Best time to visit Tarangire National Park

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park -Despite the park being open all year round, the best time to visit is when the land is dry and less muddy so as for easy driving around the park and also during the dry season, animal viewing is at its peak reason being that the animals concentrate in areas which has water in the national park since the heat dries up the grass and water ponds so therefore, the animals are forced to move from one place to another in search for water and pasture.

The dry season is also characterised by high population of visitors in the park, during the dry season, there are a lot of activities around the park and visitors are crowded all round the park. there is also increase in price for the accommodation facilities to stay in while on your safari.

The wet season lasts from March to April, and the grown-up plants cause the various animals to disperse because of the vegetation thickening in the area animals tend to hide away around the thick grasslands causing challenges in viewing of the animals. The wet season is good because there are plenty of migratory birds and other birds around the park, this is the best national park to go bird watching in different sites of the park.

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

Best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater

Best time to visit Ngorongoro – Ngorongoro crater has a wild experience throughout the year, the park is open and all activities are done at any time of the year, the park is open to all travellers regardless of the season bit wet season or during the dry season, the park is open all through out. but peak seasons are as pleasant as any other location providing a perfect game viewing experience. Large number of visitors are anticipated during the dry season that is from July-September and December-February. In this regard, between April and May, the rainy year when visitors are less and you have the crater for yourself, you may consider coming. For contrast with the sandy desert climate, the crater has been perfectly covered with a thick lush rug.

Ngorongoro Crater Safari Activities

Experience Bushmen in Tanzania

Bushmen is one of the few remaining people whose tradition and culture remain crude and untouched in the land around Lake Eysi. This is a remarkable cultural attraction for tourists who tour the crater where they can see both its untouched and conventional culture as well as its apparent alignment with the environment. With a guide, you can speak to the Bushmen to discover how to live, how to fight for food, the cultural norms and the secrets of their cuisine. This indiscriminately truthful cultural trip through rural Tanzania is a real step back in time to visit.

Crater view walk

It’s very famous late afternoon stroll where you can travel on the western edge of the Ngorongoro crater to experience different natural habitats, such as open grasslands, dense green woodlands and acacia forests. See Schalow’s wheatear and white mountain head, very simply and eventually outstanding birding path with African cytrill sights, golden winged sunbirds, forest buzzard and white eyes slaty birdwatchers. Here you can have the chance to see Massai with her cattle along the way.

Enjoy the African drummers

The sound in African music is special and it is one of the stuffs you should make for yourself. It is first hand. Local drummers enjoy a unique culture and skill to their guests. Tanzanian society has a special instrument known as marimba, which gives a melodic instinct and you will soon be able to touch your toes. It’s an outdoor event, so it depends entirely on the environment and can include a few costs.

Hike the Empakaai crater

This is a powerful full day walk from the beautiful forests surrounding the crater of Empakaai to the birdlife of the impressive, stranglehold figs. The grey-headed Black Finch, Crowned Adler, Barred, Tailed Trogon, Greater & Lesser Flamingo and Steppe Eagles will also offer the opportunity for you to see the Greys.

Game drives

Game drives in the crater take some time, the park offers game drives in two shifts, therefore, the visitors are given a game drive either morning or evening depending on your itinerary. During the game drive, you will descend into the crater bay a lush mountain forest where you will see a rich bird life and once you are in the crater, you will be thrilled to discover a variety of herbicide grass-growers and predators. Depending on the time of the year, hippos can also encounter an immense herd of roses around the shore of Lake Magadow and many other animal species found here.

A walk along Lake Eyasi;

Take a half day walk through Masai villages and open pastures that will make you experience both the culture and the way of life of the locals living around this area, in combination with a spectacular view of Lake Eyasi.

Take a visit at olduvai Gorge and shifting Sands tour

Olduvai Gorge is an archaeological site and human birthplace is mostly pointed to as the location of the oldest Homo Sapiens remains. You will then travel from here to the crescent, volcanic ash ridges known as shifting sands that unbelievably crawl around the desert land in reaction to the prevailing winds.

If you’re searching for a crazy ride, this incredible journey can carry you to your doors and fill you with an ecstasy.

Best Tour Operators in TanzaniaThe Best Tour Operators in Tanzania

How to Choose the Right Safari Tour Operator in Tanzania

Tanzania rates among the top African safari destinations and is one of the best places to visit for wildlife in the world. It has outstanding attractions such as the great wildebeest migration, large numbers of animals in the game reserves, stunning sceneries, diverse cultures including the Maasai who are internationally known because they live close to game parks and reserves. Tanzania has a developed tourism industry and there are many tour operators that arrange safaris to different parts of Tanzania and Africa. Choosing the right tour operator for your safari is very important for the best of your holiday in Africa. In one way or the other, a safari can be ruined due to different reasons some of which could be because of organizing the safari with a wrong tour operator.

As you look out for the best tour operator to use for your safari, here are some of the things you need to consider;

Make a comparison of the Price-to-Quality ratio

Different safari companies have varying quotations for the same itinerary. Therefore, by observing the differences in their quotations, here you can be able to get to know safari companies that you should avoid. Avoid safari companies that have the cheapest quotations because these will not provide good services and may easily disappoint you on many occasions. It is also not good to go for those that have a very high difference from the rest. Therefore, an easy way to find the best safari company for yourself is to look at the different activities of the itinerary, the accommodation on the itinerary and check the prices. You can as well check the exact prices of each item and activities online and compare with the prices of the company.

Check out for the resources and setting of the safari company

Inquire from the company about their resources such as the type of cars they use for safaris. Safari companies should have 4WD vehicles that are comfortable when traveling. They should be spacious enough and offer good views when travelling and on tour activities like game drives.

Inquire about the driver guides of the company. They should have good experience of driving, enough knowledge about destinations. Find out if the company will offer a safari guide who can use languages that you understand. The driver guide should know their responsibilities when they are on the journey with clients.

You need to know the reputation of your Tanzania safari company

Before confirming your trip with a safari company, find out more about the company so that you are sure they are not scammers. Check if the company is a registered member with the government, it should have a physical address and be in position to answer all your inquiries well and within a short time. You should get to know the reputation that the company has and this can be done also by checking the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Use a Local Company

It is good to use a locally owned company because the residents of the country know their country better and it helps to get more information and the best of the safari. More of the companies that organize for safaris in Tanzania are however not locally owned companies. Some of them are from the neighboring countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and the southern Africa countries.

References of the previous clients

As you interact with your safari company, request for some references and/or some clients they that had earlier organized safaris and traveled with them so that you can inquire about their past experiences. A genuine and trust worthy company that is sure about the standards of their services will give you the references immediately.

Due to the variety of attractions, destinations and crowds of tourists that travel to the country, Tanzania has a number of tour operators. Just like in any other destinations, tour companies are usually strategically located in towns and cities where they can easily connect to different other necessary points like tourism bodies and agencies. Most of those of Tanzania are therefore located in Arusha and Dar-es Salaam. Another good way to know the best company to travel with and the best things to do is by reading the reviews and asking for recommendations from the company.

Travel platforms where to find information that will guide you on knowing the right company to use are TripAdvisor, Fodor, Safari bookings among others.

Look at the different information regarding activities to do on the brochures, websites and flyers of several companies about the destination you want to visit.

Make a choice of the itinerary you want to have. There are normally many itineraries out of which you select the one you prefer. A company can make adjustments or add more activities on agreement.

Make sure you communicate to your tour company in case you have any health problems or if you have any disabilities and any other personal issues so that you are informed if they are able to organize your safari or not.

Request for information about the best lodges and other necessary information such as the inclusions of the safari.

Some travelers want to reduce costs or meet new people and may ask the company to get for them a group to join on the safari while others prefer to travel alone. If you want to travel in a group, inform your safari company early enough.

Make inquiries from several companies and make a comparison of from the results on which companies to consider travelling with.

Find out about the image and reputation of the company. It is very important to use companies that are registered with Tourism bodies like Tanzania Association of Tour Operators.

Request for references and contacts of the previous clients and find out how good the company is, ask the previous clients how their experiences were, ask anything that you know will help you make the right choice of the company to travel with.

After finding out the price of the safari and all the inclusive items and exclusives, make a choice of the company to organize your safari with.

Using Small or Large tour operators in Tanzania

All businesses normally have big and small operators. In most cases the big operators have been in the business for long and have knowledge of how best they can reach and market themselves to potential clients. Therefore, in the tourism sector in Tanzania, there are both small and large tour operators. Most times the large ones are well known, do safaris across to more destinations than small ones and you can easily find out about their reputation. Small tour operators also have advantages over large ones in one way or the other for example, their rates are lower since they are competing with the big ones.

Before confirming to organize your safari with the operator, check if they are members of TATO- Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. In Uganda, make sure the operator is a member of AUTO-Association of Uganda Tour Operators.

There are travel forums that have come up to help and break the gap in between travel operators, destinations and potential clients. They help to give genuine information about the best destinations to visit but also most importantly the best tour companies to use to travel to distant destinations. TripAdvisor, Safari bookings and Fodor are playing a great role in this. They know all information about the destinations in Africa including Tanzania.

Adventure in the wild safaris is located in Uganda and is a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators.  We conduct safari tours to Tanzania after your safari in Uganda but also go ahead and connect you to you to the best tour operators in Tanzania that we partner with incase you want to have the safari only in Tanzania. You can therefore book with us for your Tanzania safari.

Ngorongoro Crater Tours

Ngorongoro Crater Safari – The Ngorongoro crater has a beautiful setting and one of the great places in the world to see the natural wonders such as the big five wild game. Ngorongoro Crater, once a massive volcano, is the world’s largest crater in northern Tanzania. Some think it was higher than Kilimanjaro Mountain, which has the highest peak in Africa, before its eruption.

Ngorongoro Crater is one of the top Tanzania sites flourishing with abundant natural wildlife in Tanzania, and also other activities offered such as the cultural visits, like the Maasai tribe is a must done activity if you wish to interact with the rich and unique culture of the Masai. Ngorongoro is one of Africa’s most beautiful and interesting places, it is the Highlands connecting the crater with the crater itself. The volcanic craters provide an impressive backdrop to several of Africa’s mostly rich and fertile pastures. The walls of the rim of the crater are steep with a height of between 400 and 610 m, which is unbelievable, as predators and prey stalking, grassland, acacias forests and swamps graze into the crater floor, giving a celestial look. Ngorongoro Crater is one of the best places to visit while on a Tanzania Safari.

Ngorongoro Crater Attractions

Wildlife game safari

there are very few safari locations in Africa offering the same experience as the Ngorongoro crater will attract you; during your visit to Ngorongoro, you will go to one of the places you need to watch the most enjoyable and simplest game in East African continent.

The highest untouched crater on the planet is home to Africa’s largest mass of great game and a wealth of wildlife, as well as the famous big five animals. The prize-winning sites here are the well-to – do inhabited threatened black rhinos, covered by their rims and a number of the hugest tusker elephants roaming about in the forest will offer the best safari experience as you will have an opportunity to spot several animal species found in the park. The forest, also harbours community of black lions is also seen hiding in the grass as they keenly wait to hunt for prey, hale and herds of Zebras, hyenas and leopards. It is projected that the crater floor is composed in the overall large mammals living in the bowl of 25,000 with a population of 6,000 residents, 70 lions and some 30 threatened black rhinos. You can see flamingos crowding the soda lakes from a distance offering a pink colour. Including serf cats, bead-earned foxes, gazelle, pigs, chacals and a population of over 400 separate species of birds. Around the springs, there is a high concentration of Hippos in the waters which is one of the best sites for animal viewing. There are other animals in wildernesses although not commonly seen such as the warthogs, waterbucks, hartebeests, bush bucks and Bohor’s reed buck are also found here though rarely seen animals.

The national park, has boosted with the highest concentration of animals and this mystery is primarily due to the presence of water, both the deep springs that hold the swamps and the steady rivers that run from the crater banks that has provided food/pastures and water for animal survival.

The vegetation covers

The Ngorongoro is a fusion of lush vegetation and desert plants, watered with rainfall. The region comprises of semi-arid plant species, lowland woodland, highland trees and plenty of small grazing areas. The steep slopes of the crater are shaping up as highland trees, with yellow-wood, peacock flowers, sweet Olive and Kousso  , a thrilling mix of highland areas, grasslands, shrubber health, and the remains of thick evergreen forest.

On the Makarut Mountain, much further-reaching sections of Pencil Cedar to the west, and pure bamboo on the Oldenani Mountain can be seen as the Dove weeds that cover the lower slopes. The upland forests Acacia and Red Thorn Acacia are very important to protect the watershed. There are vast undersized prairie fields in the crater basin surrounded by the brackish and clean water reservoirs, the swamps, the marshes and two portions of the woodland of Acacia. Inside the forest you find Lerai with yellow fever and acacias and Laiyanai wood with Acacia Lahai and Pillar trees. In fact, you will locate the woodland of Acacia. It is a rare parasol of acacia and Commiphora Africana which form heavy plains in the west, covered grass, while Zebrwood and blackthorn acacia take over in dry places next to Lake Eyasi. The abundance of the large grassland and forest, relatively unspoilt by livestock, helps the wild population.

How to get to the Ngorongoro Crater

to access the Ngorongoro crater, through Arusha, you can fly in Arusha airport located just outside Arusha. then you will connect to the park. On the asphalt road of Arusha, the crater is the starting point of many safaris in northern Tanzania, and the drive time from Arusha, is about a 3-hours’ drive away to access the Ngorongoro crater. Once you have arrived in Arusha, you can ride through the northern parks on a chartered flight or drive the whole circuit with the safari. You’ll be picked up at the airport by your tour operator and then head over all your land and domestic companies.

The second way to get to Arusha is through the international airport of Kilimanjaro, which is only 46 km from Arusha. Also, you can fly to Arusha through Julius Nyerere International airport in Dar-es Salaam then you will fly to Arusha airport and later connect to Ngorongoro crater for the start of your adventure safari.

The essentials required for Ngorongoro safari/ What to pack

Knowing what to do with a trip is the best thing anyone who plans to travel can do to prevent you from being taken away by the security guard. Here are some options to do with Ngorongoro crater packaging.

Clothing, knowing the right attire for the safari is one of the key essentials for a successful safari, such as hiking boots, rainy jacket, sweater, thick socks since you will expect chilly conditions also for the travellers visiting during the dry season, you will also need to pack the right equipment for you since it gets dusty during the dry season of the year therefore, you will need to plan accordingly what you will wear to protect your feet.

Toiletries and medical supplies; You may need extra tissue to hold toiletries, medical equipment, but in the case of medical supplies you may bring in essential items such as bandages, mosquitoes, repellent, sun protection to name a few. toiletries and medical supplies.

Camping /outdoor/Beach gear;

For the travellers taking part in camping activities, you will be recommended to carry a sleeping bag, ground mat and tent for this activity.

Photo equipment; Carry a good digital camera and large storage space, with a long battery life. One thing you cannot miss is to keep memories. These memories will live forever with you.

Bags for carrying luggage; bag of day is needed to carry all these essentials and to carry food and water during the game viewing, along with a key packaging of about 70 litters of liquid.

You can also carry all the necessary items you will need for the safari of your interest but pack all this in most convenient way so that you are able to move along with it.

More information

Best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater

10 Top Things to do in Ngorongoro Crater

How much does Tanzania safari cost

Tanzania Safari Price / Rates

Tanzania Safari Cost – Tourism in Tanzania is among the top industries that contribute big of the country’s gross domestic product. Even if Tanzania is not yet a developed country, it is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Africa due to the variety of wondrous attractions, for example the great wildebeest migration, the large number of predators, the cultures of people like the Maasai, and the beautiful beaches at the coast and around Zanzibar. The experience of Safari in Tanzania is great and it’s the one that determines the cost of safaris.

A comparison of the prices of safaris

Tanzania Safaris are not cheap because the best of the safari is encountered. Safaris will have different costs depending on whether the safari is a luxury, midrange or budget. We also organize for family and honeymoon safaris and these are costed differently from the other safaris. However, there are number of factors that are put in consideration to find the total cost of safaris. These include;

  • The duration of the safari
  • Number of clients
  • The type of accommodation you want to use
  • Transfers and extra car
  • Destinations/national parks
  • Time of travel of the year
  • Extra/Optional activities

The factors above are put together to come up with cost of your safari. This is the only way you’ll understand how different safaris to the same place with the same number of people can have a different costs.

The duration of your safari

The number of days of the safari is the first thing that crosses mind of person going to cost it. It is advisable that if you want to have your safari on a fixed budget, then choose that with fewer days. Tourist activities that would be done in more days can be fixed up and be done in fewer days.

Travelers can also choose to have their activities done at a spaced pace in more days yet at a cheaper cost and this is possible during the low season when hotels and lodges have reduced their prices.

Number of clients

This factor will affect your individual expenditure in a way that the Tanzania Safari costs are shared if more people are travelling and if you are traveling alone, then you will cover the all the costs alone. This comes mainly in transportation cost. For example if 4 people are travelling together, you’ll hire a 4WD safari Landcruiser and share the cost of transport and if you are travelling alone, you’ll pay the entire amount that would be paid by the whole group for the car.

It is therefore good to consider travelling with a family member or friend so that you share such costs.

The type of accommodation you want to use

This factor also affects the cost of your safari highly. There are different categories of accommodations at the destinations in Tanzania. You make your best choices from the variety of luxury, midrange, budget, tented camps and mobile camps on where you want to stay. The difference in their prices will affect the cost of the safari.

Transfers and extra cars

Travelers are normally picked up by their driver guides from the airport to their hotel and back to their hotels or to the airport after the tour. In Tanzania, we shall pick you from Arusha international airport or Kilimanjaro international airport. All this transfers will be included and covered on the package. Travelers who land in Nairobi will have to connect with their driver at their extra cost.

Using extra cars comes in when tourists are flying from one destination to another because they will leave the car that they have been using and it has to move back to town and another car has to be organized to pick them from the next airport or airfield. Extra cars are used also if the destinations of the tourists require crossing borders from Kenya to Tanzania or vice versa. The car transferring you from Kenya will be left at the border and a different car will pick you to head to your destinations in Tanzania. The cost of an empty car travelling to pick you and then the former car travelling empty after transferring you to the other incurs a big cost.

Destinations/National parks

There are different attractions in the various national parks in Tanzania. The attractions are unique and the demand of visiting them is different, some have a very high demand and others low, some parks have very many visitors and others have few. The rates to these destinations can’t therefore be the same.

The charges for entry to the prime destinations like Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area are the highest among all national parks in Tanzania. Entry permit to these destinations costs US$70, to Lake Manyara national park costs US$50 and there are those with less charge.

Time of travel of the year

Just like any other African safari country, Tanzania also has the peak and high seasons in the tourism business. The peak season takes place during the dry season and this is also the time for the Great Wildebeest Migration. Tourists are many in Tanzania and prices of some facilities especially for accommodation are high. This happens from June to august and from December to February. You are therefore advised to book early so that your room or place is secured in your preferred accommodation. Luxury hotels are normally full during this period.

Those who wish to travel during the low season will enjoy discounted facilities of lodges. Operators of accommodation reduce their prices because visitors are very few and there is no business. The low season is during the months of April and May when Tanzania is receiving rain.

Extra/Optional activities

Apart from the main activities that we include on our itineraries, that is game drives, there are many other tourist activities to engage in that can be added to the itinerary at your demand. For example birding, nature walks, Flights of the Hot Air balloon and visiting the communities of the Maasai who are internationally famous for living near game reserves.

We also help clients to get other necessary requirements such as Visa and Travel insurance at an extra cost.

After looking at how the cost of a Tanzania safari includes a number of factors which are all necessary, you understand that it is quite expensive to travel to Tanzania but the experience is worth your money. We however recommend you to consider visiting more national parks and discover more of the wildlife in the country.

Tanzania Safari Cost / Tanzania Safari Price / Tanzania Safari Rates

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge – the location of the lodge is set in beautiful section and offers clear view of the splendid caldera with a nearly “flintstone” design on the western side of the crater. The lodge is primarily decorated with an image and theme of a hand-painted cave, which gives the lodge a very broad view. This lodge is impressive thanks to the wide arches in the walls and the main fire place which hangs out in the common areas and the spectacular views down the road. The crackling wood fire in the dining area and bar are a comfortable welcome, as the menu contains at least four different courses, both tasty and detailed.

The lodge has a larger a capacity and accommodates 75 rooms situated on two levels and they are arranged in long queues along the border of the crater, which means that they are integrated in the natural gradient of the crater. These rooms have a large bathroom and double beds, as well as a large window that offers you a fantastic panorama view.

3 Day Safari Tanzania

We have organized tour packages that will take you to Tanzania covering the most prominent tour operators and safari destinations in Tanzania including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, and the Tarangire National Park. The 3 days Tanzania Safaris are recommended for travelers who have little time in Tanzania, but want to enjoy an experience in the biggest safari destination in Africa. While on a 3 Days Tanzania Safari, you can visit either one or more than one national park. Bellow is a list of recommended 3 days Tanzania Safaris.

3 Days Tanzania Safari3 Days Tanzania Safaris

Best time to visit Ruaha National Park

Best time to visit Ruaha –  Ruaha national park, is Tanzania’s famous and largest national park offering excellent wildlife viewing safari destination, the park is a good spot to find the predator animals, such as the lions and the endangered wild dog. Not only that, the park is a host to various animals like the Elephants, large herds of antelopes which are also the main attractions in the park. it’s also covered with vast landscape which has accommodated the various animal species roaming about in the park. it has limited exclusive and luxury camps available providing accommodation to the visitors.

The wet season in Ruaha is experienced from November to March when there plenty of food and flowers which attracts number of birds in to the park, this is the best time of the year for bird lovers as you will view different bird species including the migratory birds.

The dry season is best for game viewing that is from June to October by this time, the grass is scorched which facilitates clear animal viewing since the landscape is a bit flat.

Best time to visit Ruaha National Park in Tanzania

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge is situated on the eastern part of the crater just an hour and a half from Manyara and approximately 3.5 hours from Arusha, and a half from the airport. This lodge has an ancient, sumptuously built building and is one of the best prices for budget travellers on the crater edges.

In this lodge there are a total of 92 rooms, each spacious, warm and equipped with a glass front porch to give a wonderful view of the crater. It is equipped with independent bathrooms equipped with warm water. This is the ideal place to spend the night here. A stunning central atrium facing a glass overlooking the swimming pool that only the lucky people who can only bear the highland cold in are based in the Ngorongoro Sopa lodge. On the left is the cafe and the restaurant on the right, where you can sit and relax in a quiet area. The restaurants have an excellent environment that is especially esteemed when the main open fires blaze and delicious dishes ranging from local and international dishes to suite the interest of the visitors.