Belgian Peacekeepers Memorial

Belgian Peacekeepers Memorial / Camp Kigali Belgian Memorial is a site in Kigali where ten Belgian UN soldiers were killed as they were guarding the then Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana at the beginning of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. It is a former Rwandan military base located in Nyarugenge in Kigali.

The 1994 Rwanda Genocide was triggered by the assassination of the Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana on the 6th April 1994. It is said that this violent attack had earlier been planned by the Hutu to kill the Tutsi in Rwanda but the Prime Minister Agathe was against it. The killing of the president initiated it faster. An estimated number of 5,000-1,000,000 people are said to have lost their lives in this genocide.

Camp Kigali Belgian MemorialAfter killing the Rwandan president, General Dallaire commanded 10 Belgian Blue Beret soldiers to guard the Prime Minister Agathe at her home. On the 7th of April 1994, the Hutu presidential armed guards invaded her home, captured the UN soldiers, disarmed them and took them to the military base in Kigali where they were brutally killed. Four of them were killed immediately on arrival at the base while the rest first barricaded themselves in a room where they tried to fight the presidential guards before they were finally killed.

After killing the soldiers, their bodies were injured and dumped at a mortuary of a close hospital. The killing of the UN soldiers forced the United Nations to withdraw the Belgium troops from Rwanda and U.N directed peacemakers to defend themselves. After taking the U.N forces, there was a quick spread of killings from Kigali to all other parts of Rwanda. Within a period of three months, about 800,000 people had been massacred. A lot of people from Rwanda moved to the Democratic Republic of Congo where they took refuge.

Camp Kigali Belgian memorial was established by the Belgian government. It was opened on 7th April 2000 in commemoration of the Belgian soldiers. There are ten stone pillars that were put in place, each to represent each of these soldiers who served the command of the United Nations Mission Assiatance for Rwanda. Each of the pillars has horizontal cuts which indicate how long each soldier lived. The building where the soldiers that tried to fight before they were killed has been maintained with gunshot holes which were created when the Forces Amees Rwandaises (FAR) extravagantly shot around the building so that whoever was in there died.

Also known as Madame Agathe, Agathe Uwilingiyimana was the Rwanda’s first and so far the only female prime minister. After arresting the Belgian soldiers that were guiding her, she was also killed.

The Belgian jury convicted Bernard Ntuyahanga on 5th July 2007 to a jail of 25 years because he was the army major during the time of the genocide and he was involved in the arrest and killing of the Belgian soldiers. Camp Belgian Kigali memorial is one of the areas where you can go for dark tourism. It also has some information about the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

There are other areas in Kigali and outside Kigali which you can visit for dark tourism. They include Kigali genocide memorial, Murambi genocide memorial site, Ntarama memorial site, Gisenyi memorial site, Bisesero memorial site and Nyanza memorial sites among others.

Today, Rwanda is at peace and the people have been promised never again to face such a traumatic attack. It is one of the highly developing countries in Africa, one of the most organized and with friendly people. Besides dark tourism, you can spend your time in Rwanda on a gorilla trek, chimp trek, wildlife viewing, relaxing at Kivu beach or learning more and being entertained by the culture of Rwandan people.

Belgian Peacekeepers Memorial, Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda gorilla trekking cost

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Cost – There are many peope who wish to travel to Rwanda to trek the endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes national park. Rwanda is known as a provider of luxury gorilla tours. There are various pacakegs for a gorilla toru to Rwanda and each of these tours will have varying prices. There is no standard price for the tours and the prices depend on a number of factors including the type of accommodation the traveler wants to use, the starting point of your trips, other activities you wish to participate in and the Tours and Travel Company that you want to travel with.

Price of a gorilla permit in Rwanda

The cost of a gorilla permit for one person is USD 1,500 in Rwanda. the previous price was USD 750 until 2017 when Rwanda Development Board doubled it to USD 1,500 and Rwanda became a luxury gorilla trekking destination. Of the three destinations where you can trek mountain gorillas, Rwanda charges the highest price for its gorilla permits. a gorilla permit costs USD 700 in uuganda and USD 400 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How to book for a Rwanda gorilla trekking tour

Adventure in the wild safaris is the prime travel company for goprilla safaris and strives for the best of your African safari. We organize for gorilla safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunag national park. In case you want to travel to any of the destinations, contact us and have your dream brought to reality.

You are advised to book early, about 4 or more months before your travel date to the destination for the safari. Early booking is important because gorilla permits are always on high demand. If you get plans for travel and need to trek for gorillas in a short period, inform us immediately so that we shall quickly try our best and find out if we can obtain a gorilla permit for you. Immediately after confirming your booking with us, we update you abouty the next processes until your permit is secured.

Driver guide for your Rwanda gorilla safari

A well experienced English speaking guide will receive you, breiaf you about the tour and handle all other things throughout the safari. Feel free to ask him about anything regarding the tour, things that you see during the journey and any help needed. He will update yopu about all the activities of the following day before you rest and your Rwanda gorilla trekking safsari weill surely be the best.

Accommodations in Volcanoes national park

The kind of lodge that you choose to stay at plays a big role towards the enjoyment of your tour. We as Adventure in the wild safaris, we have a number of lodges that we collaborate with to provide excellent services and facilities throughout the tour.

 There are a number of lodges around Volcanoes national park with different prices so travelers can choose the best for their budget.

Luxury lodges at Volcanoes national aprk include; Bisate lodge, Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel, Sabyinyo Silverback lodge, Mounatin Gorilla View lodge and Virunag lodge.

Midrange lodges at Volcanoes national park are; Le Bambou Gorilla lodge, Da Vinci Gorilla lodge, La Palme Hotel, Gorillas Volcanoes Hotel, Garr Hotel, Garden Place Hotel, Mountain Gorillas Nest lodge and Best View hotel.

Basic/budget accommodation at Volcanoes national aprk includes Kinigi Guest house, Villa Gorilla and Muhabura hotel among others.

Getting to Volcanoes national park

Volcanoes national park is part of the Virunga massif. It is located in the northern part of Rwanda at the border of Uganda and the DRC. It is located in Ruhengeri, about 105 kilometers from Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Our clients travel to Volcanoes national park in 4X4 safari vehicle that will keep them comfortable throughout the journey. The driver guide picks you from Kigali International airport and transfers ypou to the park by road, a distance that takes about 2 hours.

Safety tips for travelers to Rwanda

Many times the question ” Is Rwanda Safe for Americans?” comes up, the answer is ” Yes, Rwanda is safe” and here is why.

 Each and every day, the common question asked here is that, ‘’Is Rwanda safe for the Americans?’’, Rwanda, is one of the most safest and stable countries in Africa, most especially for the visitors visiting the country, more so, there are specific guidelines and rules to be followed during your visit in Rwanda. Also referred as the land of a thousand Hills. Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and the first entry point in the country its where many services in the country are delivered from. Kigali is one of the safest cities in Africa with the majority of visitors coming in and leaving the country without any cause of harm or any attack on them while on a Rwanda Safari.

While in Rwanda, you may not encounter anything in the local papers written about the visitors to Rwanda undergoing any form of harm regarding insecurity and the safety of the country, some of the issues in the city just like in any country, is things such as , credit card fraud, petty theft, overcharging, but to be safe from this, you will need to be keen about your property and also you will need to apply some common sense to avoid being victim of this circumstances. You can also read more on safety tips and security tips when visiting any of the African cities also follow the rules and the regulations of visitors in Rwanda to be on the safer side.

Many of the African countries are known to be under developed countries compared to the western countries where modernity and technology originated from, yet Rwanda depicts some sense of modernity and order when it comes to central and East Africa. Some even refer Rwanda as the Singapore of Africa. The night life in the city, is tranquil with many people seen working along the sides of the road, the government recently issued a letter proposing all bars to be closed by 9:00pm. Therefore, beyond this time, no one is expected to be moving aimlessly on the road or streets.

The Rwandan government has put in measures to ensure that the visitors and tourists in the country are safe. The police are found is found in almost everywhere in the city, hotels, Guest houses, Banks, shops stores, offices among other places, use police personnel to ensure that safety of visitors to Rwanda and its Citizens are safe.

Therefore, Rwanda is safe for Americans and anyone else, safe for the visitors and tourists, while in Rwanda, you will feel safe than even in any other country.

What about the October Rebel Attack near Volcanoes National Park?

It was reported that the attack was carried out by the ethnic rebels, they where said to have been armed with machetes, knives and stones an armed rebel group on the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo attacking the Kinigi region in the Musanze District found at the Northern region of the Country. Which occurred om the 4th od October.

The war that broke out, left about 14 people dead, these rebels, attacked people with pistols, rifles, machetes killing 14 and wounding 18 Rwandans, but no tourist in the country was harmed. They targeted Kinigi town situated nearer to volcanoes national park. a home for the mountain gorillas which is Rwanda’s biggest tourist attraction.

However, the Rwanda police reported that the situation was under control, they confronted the attackers and 19 rebels were killed and five captured. The five captured rebels confirmed that they where the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, Forces democratiques deliberation du Rwanda (FDLR) IN French. There main cause of attack, was to over throw the government of Rwanda under the leadership of president Paul Kagame. The remaining number of the rebels that were not killed or captured, run back to Democratic Republic of Congo passing through the Virunga National park.

The fallen victims, where buried in one grave in a mournful ceremony. Later after all this, the Rwandan Development board, agency charged with promoting tourism, issued a statement saying that, tourism services continue to operate normally in volcanoes national park and in all the national parks in Rwanda. The RDB security agency, handled the situation and peace was restored in Rwanda.

The last attack in Rwanda, occurred in December 2018 when these rebels returned again and attacked Rwanda killing two Rwanda nationals. Despite that, Rwanda has gone through tough times due to the rebel attacks, including the Nyungwe national forest attack, no tourist or tourist lodges/ Hotels have been attacked.

These attacks may be so scary, since it led to the killing on 14 Rwandan national, and wounded many people, both physically and emotionally, no need to look at this inform of terrifying effect compared to the massive wars in other countries for example look closely on the USA wars.

Safety and security are the hall mark of the Rwandan Tourism experience up to date, this has remained as Rwanda’s highest priority.

There was an attack on October 4, 2019, Is it still safe to Travel to Rwanda ?

Rwanda is undoubtably one of the secure and safest country to visit in Africa and the whole world, despite the rebel attack, the government and the citizens of Rwanda, have fought to restore peace in Rwanda and never to allow anyone or any person to take back in to tragic days when the country went through difficult times and lost many people in the country. They have sworn to keep the country safe for the citizens and the tourists visiting the country to make it one of the best countries to live in.

Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills, is now certainly a safe and stable nation under strong leadership and growth from an influential and committed visionary, President Paul Kagame. The Rwandan leadership is keenly aware that it is its fundamental responsibility to ensure the protection of Rwanda’s tourists as well as its own country people.

The security in the country, has even become for tight provided by the boarder surveillance, patrols in the city and all the National parks to ensure safety and security in the country.

Tourists in Rwanda, are safer and when they arrive at the airport, they definitely feel at home never shaken of anything that may cause harm to them. The professionalism shown by the Rwandan officials at the Immigration, office is so friendly and welcoming, compared to south Africa with it carjacking, robberies of tourists as they arrive in the country, south Africa, is not a safe country.

Questions by an American for American who want to come and visit Rwanda-why do Americans feel that Rwanda is not safe? Read below the clear information regarding the question. 

  • There no weekly mass shootings compared to the USA
  • There are continuous acts of violence, including killing by a vehicle as it may happen in other countries
  • There is no opportunity for the visitors who need to purchase guns here, there is no purchase of concealed weapons- the highest population of Rwanda, have no gun in their homes as is the case with
  • There is no organisation in Rwanda, that promotes civilians to use guns/ weapons, if found with it, you may end up facing prison charges.
  • There are armed security guards outside of every big super market, banks, hospitals, bigger hotels, and vehicles are searched before you entre any of these significant big places like shopping centres
  • the USA.
  • There are no cases of massacres at public concerts, no killings of church goers as in other countries
  • Gun permits are not issued unless for military persons.
  • There are terrorist attacks IN Rwanda as in the USA and parts of Europe.
  • Lastly but not the list, in Rwanda, different religious believes live in harmony with each other, Muslims live relatively in harmony with the Christians and has been declared as the favourable religion for Rwanda since Muslims didn’t did not participate in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide that left 800,000 people dead and others injured in a period of a 100 days.

Looking at all the information written above, the answer to the question ‘’Is Rwanda safe for the Americas, and anyone else?  the answer is undoubtably yes, you may even feel much safer in Rwanda or Uganda than you would be in USA. Rwanda was declared the 9th safest country in the world by the world Economic Forum in 2017. Rwanda even bit other western countries in terms of its safety including; Portugal, New Zealand, Austria, Estonia. Sweden, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Qatar morocco, and even the USA one of the fascinating cities in the world didn’t not make to any in the top list.

Rwanda as a country, is therefore safe and secure for all the tourists visiting the country, you can visit the country during any time of the year for gorilla trekking, primate safaris, safari Goers, Solo travellers among other business purposes, Rwanda is safe and secure for all the tourists.

You can Goolge for more information about Rwanda’s safety and security issues and compared to your own country. Rwanda is far beyond what you could imagine despite the rebel attacks, peace and security is restored in Rwanda.

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Things to know About Rwanda

Good Things about Rwanda – Before you think about visiting Rwanda, it is important to know the good things about Rwanda and the facts about her motherland. Rwanda is famously known as a landlocked country situated in central Africa and it is neighbored by DR-Congo in the west, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the south and Uganda in the North.  It is a small country that occupies an area of about 26,338 square kilometers, it is lies approximately 75 miles south of the Equator, it is found about 1,250 kilometers East of the Atlantic Ocean and about 880 miles westwards of the Indian Ocean.

 The following are some of the good things about Rwanda and things you need know about Rwanda;

  • Kigali capital city is the cleanest city in Africa. The Capital city of Rwanda has been ranked as the best and cleanest City in Africa. This is evidenced by the law the government of Rwanda implemented about the ban for no more use of Plastic bags so as to protect that natural environment and this is effectively being taken serious and respected by both the international and nationals in Rwanda.
  • On the world record, Rwanda has been famously known as the only country that has a the highest number of women representatives in Parliament and they are over 60% of the members of parliament.
  • The people of Rwanda have carry have a high level of unity with their president. The president passed a law that every last Saturday of the month, all people and the president take part in the national service activities and this has been named Umuganda.
  • Ever since the year 2000, Rwanda has been ranked as the top best developed countries with a very fast growth.
  • Rwanda is home to more than a thousand hills, there are about 1030 hills although the country is called the land of thousand hills, this is according to an esteemed count from different individuals.
  • Rwanda is one of the Africa’s countries with the best internet connectivity and this has been enhanced by the government of Rwanda which has helped to spread the internet facilities all over the country such as establishing Fiber Optics almost everywhere.
  • Rwanda harbors five Volcano mountains such as Mahabura, Bisoke, Karisimbi, Gahinga and Sabyinyo. Mount Karisimbi is known as the highest volcano with latitude of about 45o7 meters above sea level.
  • Rwanda is home to only three amazing national park, such as Volcanoes national park which is home to the Endangered Mountain Gorillas, Nyungwe forest national park which is home to natural rainforests which harbor about 12 primates include the famous chimpanzees and black and white monkeys among others, it is a great place to enjoy bird watching experience.
  • Almost all Rwanda Soldiers are the most qualified professionals and they respect peace and order in Africa. The Rwanda Defense Force show high respect and professionalism whenever they attend the UN Peace keeping missions meetings in Africa.
  • Rwanda is the initiator of the uses of drones to medical services such as distributing blood to other emergency stations.
  • Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is not a difficult thing, it is easy to locate a gorilla family since some of the gorilla families don’t require long distance hiking while search for the group gorilla thus favoring almost every one to participate in the gorilla trekking experience.
  • Rwanda is not only to the endangered mountain gorillas but it is as well to the endangered golden monkeys and to see these fascinating animals you will need 100 USD person.
  • Rwanda is the best country that has good quality brewed coffee and tea with the biggest exports. This is due to the fact that it has delicious coffee with a great aroma, it is coffee has got a low tannins which makes less bitter and gives it a great taste.

Best time to go gorilla trekking in rwanda

Best time to visit gorillas in Rwanda, Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda, best time to see gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the three countries where you can see the endangered mountain gorillas. the other countries include Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which border the country in the north and west respectively. Rwanda is geographically located in the Centre of Africa and is part of the East African countries. The country has a variety of good things that it boasts in including the hilly terrain that has earned it the name “land of a thousand hills”, interesting people and their culture, historical and memorial sites and interesting wildlife including Chimps and mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorillas are one of the most important attractions in the country that the popular wildlife activity that has been developed is gorilla trekking. This is now the highlight for travel to Rwanda and it takes place in Volcanoes national park in the northern part of the country.  There are different climatic seasons and these determine the best time to see gorillas in Rwanda.

Rwanda has two seasons which comprise of two dry seasons and two rainy seasons; a long dry season, a short dry season, a long rainy season and a short rainy season. They offer different experiences when trekking for gorillas and these experiences are described differently by different people depending on their preferences.

June to September

This is the longer dry season and it is also the peak season as referred to in tourism. It is when the country receives little or no rainfall for a good number of days and this keeps most areas dry. This is the best time to go gorilla trekking in rwanda. The roads to the park are dry and rain is not expected to interrupt gorilla trek in the morning. Hiking trails are also not muddy and slippery and this enables trekkers to move with ease and be fast enough when moving through the forest.

The peak season is also known as the high season and this is when the number of travelers to Rwanda is high. Many people target this period and bookings are many, it is therefore to make your booking as early as possible so that your gorilla permit is secured early.

December to February

This is the short dry season in Rwanda and is also a high season. There is little or no rain and the trails in Volcanoes national park are not muddy and slippery and trekkers walk around with ease. It is also a perfect time for gorilla trekking. In addition, the numbers of travelers in the park are not very high as it can be during then long dry season of June to September. Bird enthusiasts would consider this the best time for gorilla trekking in Rwanda because migratory birds are present and birds and very many around the forest and other parts of Rwanda.

April to May

April-May is the longest rainy season in Rwanda. Rain is often expected during this season and it is highly received. Gorillas move from higher elevation of the mountains to lower slopes where it is not very cold and they can easily be spotted there. However, rain heavy rain may ruin your trek since the trails become muddy and slippery. April to May is the long low season.

October to November

This is the short rainy season in Rwanda. Rains come for a shorter period than during the long rainy season and they are also not very heavy. It is one of the best times for bird watching as the wether is favorable for bird movement. Trails are not very muddy and on some days, it doesn’t rain. This is also a low season as travelers are few in the park.

Regardless of the season, the cost of a gorilla permit in Rwanda is USD 1,500. It is also important to carry items such as a rain coat, hiking boots, long sleeved shirts, long trouser and an insect repellant whether you have traveled during the wet season or dry season. The wet season and the dry season bring different gorilla trekking experiences. Apart from gorilla trekking, other activities one can do when they visit Volcanoes national park are golden monkey trekking, a hike to Dian Fossey tomb, mountain climbing and a visit to Iby’wacu cultural village.

Best time to visit gorillas in Rwanda, Best time to see gorillas in Rwanda, best time to see gorillas in Rwanda

Lake Kivu beach

Lake Kivu Beach tourism

Lake Kivu Beach – You do not need to over think of where to relax from after trekking for gorillas, chimps and the tiring journeys from one destination to another in Rwanda. It is exciting to know about the lovely Lake Kivu beach in Gisenyi (which is also called Rubavu). The beach is located on Lake Kivu which is situated at the border of Rwanda and the DRC, in the Albertine rift valley.

Lake Kivu covers a total surface area of 2,700 square kilometers and is ranked 6th biggest lake in Africa. It is located in the western part of Rwanda and is one of the things you need not miss seeing after your activities in the park and city. Lake Kivu is bordered by Goma, Bukavu, Kalehe, Cyangugu Gisenyi and Sake.

In Rwanda, Lake Kivu forms a wonderful beach, so perfect for a holiday and relaxation in the home of a thousand hills. You will get surprised to see this beautiful tropical beach with a vast area covered with sweet sands from the lake soft enough to walk on. Chilling at Lake Kivu beach offers an opportunity to have clear spectacular views of the magnificent mountains at a distance including Nyiragongo volcano and other Virunga mountains in Rwanda. You can as well watch the red smoke that comes out of Nyiragongo volcano at night.

Enjoying the tranquility of Lake Kivu beach is one of the ways you will rejuvenate your body and mind before embarking on your return journey back home. You can swim in Lake Kivu because it is free from bilharzias and doesn’t have hippos and crocodiles. While at the beach, you can participate in some of the activities done around the lake such as water trips and cruising, visiting Nyamirundi Island, hiking and biking and wind surfing. Napoleon Island is also an interesting destination on the lake for bird watching.

Accommodations near Lake Kivu beach include Lake Kivu Serena hotel, Paradise Malahide, Cormoran lodge and Emeraude Kivu Resort hotel

Lake Kivu beach is a lovely place where tourists will have remarkable holidays in Rwanda. This is the best place you can end your gorilla safari in Rwanda or after gorilla trekking in the DRC.

Money Information for Tourists

Money tips and Advice for travelers planning a visit to Rwanda 

This article, will guide you through and clearly understand the basic of Rwandan money Information for tourists and the visitors in Rwanda. Rwanda just like any other East and Central African country is mostly a cash- based society. The Rwandan Franc, is official currency but many Rwandan citizens, especially those in the Tourism industry, use the US Dollar as the currency of choice.

While in Rwanda, the use of credit cards, master cards are accepted, for the tourists using American Express, this is accepted in few spots and usually, 5% charge is imposed on every transaction made. Visa master cards, are too accepted here. Many places for example, hotels, safari companies and airlines will ask for payments in US Dollars. Rwandan Franc will be needed in other places which is possible for you to find exchange the currency. Travellers checks, are usually herder to cash here since it may require extra fees in banks and only few banks may accept the use of checks. The forex Bureau, does not allow use of checks. You can only use master cards, credit cards for your payments in Rwanda. Therefore, you do not need to carry bulky cash while travelling to Rwanda due to some incidences that may occur for instance, the cash being stollen which may disorganise your visit in Rwanda.

Below are some of the Rwanda -money information that you may find useful during your visit in Rwanda, its always good to know before you make that journey.

The US Dollar is the preferred currency charged from tourists visiting Rwanda

The Rwandan Franc id an official currency in Rwanda but for places like the tourism companies, they basically use US Dollars for the tourists in Rwanda as the currency of choice. also you can use the EURO, UK Pound for the money changing in to Rwandan currency in case you need to purchase products or use it in various places like the bars, restaurants, souvenirs strictly use Rwandan currency since you may get cheated in case you se the US Dollars direct.

For the money exchange, is best to always a bit higher bills like 50 and 100 for the best exchange rates, but in case you the smaller bills, you may end getting less in return, also note that, you should obtain dollar bills newer than 2003 and no tears or any marks on them , the money should be new and clean so that its accepted at the forex Bureau.

For the case of Tips, while on the safari in Rwanda, any you need to Tip the guides, potters among others, do not use the US Dollars but only use the Rwandan Franc, since this can immediately be used by the person you are tipping to. Sometimes changing small rates, may be a bit challenging for the people.

The Banks in Kigali and other towns in Rwanda

While using banks in Rwanda to get the money, you can use your credit cards since its quite better since less are imposed on the transactions you make and also it reduces hustle when it comes to identification, also for money exchange, I recommend you use the banks although it may consume much of your time, but you get reasonable rates so it best to use the banks for your transactions.

While using the traveller’s checks, you will; be required to show proof of purchase and the traveller’s passport to prove that the check belongs to you. Using the banks also means that you will receive a lower rate than cash but this process is quite a hassle and time-consuming process but it will require you be a little patient here.

Using credit cards while on your visit to Rwanda

The use of credit cards in Rwanda, may not possible, the government suggest not to use the credit cards reason being that its always possible for some one to steal your credit card information which may lead to your money being stolen. These cases happen in almost all the countries therefore, you need to be very vigilant while making withdraws with the Credit card in case you do not have any other choice. But the first choice in the use of the Credit cards, is the Visa or the mater card.

Travellers who have always booked their safaris with at Adventure in the wild safaris, we have always recommended them to use pesapal which is much easier when using the credit cards, the services are low, quicker and sufficient compared to the use of Banks while in Rwanda.

The Forex Bureaus in Kigali and other towns in Rwanda

There forest Bureaus situated throughout Rwanda, the use of the Forex Bureaus, usually is recommended since they give you the best exchange rates and the services are faster and accurate compared to the banks that may require you to wait much longer and the process can be quite longer. Whereas the forest Bureaus are situated in and outside the city you just walk in, and the money is changed for you.

You may as well opt to exchange money at the hotel you are staying at, but the exchange rate might be lower compared to the Forex Bureaus at the city centres.  for the best and for the value of your money, always use an official forest Bureau to change your money. Do not use Us Dollars or exchange the money while in the restaurants, you will lose your money since the exchange rate is usually low.

ATM’s in Rwanda

Besides carrying huge sums of money in Rwanda, the best way to keep your money safe, is to have a visa card, while here, you can use the ATN Machine at any time you need to withdraw the money. Its also easy as you get the best rates from your countries currency while changing it to Rwandan Franc, its quite convenient since it does not require you to have a lot of cash on you which may even be unsafe to move around with it.

Whereas everything as a disadvantage and advantages, using ATM Machines, may also be a bit challenging because there are extra fees that you have to pay during the withdrawals. Also at times to use the card in Rwanda, just like Uganda, Rwanda or any other African country can be challenging,  you will need to notify your bank when travelling to any country in east Africa or Africa, for the case of here now we are looking at Rwanda, you will need to inform your bank that you will be travelling in Rwanda and you will need to be using your card while making withdraws in Rwanda so it may not cause challenged when the transactions are not made.

Also some times while your making payments, or withdraws, you bank may block the transaction, but you can a rectify this by going online to your account to make some verifications that the account belongs to you and you were making attempts to withdraw the cash. So that your bank accepts your request and make that transaction for you.

Travelers Cheque use in Rwanda

The Use of travellers’ cheques in Rwanda, is limited and only few banks may consider this, but it’s also challenging since some time, you may not get the cash and may also require along process before you can get the cash. It might also be some old fashion way since its time consuming and a hassle but the best and easier way is to use the ATM card for you to get the Rwandan Franc.

While in Rwanda, instead of using cheques, the best and convenient way for your currency, is the use American Express only, others impose much charges on every transaction and when changing the currency, it may also be at a lower rate, others, you may encounter challenges in getting the cash. When using American express, you will only need proof and the passport to prove ownership of the cheque and the exchange rate is also low compared to using direct cash when changing to Rwandan Currency.

How to Keep your money safe in Rwanda

Rwanda is safe but there some small problems you may encounter but still you can avoid them such as the pick potters, robbers, petty thieves among others just like any other country even in the USA there such problems. But you can avoid these by being conscious. To keep your money safe, you can wear a money belt around your waist to hide your cash while in public places. Also, do not flash money in public, restaurants, bars, markets, do not pull large sums of money out it will attract attention and you will be potential target and you will be followed which you do not want, these may cause problems to you.

In the hotels, there is always safe, use the safe to hide your money in your room or at the official Hotel safe, also keep vital documents such as passports, air ticket and the money together to prevent some misfortunes from happing when the document get stolen or misplaced.

Also, when travelling, make other copies of your documents such as passports, airline tickets and all documents that are important to you and you will be needing them while in Rwanda or any country you will be travelling to. Besides all these, Rwanda is sae for visitors and all the citizens in Rwanda.

Buying things in Rwanda

While purchasing items such as craft and Souvenirs, avoid using US Dollars this may cause you to lose the money, also try to use the Rwandan Franc. You can change your money to Rwandan currency from any forex Bureau before you purchase any products in your currency. Also, there some hotels that the charges are made in Rwandan Franc, always try to make payments in Rwandan Franc do not use US Dollars you will lose your money due to the exchange rates you will be using at that hotel.

When buying local foods, buying lunch, or dinner in restaurants or stick, use Rwandan Franc.

The Rwanda Money Changers:

For the proper way to change your money while in Rwanda or any country you have travelled to in Africa, avoid money changers, mostly at the boarder crossings, many are corn- artists, they will robe you in the blink of an eye. They will deceive you that it’s the full amount while in actual sense, its less. Some even have fake notes, they will deceive you and robe you off your money.

Avoid using money changers if you need safety and a peaceful safari trip in Rwanda, they are often at boarder crossings they will surround you, confuse you and later you will realise they have robbed you off your money.

The best way to change your money, is to wait, cross the border until when you reach the town or the city and look for the forex Bureau in Kigali or use an ATM Machine to change your money to avoid losing junks of money to the corn. Men and thief planting them selves in many parts of the city.

Money transfers in Rwanda

It might cost you a lot to send money overseas, in particular if your secret fees are not identified. Transfer businesses and banks earn money not just with a transfer fee, but often also with a secret premium exchange rate. Through calculating exchange rates and transfer fees in real time, you could save a lot of money. The best way to transfer money is using the World Remit, western Union or Money Gram this way you will get the money. This usually costs less than western Union.

For the US Dollars, you get them at the Forex Bureau although it may cause you to lose some little money.

There is also possibility of sending and receiving money through western union or world Remit directly in to your phone using MTN Phone and you will and receive your money from any authorised agent in Rwanda. This is easy and convenient faster and tome saving does not cause much charges imposed on the transactions. It also the best way to get money in case you run out of cash and the Credit Card may have failed to Work in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a safe country you do not need to worry about your cash while in Rwanda all you need is to be conscious and enjoy your stay in Rwanda, for more information on Rwanda -money information for the tourists, reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris, and we will be glad to respond to you and offer you all the information you will need.


Honeymoon in Rwanda


Honeymoon in Rwanda

Rwanda honeymoon – Rwanda is one of the ranking African safari destinations because of the various attractions including national game parks, historical sites, cultural centers, genocide memorial sites, the capital city itself and hotels among others. You would wonder where to go for a honeymoon in Rwanda and this article clearly brings the best way to have your honeymoon with a number of adventurous activities in Rwanda’s prime destinations.

There are a lot of enjoyable activities to do with your partner after your wedding, things that will give you the best memories of your Rwanda honeymoon. Think about watching the fascinating mountain gorillas with your loved one, walking on top of the thick Nyungwe forest canopy, thrillingly cruising on Lake Kivu and relaxing on its beautiful beach and enjoying the cultural dances and practices of the Rwandan people. Rwanda is also known as the land of a thousand hills and this is because of the hilly terrain of the country, this is one of the things you can enjoy to watch on your honeymoon in Rwanda. Are you looking for where to spend your honeymoon in Rwanda? Here are the best places you and your spouse will have a remarkable vacation.

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Nyungwe forest lodge

Nyungwe forest lodge is a luxurious lodge surrounded by tea-fields and Nyungwe forest. Imagine the tranquility around this place. It experiences cold evenings and nights but the beautiful luxurious suites have fire places that keep the rooms at anytime. The luxurious suites are spacious with comfortable beds and offer spectacular views of the surrounding. Nyungwe forest lodge has a heated lodge where the newly-wedded can enjoy a romantic time in the water in the wilderness. Be sure of enjoying delicious local and international meals here and excellent services for your honeymoon.

As you stay at the lodge, you can make the honeymoon your best moment of your life by going for some of the most interesting things to do in Africa; chimp trekking which offers an opportunity to meet and watch the closest apes to humans the chimps and other animals including monkeys and a lot of beautiful plants and flowers which may be rare to see elsewhere. Another fascinating thing to do there is a canopy walk where you will walk 200 meters above Nyungwe forest. A couple gets a relaxation at Nyungwe forest lodge after forest walks and hikes in this wonderful forest with lots of birds. Each and every moment spent in the forest and at the lodge adds a lot to make a memorable honeymoon.

Virunga lodge

A hideaway located on an elevation near Volcanoes national park that offers the most spectacular views of Rwanda. Among the best of Rwanda’s beautiful things to see are the twin lakes Burera and Ruhonda, the Virunga volcanoes and an overlook of Rwanda’s vast green valleys. Virunga lodge is an exclusive luxury accommodation where you can spend your honeymoon vacation and enjoy adventurous activities in volcanoes national park including  Rwanda gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, hiking, nature walks and cultural encounters.

Sabinyo Silverback lodge

Sabinyo Silverback lodge is isolated in a place where you will hide from the rest of the world and enjoy your honeymoon in the perfect tranquility. It has beautiful, comfortable and spacious cottages situated in a way that you can see the beauty of the area from inside your room. Areas around the lodge are green and beautiful, with a backdrop of the conical Virunga mountains.

Honeymoon in the wilderness around Sabinyo Silverback is one of the best things you will have as a lifetime story with the luxurious services offered including delicious meals, warmth in the rooms from the fireplace and customer care that you will feel at home throughout your stay. A morning gorilla trek in Volcanoes national park is one more of the things to include on your Rwanda honeymoon while staying at Sabinyo Silverback lodge.

Bisate lodge

Bisate lodge is the latest lodge in the wilderness of Rwanda, at Volcanoes national park. The rooms were built in an African traditional style, perfectly situated in an isolated place surrounded by trees that keep this area cool and quiet. While relaxing at the lodge, you cannot get enough of the spectacular views of Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno volcanoes. The major activity for the couple is gorilla trekking. You can as well visit Musanze caves or visit Iby’wacu village for a cultural experience.

The forest villas at Bisate lodge make a truly romantic place for a couple on honeymoon in Rwanda.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

Lake Kivu Serena is an incredible place for a couple on honeymoon in Rwanda. This is the only 5 star hotel where you can enjoy your special time out of Kigali. It is perfectly located close to rwanda’s largest lake, lake Kivu which also has a beautiful beach where you can relax from while watching fascinating things like the mountains around the area, the islands and the green vegetation including the palm trees.

The hotel offers a romantic night as you watch the red flames at the top of Mount Nyiragongo in the night. There are a lot more exciting things to do such as swimming at the pool, cruising on the lake, windsurfing and kayaking. Sauna, massage and fitness and martial art class are some of the things a couple can opt to do to keep rejuvenating themselves throughout the trip. You can as well entertain yourselves with games like tennis.

Hotel Paradise Malahide, Lake Kivu

Hotel Paradise Malahide is located near Lake Kivu in Gisenyi. Its location gives it a perfect environment for newly-wedded couples. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers and a well maintained green compound that stretches to the sandy beach where you can relax and enjoy the breeze from Lake Kivu. While staying here, it is inevitable to have spectacular views of the hills around Rwanda and in the neighborhood.

Hotel Paradise Malahide is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Rwanda where a couple will enjoy delicious local and international dishes a comfortable stay and exciting things such as boat cruise, nature walks and swimming. The lodge has moderate prices for their services.

Waterfront Lake Resort, Gisenyi

Waterfront Lake Resort is located near Lake Kivu in Gisenyi, west of Rwanda. This is one of the best places to enjoy your honeymoon on budget yet very beautiful and romantic with beautiful flowers and trees all around the lodge. Each morning is welcomed with lovely flowers around the cottages and a pretty sunrise, tasty food for breakfast and later on interesting activities such as boat cruise on Lake Kivu. You can stay at Waterfront Lake resort after trekking for gorillas in Volcanoes national park which is located a few hours from Gisenyi.

Ruzizi tented safari lodge

Ruzizi Tented safari lodge is located in Akagera national park in the eastern region of Rwanda. It is the only luxurious lodge where you can have the best of your honeymoon in Rwanda’s savannah. The lodge is located near Lake Ihema where don’t have to miss the boat cruise. Mornings and evenings can be occupied with game drives to see some of Rwanda’s wildlife around Akagera national park.

Ruzizi Tented safari lodge is one of the best honeymoon hide outs for a couple because of the quietness around the lodge, except the songs of birds and grunts of hippos which make this whole moment amazing. The food, comfort and all other services provided here are extremely nice.

Rwanda is has very organized towns and generally all systems in the country. It is a safe and secure country where you travel to with confidence that you and your partner are safe to tour around most of its beautiful destinations.

Arsenal Player – David Luiz in Rwanda


Interesting Facts about Rwanda

Rwanda Facts, Interesting facts about Rwanda, Facts about Rwanda

Facts about rwanda -Rwanda is a relatively small country, in fact the smallest counter in East Africa. It covers a land area of 26,338 square kilometers. It is a landlocked country located in the centre of Africa, bordered by Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the south and the Democratic republic of Congo to the west. Rwanda is situated in the Great Rift Valley where the African Great Lakes region and east Africa meet.

Rwanda is famously known as “the land of a thousand hills” because of the hilly terrain nature of the country. This is the reason why it is often associated with Switzerland. There are a lot of interesting facts about Rwanda and some of them are being listed in this article.

  • Rwanda is the only country in the world where the president and his people all participate in National service activities known as “Umuganda” which happens every last Saturday of every month. They get off their usual work, jobs and businesses and join efforts in cleaning the streets, roads, schools and cut grass among others to keep the country clean. This has been a success because Rwanda has some of the cleanest cities in Africa.
  • Rwanda is one of the only three countries in the world where you can trek for the endagerdd mountain gorillas. The other two are Uganda and the DRC.
  • Rating the entire world, the highest number of women representing in the parliament has been recorded in Rwanda. Over 60% of the members of Parliament in Rwanda are women.
  • Rwanda is popularly known for history’s most tragic genocides. Any talk about Rwanda without hitting on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide would be an incomplete talk. It involved brutal massacre of a number of Tutsi and moderate Hutu. An estimation of 500,000 to one million paopel are said to have lost their lives during this genocide.
  • Rwanda has a great terrain. It is made up of several hills and is referred to as “the land of a thousand hills”. Even Kigali international airport is located on an area above the city. Generally, the country sits 1,000m above the sea level.
  • Rwanda is not just home to mountain gorillas, it has much more wildlife in its three national parks; Volcanoes national park, Akagera national park and Nyungwe national park. There are golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park, Chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, blue monkey, Mona monkey and vervet monkeys in Nyungwe national park and giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, leopartds and lions among others in Akagera national park and lots of bird species in all these three destinations.
  • Farming is the traditional way of life of the people of Rwanda. They are cattle keepers for diary production and agriculturalists growing crops such as bananas, sweet potatoes, sorghum and beans among others.
  • Rwanda is said to be the second country after Mauritius, good at doing business according to the business rapport by World Bank in 2016. It is easy to register and do business there and it is efficient and well organized for business.
  • Rwanda shares more of the Virunga volcanoes than Uganda and the DRC. It has 5 out of the 8 volcanoes with the highest of all, Karisimbi which stands at 4507 meters above the sea level. Others include Gahinga, Sabinyo, Bisoke and Muhabura.
  • Rwanda has a number of historical, cultural, artistic and memorial sites which diversify tourism in the country. There are a number of museums and memorial sites which you can visit and know more about Rwanda.
  • Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Most plains of Rwanda are occupied by people and out of the 12 million people there, only 10% live in the capital Kiagli while the rest live in the villages across the country.
  • Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa with the best internet connectivity. The government of Rwanda is even spreading better internet facilities such as establishment of fiber optic across the country.
  • Rwanda is one of the most peaceful and secure countries in Africa. Laws and rules are highly respected by citizens because their laws are not weak.
  • Rwanda experiences a temperate climate. During the day, temperatures can rise up to 250 c to 300 c and it is normally as low as 150 c at night.
  • Rwanda doesn’t allow the use of plastic bags. In 2008, the Rwandan government banned the use of non biodegradable plastic bags and in case you access the country with them, they are confiscated. This has helped to keep the cities, roads and streets very clean.
  • Great organization of public transport and good infrastructure. Public transportation is regulated in a way that buses work on prepaid swipe cards and operate on specific time. Roads are in good condition without pot holes and are clean. There are no street vendors to bring confusion and chaos along the roads.
  • Rwanda is one of the countries with leading digital revolutions. Most services that are needed to be got from public institutions are done online, for example business registration, tax declaration and payment and penalties such as traffic penalties and others.

Rwanda Facts, Interesting facts about Rwanda, Facts about Rwanda

The Best Gorilla Safari Company in Uganda and Rwanda 2020

Best Gorilla Safari Company – Adventure in the wild safaris is a reliable tour operator that conducts safaris in Uganda and the rest of the African safari countries. We help travelers plan for their trips to any tourism destinations of their choice on the continent. We have different itineraries to different destinations but we can as well do tailor made tours or adjust the itineraries to what you prefer most.

Gorilla safaris are our major tours. However, we perfectly organize and conduct all other tours including wildlife tours, hiking tours, water rafting excursions and more. We plan for your gorilla safari to the gorilla trekking destinations in Bwindi national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic Congo. From the very first step of obtaining a gorilla permits, booking for accommodation, transportation transfers at the destination and booking for other activities that you wish to add on the safari are all done by our professional staff.

We encourage you to contact us in advance so that we can obtain your gorilla trekking permit on time since trekking for mountain gorillas is limited to only 8 people per gorilla family.

Adventure in the wild safaris is a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO)

Association of Uganda Tour Operators is a tourism association that brings together the leading tour operators and represent6s their interests. It regulates them and also controls their activities. Because very many tour companies are emerging in Uganda, some of them may have different interests or even provide services below the required level to tourists. Some of them may not be members of the association but copy the logo and display it on their websites. You are advised to check on the website of AUTO for genuine information about which operators to use, where we are also members. Our membership is to the association is of great trust to organize safaris for travelers.

We are a reputable safari operator

Our past clients have always given good reviews about the experiences they get when they organize and travel to their destinations through our company. We have professional and well experienced driver guides who safely transfer you to different destinations, giving information about much more things to do there.

Our website clearly indicates our location, what we deal in, how to contact us through phone calls and email address.

We maintain constant communication with clients

We shall constantly communicate to our clients through email, phone calls and social media, providing answers to your questions until there are no more. We do this so that you can immediately always find the way forward for your plans. Immediately you start communicating to us, we respond and give necessary advice where need be, until you can make a decision that is convenient for you. If a client is booking with us, we shall keep the communication flowing until you start the journey and after returning back home after the journey.

We consider both private and group tours

Since most clients prefer to go for private tours, this is mainly what we are doing. However, depending on your preference for group tours, we perfectly organize for them if requested for. As long as all the people in the group agree on going to the same destinations on the same dates, this is greatly provided for you. It helps to reduce costs especially for transportation since they will be shared. It will help you also to meet the new people of the same group.

Our prices

An itinerary to the same destinations can have different costs depending on the kind of accommodation you want to use. Those who want to use luxurious lodges pay higher amount than those using midrange, and budget accommodation. Our prices cater for transfers from the airport or hotel to the destination, from destination to destination and then return to the airport or hotel, the activities indicated on the itinerary, accommodation for all the days of the tour except the night before pickup and the night after being dropped off to your hotel at the end of the tour. Bottled drinking water, Breakfast, lunch and dinner on each day of the tour are inclusive of the prices of the safari.