Why visit Uganda

Top reasons to travel to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

What is Uganda known for? why Visit Uganda

Reasons to visit Uganda – A lot will be praised about different countries on the African continent, but Uganda has much more than five or more countries would offer to you. It is the home of all good things and much more that you would expect on your African safari. Because of the variety of amazing things in Uganda and the incredible attractions, it has been described differently by various travelers that have explored the continent but the most popular term that perfectly described it is “Uganda, the Pearl of Africa”. This was the best way Churchill Winston summarized the endless beauty that he encountered in Uganda during his visit to Uganda and Africa at large around 1907. This article gives highlights of the beauty that anyone who wants to travel to Africa ought not to miss because your trip will be complete after visiting the Pearl of Africa.

Mountain gorillas

You can never get enough of watching these incredible primates that are closely related to humans. Uganda harbors more than half of the remaining population of the endangered mountain gorillas. This is the beginning of admission that Uganda is Africa compressed into one country. They are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national park where gorilla trekking takes place at any time of the year. Uganda is the prime gorilla trekking destination with 98% chances to find the gorillas because of the dense population in the forest. It is very rare to trek for gorillas in Uganda especially Bwindi forest and fail to see these giant lovely primates. Visit Uganda and experience the best of Africa’s wildlife. Seeing the gorillas tops as one of the main Reasons to visit Uganda.


It is always an exciting moment to meet cousins in the tropical forests of Uganda like in Kibale forest national park. However much the highlight for Uganda trips is mountain gorillas, I can say that encountering chimps is the second more thrilling experience you can have on your Uganda safari. Kibale national park, the primate capital of the world has the largest number of primates in the world and trekking for them here offers very high chances of seeing them. You are led through the forest by an armed ranger who is well experienced at his job and he will follow the sounds of the chimps until to get closer to them. You will watch them play, feed and care about one another and you can thereafter have much more added to the best stories, photographs and memories.


Uganda has an overwhelming range and population of interesting wildlife in its national park. It is a home to the “big 5”- lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. All these can be seen in Uganda national parks apart from the rhino which can be seen at Ziwa rhino sanctuary and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Uganda has 10 national parks and each offers unique thrilling experiences to different visitors. Other animals in these parks include giraffes, waterbuck, Uganda kob, hippos, eland, Jackson’s hartebeest, oribi and waterbucks among others. Animals that live in groups are often seen in large herds in the national parks of Uganda and this is how amazing wildlife enthusiasts enjoy their Uganda safaris.

Uganda is the best destination for bird enthusiasts. There are over 1,000 bird species that have been recorded in Uganda and it has popular bird watching destinations though you can spot a variety of birds from anywhere. Visit Uganda and see lots of reptiles including the huge Nile crocodiles, monitor lizards, snakes and many other small reptiles. Tours in Uganda mainly involve trips to Uganda national parks where you discover this vast wildlife. if you are wondering why visit Uganda, then the amazing wildlife in Uganda should inspire you to come for a Uganda safari.

Source of the world’s longest river, the Nile

River Nile is estimated to cover a distance of 6,600 kilometers from its source to where it pours into the Mediterranean Sea and this makes it the longest river in the world. On august 3rd 1858, John Hannington Speke discovered that Lake Victoria was the source of the Nile during his expedition to Africa. He was also the first European to reach Lake Victoria.

You can visit Jinja in eastern Uganda to see the source of the Nile. The experience of cruising on the longest river to its source alongside watching beautiful sites, birds and animals is very exciting. Other adventurous activities done along the Nile include white water rafting, jet boat rides, kayaking and bungee jumping among others.

Murchison falls

Murchison falls are the most powerful water falls in the whole world. They are located on the river Nile in Murchison falls national park in the northwestern part of Uganda. The mighty Murchison falls are one of the things you must add to your bucket list when planning for your African safari because you need to see this breathtaking site where a big volume of water finds its way through a 7 meter gorge, bursting out with thunderous roars.

The people of Uganda

Knowing that you are going to travel to a new country for the first time brings a bit of anxiousness because you are not sure of how you will connect and interact with them. Their attitudes, culture, lifestyle and languages are different and all practices are totally different. Regarding this, Ugandans are the most friendly, welcoming and hospitable people in Africa. They do not segregate visitors due to their national origin or race and they are always ready to help, guide and offer all services equally and in the very best way. Ugandans have learnt more foreign languages to improve their communication with visitors, for example French, Chinese, Japanese and Kiswahili among others.

Lake Bunyonyi

Bunyonyi means “small birds”. The lake was named so because of the numerous small-sized birds that live around the place and on the various islands on the lake. Located in the southwestern part of Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa. It is a beautiful lake dotted with 29 beautiful islands which can be visited while canoeing on the lake. The canoe experience also offers spectacular views of the Virunga volcanoes and the various hills in the region. The cool breeze on a canoe on the waters of the small but second deepest lake in Africa is an experience that you ought to enjoy after you gorilla trekking activities in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

Affordable tours

In comparison to the rest of the safari destinations, Uganda still has a growing tourism industry with many unspoiled attractions. The destinations in Uganda do not have crowds of people even in the high season like most neighboring destinations. This gives travelers good opportunity to enjoy the sites with perfect sights. In addition, the prices of services and facilities, park entrance fees, gorilla permits are less than those of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

With all this and more beautiful things that exist in Uganda such as beautiful and favorable climate, numerous water bodies including lakes, channels and rivers, a variety of locally produced delicious foods, magnificent mountains such as the Rwenzori mountains and the Virunga volcanoes, safety and security, to mention but a few, Uganda is the finest African destination for your African safari.

The Best Gorilla Safari Company in Uganda and Rwanda 2020

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We consider both private and group tours

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Our prices

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Best Uganda Fishing Tours

Fishing takes place at a large scale in Uganda and is undertaken for both spot and economical fishing. Uganda’s fishing is carried out on two major sources of fish in Uganda; one is done from aquaculture, the other id from lakes and rivers in Uganda such as lake Kyoga, Lake Victoria, River Nile and other water bodies in Uganda such as the fish ponds dams among others. Fish ponds have also been built to add to the fish currently on the market in the region. Lake Victoria, has contributed to higher supply of fish in the markets in Uganda because of its water volumes and also the highest concentration of fish in the lake followed by lake Albert and Lake Kyoga.

Spot Fishing in Uganda

Spot fishing has become one of the best activities done by many visitors in Uganda, spot fishing, spot fishing, offers you an opportunity to engage in the fishing of the different fish species in the lakes and the rivers in Uganda. The main fish species caught here include; Tilapia, Nile Perch, Catfish, Tiger fish among others. There are also several places where spot fishing can be carried out from such as; Lake Victoria, lake Mburo national park, Ssese Islands, Murchison falls national park and the River Nile among others. Spot fishing involves the use of better fishing equipment and proper methods of fishing which does not exploit the fish in the lake and also for easy preservation in case the less number is caught each day in order for the preservation of Aqua life also the waters themselves.

Spot fishing in Uganda, is mainly carried out by the visitors who come in for tourism purposes and take this as part of their refreshments, also it done by some locals living around or near these water bodies. The following area the main areas where visitors having interest in spot fishing can take part in this activity in Uganda.

The Lake Victoria fishing communities in Uganda

During your visit in Lake Victoria, you will discover the various fishing villages but the largest one is on the landing site of Lutoboka where you will meet different people on the shores of Lake Victoria fishing here as they chip nets with bait and cart a few trout. The fishing village consists of various ethnic groups, but the main residents of the fishing village are male individuals and most of them are involved in young marriages since they dropped out of school at an early age, and now resort to fishing in the lakes in order to fight for survival and as income generation activity in order to look after the family left behind.

The fishing village is quite busy with a lot of people carrying out different activities, others be selling, others, smoking the fish, some are sun drying among others and if you need to buy the fish, it is the cheapest place to buy and you can keep it fresh from the river if you want to get fish easily. The main population here are, children, women and men fish because most of them survive on the sale of fish they have caught. The different fish types caught here include; Tilapia, Nile perch both fresh and dry fish can be found here, there is also Silver Fish locally known as Mukene.

Spot fishing on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the main water source in Uganda and the second largest freshwater lake in the world and is found in the Great Lakes Region in East Africa. Lake Victoria is one of the great water bodies that its waters have supported the number of African countries, the water is shared by the three east African countries that is Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya with its source in Jinja the source of the Nile. Lake Victoria, has supported number of people living around the lake, they have carried out fishing activities that has helped in supporting people way of living from the income got after the sale of the fish and the fish products.

The Victoria Lake offers a wide range of activities, one of which is spot fishing. From October to March, the best time to go to Lake Victoria, reason being that there is a large number of fish found in the lake and it much rewarding for the visitors taking part in this activity. Despite this month being the best time of the year, Lake Victoria is still visited all year around and all activities are carried out. Spot fishing can be done both by boat or canoes the different fish species that can be caught in Lake Victoria. The common fish caught here is Tilapia, Nile perch, silver fish, cat fish among others using the different methods and techniques such as the bait Method and lure method.

Spot fishing in Lake Victoria, is offered in two shifts that is the morning and the afternoon shift, the morning shift begins at 9:00am to 12:00pm and the afternoon commences at 1:00pm to 5:00pm, by this time, the sun is hot therefore, you will need a boat with an overhead protection from the sun, you will also be advised to wear life jacket, insect repellent to protect you from the insect bites that may cause infections. People taking part in this activity, are also recommended to carry the fishing gear. You will be led by an experienced guide who will direct you on the proper ways and best spots for fishing, depending on the weather conditions. Visit Lake Victoria and enjoy this adventure.

Ggaba landing site

The landing site, is located in Kampala on Lake Victoria and it famous as the commercial fishing centre in Kampala. The most common fish type caught include; Tilapia, silverfish, Nile perch, catfish and pulp fish are the most common fish. Fishermen prefer wet fishing boats and have since given up canoeing. Upon harvesting, some of them are instantly auctioned off, while others are shipped into different parts of the country via frozen trucks and others to another region to the neighbouring countries.

The restrictions that the government place on the fishing of lakes has helped to keep the fish market active, which has encouraged many citizens in Uganda to embrace aquaculture. Visit Uganda to witness both the commercial and the local fishing magnificence in the country’s many waterbodies.

Spot fishing on Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo is in Lake Mburo National Park in the western part of Uganda. This is known to be one of the best places to for spot fishing lovers, besides spot fishing, Lake Mburo offers a wide range of attraction ranging from wildlife and also offers number of activities ranging from game viewing, horse ride, mountain biking, and also spot fishing among others. To participate in spot fishing, the Uganda Wildlife Authority must first procure the authorization and only for $5. The spot fishing is practiced around Mazinga on Lake Mburo and Tilapia is the most frequently caught fish.

Murchison falls National Park Fishing trips

Murchison falls national park, is Uganda’s largest and oldest National park in Uganda, it famous for its magnificent waterfalls and abundant wildlife species inhabiting the forest, the park is situated in North western Uganda in Masindi district. from Kampala to Murchison falls, the distance covered is about 305km and takes about 5-6 drives to get to Murchison falls. Not only does the park offer game viewing, boat safaris among others, there is also an opportunity to take part in spot fishing, in Murchison falls, spot fishing is currently done at the base of the Murchison falls, Karuma falls, Chobe lodge.

Spot fishing in Murchison falls, can be done throughout the year but the best month of the year to do spot fishing is from January to April when the water levels are stable and there is no strong wind. The common fish caught here include; Nile perch, Tilapia and Cat fish, besides this, the other fish caught include; tiger fish and silver fish. Having interest in spot fishing in Murchison falls, remember to carry your best fishing equipment or gear in order to enjoy the best fishing experience in Murchison falls national park.

There are several methods used in catching fish around this place, many fisheries use several methods and the common once used here include; Casting lites, spinning and the Fish live nets. You will be led b an experienced guide who will assist you through out the activity so that you will enjoy the best out of it. You area also recommended carry insect repellent to avoid bites from dangerous insects that may cause infections to you, carry enough sunscreen that you will wear during the fishing to prevent the strong rays from the sun, also you area advised to put on long sleeved clothes to avoid insect bites.

Spot fishing at Sipi Falls and Mountain Elgon

Sipi falls, is located adjacent to mountain Elgon in the Eastern part of Uganda, Sipi falls, offers several activities for the visitors to engage in one of the activities here is spot fishing, spot fishing has become one of the dominant activities in Sipi falls. Spot fishing is carried out in three famous water falls. Visitors taking part in this activity, are required to have a permit, the permit can be got from Sipi River lodge which allows you to participate in this activity.

You will be led by a trained tour guide who has experience in this field, visitors are recommended to carry their own fishing gear in order to participate in this activity, the guide will lead you all through the experience so that you have the best of this activity at Sipi water falls. The common fish type caught here is Rainbow fish the rare fish type. During your safari visit to Mt. Elgon, do not forget to include spot fishing in your agenda it’s worth it.

Economic fishing in Uganda

The Lake Victoria is host to many fishing villages, but Lutoboka is the big one. There are different people on the shores of Lake Victoria living here, tossing nets of bait for fishing. The fishing village is full of different ethnic groups, but the largest population belongs to the male species, with the majority of people married to girls who mainly carry out this activity for their survival.

The fishing village is quite busy but it’s the cheapest place to buy and to get it new from the waters if you want to get fish cheaply. Kids, women and men fish because the bulk of them earn a living from the selling of seafood.

Top of the Falls Tour

Murchison Falls Hike to the top of the falls – A visit to the top of the Murchison falls is an experience you ought not to miss on your Uganda safari. The top of the falls is the best spot to view how the Nile River showcases its true beauty as it penetrates through the 7m wide gorge forming the most beautiful and strongest falls in the world. The place can be reached by car or by hiking through the designed trail after the boat cruise along the Victoria Nile to the bottom of the falls. Driving from Kichumbanyobo gate to the top of the falls takes a maximum of ano hour and hiking from the point where the boat drops guests to the top of the falls takes about 45 minutes.

The falls were named Murchison by Sir Samuel Baker and his wife Florence Baker who came to thoroughly explore and confirm their presence and beauty after information had been taken by the first explorers to see them, those were John Speke and James Grant. Roderick Murchison was the then President of Royal Geographical Socitey.

When you arrive at the site before setting the eyes on the falls, you will hear the roars of water as it hits the rocks and flows down a height of about 43m. You’ll finally see these thrilling waterfalls like no other in the world.

Those who hike to the top of the falls go through the Winston Churchill trail which is believed to have been used by the explorer Churchill Winston when he was moving down from the top to the bottom of the falls before crossing the Nile to proceed to the northern side of Uganda. Putting together all this beauty including what he had seen at the falls and other areas in the country, Winston Churchill terms Uganda as the Pearl of Africa.


Uganda is completely safe for tourists and travelers as it’s a politically stable country having seriously operating borders and strict internal security bodies. However like any other country Uganda has got a few cases of petty theft, home robbery and credit card fraud. From the same time, covid-19 and these crime threats can be by passed if you follow the local laws and observe caution.

Is Uganda safe for tourism and travel?

There are some questions that come across before traveling to foreign places and the same implies before coming to Uganda as one can ask; will my camera be snatched, am I safe in a car, is the water and food fit for consumption, will fall victim of carjackers.

Uganda being famous adventurous destination, it receives around 15,000 British nationals annually according to the UK foreign travel advice. Having 99.9% of the visits trouble free. Uganda has more so been war-free way back from the 80s.

Safety and security

In Uganda crime threats are partially present like any other countries and they can be by passed if you observe caution. The chances of falling victim of credit card fraud, petty theft plus home robbery are very rare. You are advised to be vigilant and draw less attention to yourself while in public places so as to be less suspicious to pick-pocketing.

Uganda is very secure starting at the borders, the airport, national park destinations, hotels, lodges and various cities as the security bodies and personals carry out successful patrols and deploys in strategic crime source areas.

Political stability

Previously experiencing a few political issues that included sad loss of lives and destruction of property Uganda is now a free country free from all the political and the civil unrests.

These unrests include the 2005 in the northern part of Uganda, 2016 in the western part of Uganda and lastly in 2020 November-2021 January during the presidential elections.  The government managed to deal away with the situations and an improvement in security has been installed as the international community, Uganda security forces and the Uganda government at a glance have accomplished there efforts to remove any would be threats.

Like any other democratic country, Uganda goes through a series of short political situations (strikes, political violence and demonstrations) mostly during the elections but these are usually centered in the capital city and they don’t affect the safari attractions and destinations

You are advised to follow the local media updates so as to attain vigilantism during these situations to avoid any situation that can put you at risk.

Diseases and health

The latest covid-19 pandemic hit the all world Uganda inclusively. At this moment, things have all turned in their normal state as the country has impressively stabilized the situation all handedly.

 In 2010 Uganda experienced a yellow fever outbreak in the northern part, an Ebola outbreak in 2008 centered in the western part and the black plague outbreak in the western parts of river Nile. And also still dealing out with the malaria issues that are high during the rainy seasons in the low altitude areas. There have been a serious management of these outbreaks by the Ugandan government.

Travelers are advised to move along with there own preventive medicines and prescribed medications because the areas your visiting have limited excellent health services and the available ones can be expensive. Don’t forget the required vaccination before traveling to Uganda and consulting your medical insurance company whether the policy of emergency evacuation applies abroad.

Terrorism and regional security

The Ugandan citizens and the security forces have engaged in the fight against terrorism for a long time and they have successfully managed to enjoy terror free premises for quite some time. All the terror groups have been successfully defeated and moved out of Uganda with the help of Uganda’s neighboring governments that arrest the terror ring leaders. Uganda being the biggest contributor towards the AMISOM forces, it has a good strategy in the fighting of the al-Shabaab terrorist group.

Having vigilant and well sensitized citizens Uganda has managed to successful fight terrorism.

The traffic and road safety

Just like any other country Uganda has got traffic rules, careless drivers, livestock, poor roads, nonfunctioning traffic lights, poorly maintained vehicles and pedestrians. Day driving is considered safer but getting ready to deal with the above issues. Uganda has got a minimum traffic law enforcer though the government is trying to improve the situation.

You advised to exercise all the possible defensive driving skills in order to ensure safety to both you and the other road users

At adventure in the wild safaris we have got well skilled and experienced drivers ready to take you through your safari and adventurous vacations in Uganda assuring you a comfortable and safe journey.

Disaster and environmental hazards

Starting with the heavy rainfalls that bring about the floods and landslides, the short-term food security due to the droughts plus the infectious disease outbreaks can be rarely expected in Uganda.

Booking with adventure in the wild safaris grants you security throughout Uganda ranging from the experienced tour guides and drivers ready to secure your stay in Uganda and visitations through the different destinations in Uganda.