Katara Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Katara lodge offers luxury accommodation facilities for travelers to Queen Elizabeth national park. It is located just outside the park, at a higher elevation that offers views of the vast landscape. It has 5 thatched cottages made with local materials to bring out the African design and beauty. This also makes it eco-friendly hence a good place to stay at. The floors are well furnished with wood and verandahs are spacious with wooden balcons. It is a good hide out of a trip to Queen Elizabeth national park with a silent surrounding and perfect serenity.

The cottages of Katara lodge are self contained each with an en suite bathroom having rolling top bath plus showers. These cottages are lightened up by solar energy. Each of them has an option of the sky bed which you can choose to drive to the platform outside the cottage and rest there.

There is a swimming where you can cool yourself after the adventurous day activities and during the hotter hours of the day. As you relax around the swimming pool area, you’ll enjoy the views of the wildlife in the park.

The lodge has a bar with a range of drinks displayed and you can take tyour favourite drinks as you relax at any of its comfortable areas. The dining area is as well a very serene place where you’ll enjoy your meals as you watch the beauty of nature surrounding the lodge. Katara lodge has great chefs that prepare tasty local and international meals.

The location of Katara lodge is very convenient to go for the major tour activities of Queen Elizabeth national park including game drives, chimp tracking, boat cruise, forest walks among others.

With all these facilities, amenities, serenity and location, Katara lodge is an excellent place in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Kyambura Game Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Visitors enjoy their stay at Kyambura Game lodge as they view the vast vegetated surrounding of Queen Elizabeth national park. The lodge is fully immersed in the park and all this gives visitors a perfect relaxation that undisturbed by noise from vehicles, all you hear are songs of birds.

Kyambura game lodge was constructed using local material which is eco-friendly and beautiful. It is made up of 7 grass thatched cottages which were built at a higher elevation so to enable visitors capture perfect views of the wild animals that roam around the place. Visitors also get clear views of the Rwenzori Mountains and the beautiful hills of Queen Elizabeth national park.

After the adventurous activities in the morning, visitors can go and spent the rest of the afternoon at the swimming pool as they enjoy the vast beauty of the surrounding areas. It also has a bar where different drinks are served and as visitors enjoy the warmth of the surrounding.

The staff at Kyambura game lodge are very welcoming and friendly, and visitors who stay here feel at home and comfortable till up to the time of departure.

Their restaurant has a fireplace which makes the area comfortable while enjoying either your local foods or international meals. Chefs make tasty juice made out of Ugandan fresh fruits. You can request for drinks of your choice at the bar, weather alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Kyambura Game lodge organizes and provides camp fires in the evening close to the swimming pool so that visitors enjoy get warmed up during the cold evenings.

Visitors are entertained by a group of local dancers from the neighboring communities who display their talents in traditional dances and songs. You’ll enjoy these dances at the camp fire in the evening to relax the mind after a long day of adventure, before the overnight. From the serene environment to the silence at the lodge, this lodge offers the best stay for visitors in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Kingfisher Lodge Kichwamba, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kingfisher lodge is located in Kichwamba in the neighborhood of queen elizaqbeth national park. It is situated at a higher level where you are able to view the spectacular savannah cover of the park, Kazinga channel and the majestic ranges of Mount Rwenzori. Guests who stay here enjoy a tranquil environment and fresh air from the compounds filled with green vegetation.

Kingfisher lodge is a typical eco-friendly lodge with thatched buildings which also have a western touch. The resting areas in the compound are open thatched roofs overlooking the famous kazinga channel which joins two lakes Edward and George. You can enjoy your meals from the outside in these well designed shelters while being refreshed by the cool breeze from the channel.

Kingfisher lodge has a menu with wide range meals including local and international dishes. The food here is really delicious and the staffs are fast, friendly and professional. The bar is always well stocked with a lot of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, served by wine cellars that are perfect at mixing and serving these wines.

There are two swimming pools; one for adults and another for children. These are the perfect places for you to enjoy the hot afternoons with your cold drinks as you enjoy the beautiful views of park. there are lots of birds to watch while at the lodge.

The location of Kingfisher lodge allows you to be early enough for the interesting park activities including the game drives in Kasenyi plains, the boat cruise at Mweya, chimp tracking at Kyambura lodge or Kalinzu forest and the crater drive in Katwe.

Kingfisher lodge provides you with a mixture of African and western touch style of accommodation. This is the place to enjoy classic facilities and amenities and nature around the lodge.

Simba Safari Camp, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Simba safari camp is a budget safari accommodation located at the border of Queen Elizabeth national park. It provides different categories of comfortable pocket friendly rooms; self contained and non-self contained guest rooms, dormitories and camp sites.

The lodge is situated on top of a hill in just adjacent to queen Elizabeth. It offers spectacular views of Lake George, Lake Kikorongo and vast savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth national park.

Simba safari camp has a restaurant with perfect chefs that prepare visitors’ meals, weather you need local or continental, the meal is delicious and you can accompany it with any kind of drink on the menu. There’s a bar where you can grab yourself a drink of your choice, be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Simba safari camp is the best place to start your game drive to Kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth national park where wildlife viewing activities are conducted. It is also close to other major areas of the park where visitors connect to and return to the lodge. For example Mweya peninsula for the boat cruise on Kazinga channel, the Craters for the crater drive which you can start from the Queen’s Pavillion which is close to the lodge and Kikorongo for bird watching. From Simba safari camp, it takes less than an hour on road to arrive at Kyambura gorge where chimps are tracked in Queen Elizabeth national park. Visitors can therefore stay at this pocket friendly budget lodge just outside the park and carry on all their tour activities as planned.

Pumba Safari Cottages, Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Pumba Safari cottages are formerly known as Kyambura Safari cottages. They are located at the border of queen Elizabeth national park in Kyambura at a point where you can perfectly view yambura ghorge. On arrival, you’ll be warmly recieveds by the welcoming staff at the lodge and be led to your room.

The lodge provides good facilities and amenities on budget basis. The cottages are comfortable with WiFi to enable you keep communicating to your friends and family and keep updated about what is taking place in the rest of the world while you are in the wilderness. As you relax at the lodge, you’ll also be thrilled with the spectacular views of the savannah plains off Queen Elizabeth national park.

There are two areas where you can choose to dine from; the restaurant or the café/ the coffee. It has professional chefs who serve tasty continental dishes. You can also choose to have local foods which are as well as tasty as the international dishes. You can make a selection from the wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the bar and cool your body and relax the mind as you enjoy the fresh intoxicated air from the surrounding.

Pumba safari cottages are located a strategic place where visitors can carry on various activities in the park such as chimp tracking in the nearby Kyambura gorge or in Kalinzu forest, game drives in Kasenyi plains or Ishasha, Boat cruise on Kazinga channel at Mweya and crater drive around the crater area and Katwe.

The lodge has beautiful African designs made out of wood and its power is a source of solar energy. The warm water in the bathrooms that the guests enjoy is warmed up by solar energy. It does this to reduce effect on the surrounding natural environment.

Pumba safari cottages is a place like no other with an affordable accommodation facilities alongside a lovely and calm surrounding.

Elephant Plains Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Elephant Plains lodge is a new luxury lodge located at the border of Queen Elizabeth national park in Kikorongo near the point where the equator crosses the park. It is situated on a hill in the northeastern part of the park overlooking the vast savannah plains, Lake George and Lake Kikorongo.

This lodge was constructed using local materials that which are not harmful to the environment and it also blends perfectly with nature around it; walls were built using granite stones from one of the rivers around the area called river Mubuku, roofs are thatched with grass that was also collected from one of the nearby areas and the buildings are powered with solar energy.

The lodge has a swimming pool situated at a perfect site for viewing the lower side of the area where you’ll view groups of animals such as elephants, buffaloes, antelopes around water bodies in the park during hotter hours of the day. At the swimming pool, you’ll surely enjoy the cool dive and relaxation since this place is quite hot because of the equator.

Elephant Plains lodge has spacious single, double, twin and family cottages with large verandahs where you can relax as you enjoy the fresh air from the trees around the lodge. The lodge also has several corners where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. The chairs are comfortable and the guests stay connected to the world by using WiFi at the lounge.

The restaurant has very friendly staff and professional chefs who are perfect at preparing all kinds of local and international dishes on their menu. You’ll enjoy ypur delicious food at the spacious restaurant. The bar is beautifully stocked with lots of drinks, both alocohilic and non-alcoholic which are sipped from comfortable barista seats.

Getting there

Elephant plains lodge is located in the northeastern part of Queen Elizabeth national park, a short drive off Kasese-Mbarara highway. It can be reached from Kampala-Mbarara-Kasese highway after 6-7 hours or from Kampala-Mityana-Kasese after about 7-8hours.

Elephant plains safari lodge gives a classic stay in the wilderness.

Marafiki safari lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Marafiki safari lodge is a perfectly situated midrange and budget accommodation facility close to Queen Elizabeth national park. The lodge is located on a hill where spectacular views of the park, Lake George and the Rwenzori are offered. The buildings were constructed with local materials that blend with the environment. The compound is covered with green vegetation.

The main building of the lodge has a restaurant, bar and a lounge. Their menus comprise of local dishes and international dishes and these can be accompanied by a beverage of your choice from what is available. The bar is well stocked with different kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Guests enjoy their meals, drinks and relaxation at the main building with beautiful views of the park and the ranges of Mt. Rwenzori.

The lodge has comfortable self contained tents and non-self contained cabins in which you will identify your room by the name of the animal it possesses. They host both small number of travelers, families and bigger groups. The private tents are raised above the ground and have wide verandahs where you can relax as you watch the sundowner over the showers of Lake George.

From Marafiki safari lodge, guests wake up to the soothing sounds of birds and head out for their planeed tourist activities in Queen Elizabeth national park with ease. You’ll head out for game drives in Kasenyi plains, for the boat cruise in Mweya, for chimp tracking in Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu forest and to Maramagambo forest for the Bat cave visit and forest walk. When heading to distant areas, the restaurant is always willing to prepare and pack your food for lunch. Marafiki safari lodge is a more beautiful place in the beautiful queen Elizabeth national park.

Elephant Hab Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park | Rates, Availability

Elephant Hab lodge is a safari lodge that provides midrange accommodation featured by the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. It is located in queen Elizabeth national park close to Kyambura gorge which is famous in the park for its attractions, the chimps.

The lodge has a spacious lounge with WiFi. The rooms at the lodge are also big enough with modern facilities like a flush toilet, bath tubs and comfortable beds. From Elephant Hub lodge, you get stunning views of the Rwenzori ranges and most parts of the park.

It has cottages that were constructed with local materials and blend well with the environment. They have thatched roofs which also moderate the room temperatures and guests relax comfortably. The green gardens around the cottages make this plce a beautiful place for a safari stay.

The lodge has a spacious restaurant where guests enjoy their delicious meals. They also stock a range of drinks; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

From the lodge to the trading centre of Kyambura, it is about 400m. the lodge is also located at the best palsce where you can depart for each opf the major activities of the park and you will not worry about time managent; it is a short drive to the Visitor Centre at Kyambura gorge whwere chimp tracking starts. You can drive to Kasenyi or Ishasha for a game drive and to Mweya peninsula for a boat cruise and return to the lodge for a pleasant rest.

The lodge has a large camping area, so visitors who wish to spend their nights under the bright stars are catered for. They also organize camp fires for guests to have a good moment of sharing the interesting experiences of the safari.

Elephant Hub lodge has it all that will make your stay fantastic.

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ihamba Lakeside safari lodge is an eco-friendly safari accommodation located in Queen Elizabeth national park close to Lake George. It was built using stones with large glass windows and thatched roofs. Therefore, as you relax in the cottages, you are able to clearly view the surrounding including Lake George and the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth national park as well as the Rwenzori Mountains.

Ihamba safari lodge has spacious comfortable rooms with ever clean bathrooms, flush toilets and with internet to enable guests stay connected to the rest of the world even when they are far in the wilderness. Kids enjoy their stay at the lodge when using rolling beds.

The lodge has an outdoor swimming pool for visitors to cool their bodies and relax after the long hours of adventure and drives. It is a good relaxation place as you watch the savannah cover of the park.

Visitors enjoy every meal prepared by the professional chefs at Ihamba safari lodge. You can choose to have local dishes or international. Their bar is well stocked with lots of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and these will be served by their friendly waiters, wine cellars and bar attendants. Visitors enjoy these at the spacious dining.

There are conference halls with WiFi. The halls are comfortable and always well organized with seats and tables for the users.

Ihamba safari lodge is located at an area where visitors connect to major destinations in the park with ease. For example Kasenyi plains where and Ishasha where game drives are conducted, Mweya peninsula where the thrilling boat cruise experience happens daily and Kyambura gorge where chimpanzees are tracked. Kikorongo for birding and scenic views and the Craters for the crater drive experience are also close to Ihamba safari lodge and can be visited in the morning or evening hours.

Park View Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Park view safari lodge is a mid-range accommodation facility located in the southwestern part of Uganda in Queen Elizabeth national park. it is found about 16km from Kyambura in Busonga Village. The location of the lodge offers great views of the vast area of the park, just like its name “Park View”.

The premises of Park View safari lodge blend with nature, they were built using local materials which make the lodge eco-friendly. The cottages are designed in an African architecture using wood and thatched roofs. They are raised above the ground so that guests capture perfect views of the surrounding. As you relax at the lodge, you’ll enjoy the views of the western rift valley, Lake Edward and George, Kazinga channel and the Rwenzori ranges.

The rooms of the cottages at Park View safari lodge are spacious and have WiFi. The temperatures are kept moderate for a good relaxation by air conditioners. They are self contained with bath tubs and showers, running water has both cold and warm water options. There is a swimming pool surrounded by beautiful gardens and a comfortable resting area.

The lodge’s restaurant serves delicious local and international dishes and tasty beverages and staff are very friendly and fast enough to attend to your needs. The bar has a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and you can pass by the bar to refresh yourself after a nature walk, chimp tracking or game drive before proceeding to your room or after a bath.

Park View safari lodge is located near areas in the park where exciting activities tae place, that is Kyambura gorge where you find chimps that live in an underground forest in the gorge, Kasenyi plains and Ishasha sector where game drives are conducted and Mweya peninsula for the impressive boat cruise on Kazinga channel.

Guests who stay at Park View safari lodge enjoy not only the facilities and amenities of the lodge but also perfectly enjoy the views of the surrounding and the tour activities of Queen Elizabeth national park.