Chobe National park is the first and the most biologically diverse national park in Botswana. Based in the north of Botswana, Chobe national park, is the third largest reserve, after the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Gemsbok National Park, it also harbours the highest population of animals in Africa, and it’s a home to the lions that mainly hunt the young elephants for food.

Chobe National Park

You can never get bored during your visit to Chobe national park, the park is diverse having a number of attraction and several activities to do during your Botswana safari visit in Chobe national park. the harbours several animal species ranging from hundreds of giraffes, 500 elephants and many there. Chobe national park offers a lot to see and so close at hand. Just in the shortest time of the game drive, you will have spotted several animals distributed all over the park, the estimated number of animals in the park is about 60,000 in conservation with over 100,000 of the elephants, are believed to be seen in this park during the dry season. The difference here is that, the number of elephants is just too large to be adequately tracked, but it is mostly because of the surrounding reserves, the herds burst through the trees, water streams across the river and connect with each other constantly.  The elephants are blended into the forest on a safari in Chobe. In most corners, you find some pachyderms, many of which overlook the safari and are virtually within touch. Chobe not only has the largest population of elephants in Africa. This park harbours one of the biggest elephants in Africa.

It’s never boring even after you saw a couple of thousand elephants. Giraffes are also abundant; as you enter a forest, the heads overpower the horizon. Fearfully and nervously, baboons and several groups of monkeys jump through the tree branches from one tree to another in fear of the elephant threat. jut with the eye reach, the forest is also populated by tigers, leopards, and a group of woodland antelopes. Nevertheless, these animals are tough to see with the dense forests and high grass which sometimes animal hide in fear of direct encounters with the humans You still see some foot prints of animals, but the car will keep to the road, which ensures that you have a view of just one of those famous characters in the animal kingdom.

 Most safaris to Chobe national park combine a game drive with a boat safari along the Chobe River, which offers such an abundance of water experience rich in water loving animals, such as Hippo meetings are the highlight especially when you are on a smaller boat only a few meters away. Large boats are best used for sun set safaris or elegant dining as you cruise on the lake, during the evening safari, you will experience the three inestimable highlights of Chobe’s views: which is the lion, the giraffe and the hippo. This gentle cruise is a fun interlude on long safari journeys after spending a couple of days on the road. You are never far from rare wings or the stream having a number of predators waiting for prey as they come to drink water. on will also be able to spot different bird species along the river side, these areas, are rich in bird life and serves as one of the perfect sites for bird watching activities