Congo Nile Trail – During your safari in Rwanda, do not forget to book a Congo Nile trail safari tour which takes place along lake Kivu from Rubavu and Rutsiro through the karongi, Nyamasheke district and ends in Kibuye. Many adventurous may wish to extend their Congo Nile Trip as far as Nyungwe forest which offers more better attractions and experience.

This practice draws primarily travellers involved in cycling tours. Hiking trips and kayaking will reach Gisenyi Rwanda and join in the Congo Trail. The Congo trail is one of the most adventurous experience in Africa, the biking distance measures about 227km long, where by the travellers taking pat in this activity have an opportunity to view beautiful landscapes, such as rolling hills, clear water, among others. This Congo trail stands as the one activity that can be both explored on foot by walking, cycling and motorcycling all through out the activity up to Nyungwe forest.

Congo Nile Trail

Walking to the Congo Nile Trail requires approximately 8 days to complete the trek, depending on your ability and physical fitness to hike.

What to expect during the Congo Nile trail?

The starting point of this trail is Gisenyi Rwanda, during the biking experience, the Congo Nile gives stunning views, scenic views and immersive cultures along the nearby communities. This trail is very impressive for adventures activities and stands as the prominent way to explore the beautiful view of the land of a thousand hills. For the strong and energetic bikers, this activity can be completed in 5 days depending on one’s fitness and biking experience.

Different routes followed during the Congo Nile Trail

Form Gisenyi to Kamembe, using a bike in good condition without it breaking down on the way, the bikers using this route, can complete the hike in 5 days.

The second route is from Gisenyi to Kibuye, this is the shortest route and can be completed in 1 or 2 days and its best for the travellers who have limited time to spend in Rwanda during any of their safari visits in Rwanda.

Essentials required for the Congo Nile Trail Rwanda

  • A bike. Bicycle
  • Sleeping tents and Bags
  • Sun Glasses
  • Hiking boots
  • Jacket
  • Rack sack
  • Enough drinking waters
  • Spare parts for the motorcycle or bikes for those using any of these
  • You will need to pack food/snack that will help in boosting the energy required to hike the steep slopes.

How to book the Congo Nile Trail

Contact us at adventure in the wild safaris in case you have interest in taking part in this activity, you can book a trip and you need to use a bicycle, we will be in position to make this magical moment for you.

Accommodation during the Congo Nile trail

There are several lodges ranging from mid-range. Luxury and Budget lodges to meet the interest of the clients. Including; Kibogora guest house, Bethanie Guest house, Kinunu guest house, peace guest house among others o offer you quality accommodation and good service during your stay as you explore Rwanda on the Congo Nile Trail.

For more information on the Congo Nile Trail, reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris, and we will offer you all the necessary information concerning the Congo Nile trail and in case you will need this safari, please reach to us and we will arrange the safari for you.