Five interesting Facts about the Eland

Eland facts -The Eland is an ox-like antelope and it is the largest in the world. It is part of the spiral horned Sub Family together less and greater Kudu and bushbuck. The Eland are grouped into categories, the giant Eland which is larger than the other one also called Taurotragus Derbianus this is found in the western and central Africa. The other group is a familiar Eland and very common, it is also known as the Taurotragus Oryx. It is found in the southern and east Africa in countries like Botswana, Kenya among others. The Eland bulls weight about 900 kilograms and it is a shoulder of 1.7meters long. The Eland are found in montane grasslands and semi desert areas and the females are smaller than males. They are known as shy animals but easy to treat from any disturbances. Here are some of the interesting facts about the Elands;

  1. They are good at jumping regardless of their huge size and they can easily penetrate through a two meter fence without any difficulties.
  2. In the ancient times the Eland acted as food and a spiritual inspiration to all those who were great hunters in the southern Africa. The Zulu culture in South Africa respects the Eland antelopes.
  3. As the Eland draw closer in the nearby bush, you will listen to the clicking sound which comes from their hooves which click back together to hold the weight of this fascinating animal.
  4. The common Eland can easily get used to the African Environment just like the cattle and it can easily be domesticated. The common Eland offers meat and milk to both the Russians and South Africans. The Female Eland can produce about 7 kilograms of milk in a day and its milk is rich in fats better than that of a cow.
  5. The Giant Eland is as well-known as the Lord Derby Eland and the name was given in honor of Edward Smith Stanley of the 13th Early of the Derby. This Eland was first seen in England in the year 1835 and 1851 and sometimes the Lord Derby used to send Botanist Joseph Burke to visit South Africa to collect some animals of his museum and menagerie.


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Five interesting Facts about the Eland. Eland facts -The Eland is an ox-like antelope and it is the largest in the world.