Semuliki Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee Trekking in Semuliki National Park

Besides kibale forest, kalinzu forest, kyambura gorge or budongo forest there are semiliki national park is another place to enjoy chimpanzee trekking experience also they still undergoing habituation process that is why they are hard to find if go to trek in semiliki.  Don’t forget to wear protective clothing, enough water and lunch boxes when you if are going for trekking in the rainforest of the park.

The chimpanzee trekking experience in semuliki Natioanl Park takes about four hours or even more and it begins at 8 am and you will get a chance to see other primate animals like olive baboons, the monkeys such as the white and black colobus monkeys, grey checked mangabey monkeys, red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, central African red colobus monkey among others.

The Bambuti pygmies near Semiliki River

The Bambuti Pygmies live are found on both sides of these semiliki river and they are close relatives to the Batwa pygmies who are  live near the Bwindi impenetrable forest as well as Mgahinga Natioanl Park. Most safari companies mistake the Bambuti pygmies to be the Batwa but these differ from the culture and life style.

The Bambuti are known to be of a small number compared to the batwa although both of them were dislocated from their ancient rainforests. They were hunters and fruit gathers in the forest, they are found of legally growing marijuana and smoking it. The Bambuti community is open to visitors throughout the year, you them after exploring semiliki national park.

Hiking in Semuliki National Park

Nature walks in semiliki national park will offer an insight to encounter with wildlife animals with the park such as monkeys, the hippos, crocodiles, birds among others. There are a lot of walking trails and nature walks takes about a few hours or the whole day depending on you walking pace and what you want to experience. If you are to enjoy nature walk in the park don’t forget your hiking boots, long sleeved trouser and shirt, water proof rain jacket, carry enough water and you will need a day pack to carry your lunch box as well as an African hat to protect you head from direct sunrays.

Birding watching experience in Semuliki National Park

Semiliki national park is a birders paradise, it harbors over 440 bird species, where about 40% of the bird species great species of Uganda and 66% of are forest birds of Uganda, you will have a great chance to spot other bird species which are found in central africa. Some of the bird species found in the semiliki valley include; the piping hornbill, white crested hornbill, the orange-checked waxbill, Lemon-bellied Crombec, the black dwarf horn bill, black casqued wattled hornbill, yellow throated cuckoo, yellow –throated nicator, chestnut-breasted Negro finch, blue billed Malimbe, Maxwell’s black weaver, orange-cheeked waxbill among others.

Sempaya hot Springs in Semuliki National Park

This Sempaya Hot Springs is one of the great attractions in semuliki national park which travelers don’t want to miss when they visit the park. There are about two hot springs which have named as the male and female hot springs. The male hot spring is called Bitende which is about 12 meters and the female hot springs is called Nyasimbi and it has boiling geyser which sprays out a fountain of bubbling water and its about 2 meters. The boiling water is too hot that why people who live close some times boil food and its gets ready, on the hand you can as well carry some eggs and do a the boiling at the hot spring. We advise travelers not get so close to water because of its high temperatures such as rise up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Game drives in Semiliki National Park

Game drives in Semuliki National Park -Semiliki valley is a home to over 53 different species of mammals; about 27are larger mammals while as about 11 species are so unique to place such as the pygmy antelopes, flying as quarrels, unique water chevron which is also referred to as the fanged deer among others. You will a chance to encounter with the forest elephants, forest buffaloes that are smaller than the savannah type, the lions among others.

Semiliki national park has a lot to offer to travelers on Uganda safaris, such as the bird watching experience, game drive in the open savannah plains, chimpanzee trekking as well as guided nature, visit to hot springs, visit the surrounding villages among others. Semiliki scenic beauty is extremely exceptional thus its worthy is visit.