a close range. The magnificent animals seem to characterize power and elegance from a safari car. If you are also at ground level, you seem even smaller compared to the huge animals you see Infront of you when you are standing below them, the attraction of this exclusive reserve near Etosha is tracking black and white rhinos on foot. as you walk through the forest, you will also have an opportunity to sight other animal species found in the park, such as unusual antelopes, lions elephants’ giraffe and many more which can also be encountered by a walking safari contribute to their magic. Photography hides are another intimate experience, while the lodge provides glamorous views of Etosha. The game reserve, is purposely to luxurious clients as expressed in the pricing of the lodges and game viewing safaris, elevate the parks standards for the travelers who can afford luxury services.

Namib Naukluft National Park – The largest national park in Africa with its spectacular red dune desert area that can only be seen from the sky.

Namib Naukluft National Park Stand out destination in Africa

Namib Naukluft is a forum for graphical documents and superlatives. This is the largest national park in Africa, the longest desert in the country and the location of the world’s tallest sand dunes measuring over 300 m and there are nearly twenty thousand square miles from just the fiery red mountains. There is a curious paradox: you can live here for weeks and you can only see the sand and the mountains. Such spines of dunes curl and move around Namibia, while the eyes go beyond the shore, rising and falling every after time Although the plants are extinct for over 500 years, dried-up salt beds often retain black trees. The sand often flattens and tumbles onto sheets of rustic dunes. When the dunes flood along the shore, lagoons and wetlands are formed, which are seasons for a large number of seabirds. The sand darkens from red to yellow in other areas and the seemingly limitless boulders compete with the moon.

Compared to many other deserts, Namib Naukluft is a bit challenging to access the area, although you will have to travel the humpy sand roads on the edge of the park for a couple of days. Roads don’t line the sand and most people’s feet have never seen. The open exception is Seclusively one of Namibia’s most frequented destinations, an arc of prominent dunes and a floodplain. See this massive forest, on an aerial safari, is better from the top. Three-hour aerial trips pass across the park while several days are part of the woods this is one of the most beautiful and attractive desert areas although there is no easy access since the roads are no easy to drive through.