Chimpanzee habituation experience is when travelers in Uganda visit the chimpanzee families that are still under habituation. In Uganda, chimpanzee habituation is done in Kibale forest national park in south western Uganda which is also popular with chimpanzee trekking safaris. Kibale is the only national park in Uganda where visitors only find chimpanzee habituation experience. Therefore, for any person having interest in chimp habituation, will be required to show a valid chimp habituation permit on the day of the exercise before you enter the forest. To book a chimpanzee permit, one can either book directly through Uganda wildlife authority or through any registered tour operators in Uganda offering tour safaris to Kibale forest national park for chimpanzee habituation. Travelers on chimp habituation in Kibale forest will also have an opportunity to encounter other 11 primate species besides the chimpanzee, a variety of bird species can also be sighted here and many other animals like forest elephants and others. The main purpose to visit Kibale is mainly for chimp trekking and bird watching and also for the travelers who would like to take part in chimp habituation, you can also book a permit for that activity.

Price for chimpanzee habituation permits

Chimpanzee habituation permits are issued by Uganda wildlife authority at a cost of $220 per person taking part in the activity with this permit, travelers have an opportunity to be with the chimpanzee for a full day experience. The permit fees includes the following; park entry fees, services of an English speaking guide, during chimpanzee habituation, you will be guided by the rangers and the researchers who usually visit a particular chimp family until when they have passed the exercise and fully used to the sight of humans, then they will be opened for trekking by tourist. The habituation process normally lasts for 2 years is when the researchers are sure that the chimpanzee are now ready for trekking. Note that Uganda wildlife authority can change prices at nay time so will need to be well informed since they always amend the tariffs most especially after the period of two years.

How and where to book the chimpanzee habituation permits

For any person having interest in chimpanzee habituation, there are two options, one is you can visit or send an email to Uganda wildlife authority a government body managing all national parks in Uganda. Uganda wildlife offices is located in Kira road Kamwokya, Kampala, you can buy the permits directly. The second option is you can consult any of the registered tour companies in Uganda , adventure in the wild safaris books chimpanzee permits for all our clients as long as you book your safari with us, we will contact Uganda wildlife authority for the availability of permits for that preferred date of your activity then we will get back to you when we have confirmed the availability then you will proceed to make payments for the permits to confirm your booking then we will secure the permits on your behalf until the day for your chimp habituation activity.

Comparing chimpanzee habituation experience with chimpanzee trekking

Why would one opt for chimpanzee habituation experience besides chimpanzee trekking, although chimp habituation fee is much more than chimp trekking, the habituation fee is $220 person compared to chimp trekking which is $150 per person. But still travelers have different tastes and preferences, therefore, it’s all up to the clients to choose which would be best for them. For travelers who would like to spend much more time with the chimpanzee, can go for chimp habituation experience since the activity allows visitors to spend the whole day with chimpanzee still under habituation in their natural habitat, during the exercise, travelers can study their behavior, interact with the chimps, and share experience with the researchers and ask questions a bout chimpanzees its much more than that since visitors will also be active participants in the habituation process. While chimp trekking permit allows travelers only one hour with the habituated chimp families from the time you meet them compared to chimp habituation which is a whole day’s excursion and to be an active participant in major activities of habituating chimpanzee in Kibale forest national park. Contact adventure in the wild safaris and secure tour permit today and have the best of your chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale forest national park home of the chimpanzees our ‘closest relatives’.

when to book your chimpanzee, habituation permits

Both gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking or habituation permits, travelers have been advised to book their permits in advance to void missing out permits since there is high competition and permits get sold out quickly. Clients are recommended to book their permits 3 month in advance so that you can have an ample time to organise for your safari when you are rest assured of your chimp habituation permits. This is to help avoid scenarios whereby you will travel to Uganda only to miss on the activity because you secure your permits early in advance. These means that no visitors will be allowed to visit the chimps in the forest without a chimpanzee permit which is agate pass to the forest to meet the chimpanzee in their natural habitat.

Adventure in the wild safaris is a registered tour company we organise primate habituation experiences and trekking safaris and if you want to spend more time with Uganda primates such as gorillas, golden monkeys, and chimpanzees, contact us for permits, transport, accommodation and all logistics involved to make sure that your safari provides the experience of a life time. You can contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp Number we will respond to you and in case you have an questions, reach to us and we will be able to respond to you and answer all your queries before you make any final decisions for your safari.