Although the democratic republic of Congo has been threatened by the unstable political situations for a very long time, the country is one of the destinations to enjoy the true African safaris since it is still a virgin destination in terms of tourism and gorilla trekking experiences is one of the leading safari activity that offers a life time adventure in the Congo parks of Virunga and Kahuzi Biega.

Travelers that visit Congo on a safari are safe provided they follow critically the guide’s instructions about the safety and security measure. The government of Congo has deployed a lot of forces to ensure that all travelers that visit Congo on a safari are safe from the time they enter into the country until the end of their safari.

We advise travelers to book their safaris with the right and genuine tour operators who will offer safaris which are inclusive of safe accommodation lodges in Congo, with a driver guide that will ensure that the travelers are safe until the end of the Congo Tours.