Bwindi is surrounded by different tribes though the commonest people are the Batwa pygmies who lived in the forest with animals thousand years ago. They were hunters and fruit gatherers but these people were pushed out of the forest by the Government of Uganda who made Bwindi a national park so as to promote tourism.

Visit the friendly Batwa and observe how they cook and serve meals, enjoy the energetic cultural dance performances as well as traditional songs. You will get to meet the traditional healer who uses plants and leaves as medicine and miraculously heal his people.

The people around Bwindi involve in making beautiful African crafts for example the handmade artifacts like bee-wax candles, fabrics and wood carvings.

Get the opportunity to visit the different primary and secondary schools and teachers who can entertain you with songs and dances.

Experience the African way of making juice, beer and gin out of bananas and taste the marvelous results.