Cycling in lake Mburo national park, is one of the famous and top tour destination visited by many travellers as en route stop overs in lake Mburo national park, the park offers a variety of activities for the travellers like game drives, horse ride, nature walks and others , but we will closely look at the cycling experience in lake Mburo national park. cycling has become one of the top activities done by many visitors who come to the park. during these activities, the travellers get to explore the park on bicycles, cycling is one of the activities one can do to enhance the wildlife safari. Lake Mburo is small in size, but never the less, the park offers a lot more you can do and see during your visit to the park. the park offers other activities besides game drives and bird watching, the park offers activities like cycling which is not done in other national parks, this is another interesting way of exploring Lake Mburo national park and the surrounding areas.

The park is small in size and covers an area of 370sq km and its popular and famous for wildlife safaris, and it has acted as stop over for many travellers on Uganda safaris, for ant traveller interested in wild safaris, lake Mburo national park is the only park in Uganda where you can have an opportunity to spot the Zebras, and also harbours Impalas, Slender Mongoose, giant Rats. There are other animals that can be spotted in this park they include; hyenas, leopards, topis, elands, and also the Rothschild’s giraffe was recently introduced in to the park. there are also several bird species that can be spotted in this park, the park harbours a bout 325-bird species such as the red-faced barbet seen along the Savannah grass land., papyrus yellow Warblers, and African fin foots seen around the wetlands and others.

The best and the most exciting way to explore these creatures is by the use of the two wheel that is the cycling activities, during the activity you will have a close encounter with the animals in the park. lake Mburo national park is open and it’s the only park where you can explore on foot or cycling activity which will enable the visitors to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the park.

The cycling experience helps you relieve the long and tiresome riding in the car and for the travellers who are not comfortable in horse riding, can opt for bicycle ride since they are no dangerous animals in this park which may harm you. You will also be guided by the rangers who will keep an eye on the potentially dangerous buffalos which may destruct the activity.

Lake Mburo national park, has got a number of well-established cycling route that go through the plain and flat Savannah grass lands, swampy valleys, and the forested hills. Cycling in lake Mburo national park is arranged depending on the interest of the clients, some visitors would like to ride along the savannah flat grass land while others would prefer the hilly routes it entirely depends on the visitor’s ability and the strength to ride around the park.

Cycling safaris in lake Mburo national park

Cycling tours in lake Mburo national is one of the activities that offers you a chance to ride along the Zebras in an open savannah around the park. And also, you will have a great chance to spot other animal species around the park. the ride normally lasts for 1-2 hours or also can extended depending on the interest of the travellers. Bicycle ride is guided by the game rangers from Uganda Wildlife Authority who will guide you along the safer routes you will be passing during this activity. Others can take on mountain climbing these requires much energetic cyclists since it can be a bit challenging but also its so adventurous and full of fun during these exciting experiences.

Visitors taking part in this activity, you are required to carry light clothes for this trip, the helmet which will be given with the bikes, also carry some snacks and water, binoculars and cameras to photos and also viewing of the distant features of interest, insect repellent to avoid insect bites , remember this is a bush that harbour a lot of insects, camera is good for photos that can be used for memorise when you go back home and also you may need to share the same experience with others.


Other activities in lake Mburo national park

The park offers game drives around the park, despite the size of the park, but lake Mburo national park is much more than that, the game drives offer you a chance to view a lot of animals roaming in the park, such as; lions, impala, Uganda Kob, elephants, Zebras, buffalos, slender Mongoose and bird species around the park. lake Mburo national park, offers a chance for you to explore the park on foot, the guided nature walks are fantastic around the park where to can visit the Rubaga forest, visit the salt links, the igongo cultural centre, and you can also take time a visit the nearby villages in lake Mburo national park.

The park offers a lot more activities you can do beside cycling experience, there activities like horse riding through the park where you will enjoy a lot of attractions that the park has to offer, fishing in lake Mburo, bird watching experience this site is good for birders, the park harbours 350 recorded bird species that can be spotted in this area. While in lake Mburo national park, do not miss a boat cruise on lake Mburo the boat trip is something you will not miss to spice up your trip to lake Mburo national park. it will expose to number of waters animals in the lake such as; buffaloes and others. Lake Mburo national park can be visited at any time of the year, the park is free to visitors through out the year with a lot and an abundant wildlife to make tour safari to lake Mburo a memorable one of your life time experience. Having interest in visiting Uganda and most especially the national parks in Uganda, reach to us at adventure in the wild safaris, and we will be glad to organise this tour safari for you.

Accommodation in lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park, offers a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from luxury and budget camping sites, budget tents and bandas, luxury cottages, and forest cabins situated within lake Mburo national park. during the cycling or any other activities in lake Mburo national park, you have a wide range of beautiful accommodation facilities to choose from around the park.

The lodges here include; Mpogo lodge, Eagle nest lodge, Rwakobo lodge, Mihingo lodge, Arcadia cottages, Mantana tented camp and others. The lodges are situated in an area with clear views of terrain, and verdant surrounding such as shrubs where you will be opened to the true test of nature, you will view a lot of animal’s species and lot more other creatures found and seen around lake Mburo national park.

Cycling in lake Mburo national park, Cycling safaris in lake Mburo national park