Churchill Courts Hotel, Gulu town

Churchill Courts Hotel is located near Gulu town along Plot 16B. It is one of the best places to stay when you visit Gulu or on your trip to Kidepo Valley national park. it is an easyto access accommodation and offers quality facilities.

The hotel has different categories of rooms including VIP rooms, Executive rooms, ordinary rooms, family rooms, double, twin and single rooms. They are spacious with en suit bathrooms and toilets and comfortable beds. Gulu is one of the areas in Uganda where temperatures are normally high and the rooms of the hotel kept cool and comfortable by the air conditioners. Guests at this hotel keep in touch with their family and friends using the WiFi at the hotel, can relax and have views of the surrounding at the balcony. Laundry services are available and guests therefore do not need to keep dirty clothes in their rooms.

The rooms have refrigerators so that guests can take cold drinks from their rooms without need to move to the restaurant.

The restaurant is spacious and serves a variety of dishes. They prepare delicious local and international dishes which are enjoyed in their wide restaurant.

Guests enjoy body rejuvenation by visiting the gym, sauna or steam bath which have professional persons that will provide the best services.

Churchill Courts Hotel has spacious areas for conferences, meetings and other gatherings good enough also for parties.

From Churchill Courts Hotel to proceed to Kidepo Valley national park, it takes you about 4 hours.